d him master privately.

Qiao Xingnan was helpless and let him be.

“How can this be.”

Ster frowned, and his ebony cane knocked on the ground with a clicking sound, “It is too impolite to call the master by his name directly.”

“As a qualified gentleman, I hope you will not say such words again.
It is not only disrespectful to your status but also a questioning of my character as a gentleman.”

Qiao Xingnan did not expect his words to get such a violent reaction from the other party.
Seeing that the other party was about to say something else, he hurriedly shouted to stop, “OK, Uncle Ster can call me whatever he wants.”

“By the way, Uncle Ster, that ‘Fight for Dignity’ skill of yours, can you tell me in detail about it? In the future, if I have the opportunity, I will add it to the script.” Qiao Xingnan very stiffly changed the topic.

Hearing Qiao Xingnan ask this question, Ster’s expression eased, and he said warmly, “Ah, that skill needs to rely on my cane.
When insulted, my force, as well as intelligence, will increase…”

Seeing that the other party was not dwelling on the matter of name calling, Qiao Xingnan secretly sighed with relief and turned his head to take out his own book to remember Ster’s skill.

Although it can’t be activated until Level 3, it can be prepared in advance.

Qiao Xingnan finished noting Ster’s skills and immediately turned his head to perfect his script.
Uncle Ster fits the image of the emperor’s personal butler.
As someone who knows the emperor’s habits, he can once again deepen others’ impressions of him.

At the other end, Ilir held a gemstone and talked to the butler.

“This came from that one?”

The steward frowned and surveyed the gemstone in his hand.
Under the light, the gem that emitted a faint red fluorescence was crystal clear and beautiful.

Ilir hmmed, then continued in a deep voice: “If he was sent by another country, what exactly was the intention of letting him enter Arilance at such a cost?”

“Which empire is behind him after all?”

The steward handed the gem back to Ilir, the lines on his face deep, “Did you encounter anything strange while you were out?”

Strange? Ilir remembered the brother and sister they had met at the entrance of the alley.

Ilir gave the steward a full account of the incident and then said, “The brother and sister, I had someone check them out after I returned to the manor, and there was no problem with their origins.”

This was increasingly puzzling, and if so, what exactly did the siblings have that warranted the other’s attention.

“The people who investigated before had said that he seemed to be looking for something, was he looking for his family?” Ilir speculated.

The steward pondered and was just about to call the person who investigated to come and ask something when he heard a knock on the door.

The two looked at each other with a premonition in their hearts.
When they opened the door and saw that it was Joel, they released a sigh, and sure enough, it was still the restless crook who had come looking for trouble.

“What’s going on on his end again?”

Joel quickly recounted the scene he and Herrick saw, then said, “The stranger was wearing a tuxedo, a little older, not at all like the white-robed man.
He was able to come to the manor without alerting the knights on guard.”

“Only a flash of red light appeared?”

Ilir sounded a bit blank.
His heart suddenly had an absurd guess, and he could not help but look at the steward.

The steward was also a bit silent when he heard the words, and after a moment, he spat out the words: “Magic scroll.”

Only magic scrolls can summon others from a distance without alerting the knights of the manor.

However, magic scrolls of this attribute are priceless and very rare, so ordinary people can’t buy them at all.
Even the emperor of their Arilance will rarely use them.

Because using one means having one less.

Ilir frowned tightly, “I’ll go and see that one.”

Before he left with Joel, the steward stopped them first, “Wait, since the other side said to not disturb their emperor’s rest, there is nothing to ask at night.
In the morning, we will go together.”

Go to meet the stranger who was summoned over.
In the end, what conspiracy is there?

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