Chapter 18: Suddenly Stopped

No matter what, it was still necessary to go on.

Qiao Xingnan walked beside Asrit with calm footsteps and without the slightest hint of those mixed thoughts deep inside.

The white-robed man followed in silence, while the butler, Ster, had a kind face and did not frown once from the beginning to the end.

In the eyes of the manor’s steward, these three people were calm and relaxed, with no concern for what would happen afterward.

So, it seems that this Honorable Qiao at least knows how to ride a horse.

The steward thought so, and his eyes fell on the back of his own emperor.
If the other party had really learned to ride horses like other nobles, then it was just like what he had guessed with Ilir earlier.

One possibility was that what he said was true, that the other party was of high status and had come from far away to find their princes.

The other, and the one they recognized as the most likely, was that the other party came to Arilance for a purpose that was not pure and was most likely trained by other countries at great cost to do something against Arilance.

Their emperor, who was unpredictable but wise, had definitely thought of this.

The steward lowered his eyes in silence for the crook who had caught the interest of their emperor of Arilance.

“It’s just up ahead.”

As if a hospitable host, Asrit said with a smile on his lips.

They were now close to the place where the magic beasts were kept.
Qiao Xingnan could see the wooden gates in the distance and the fence around the building and faintly hear the ferocious sound of the magic beasts.

There were a lot of magical beasts in the manor.

Qiao Xingnan followed behind Asrit and walked in, his eyelashes slightly drooping and quite disinterested.

Whether it’s the purple magical beasts with wings or the giant dog licking its paws over there, these higher magical beasts that would be grabbed by countless people outside didn’t attract his attention at all.

It seems that because he has seen too many rare things, the man does not care about these beasts that are worth only a few tens of thousands of gold.

Seeing this, Asrit raised his eyebrows slightly, and the smile at the corners of his mouth deepened a bit.

The war horses were kept in the deepest part of the wooden gate yard, and because of the scarcity of the species, they were raised very finely.

As Qiao Xingnan guessed just now, the horse that Asrit said was not quite the same as the horse he had come into contact with in his previous life.

These horses have a horn on their heads.

Rather than war horses, they were more like the unicorns in the fairy tale books of his previous life.

Their fur was shiny, their temperament was clear and elegant, and the horn on their heads was the same color as their bodies.
Those with white fur all over had light-colored horns, while others had horns on the top of their heads that were the color of ink.

It doesn’t matter if these horses look good or not.

Qiao Xingnan was now only concerned about whether he would be dropped to death if he went up.

Asrit tilted his head and picked a black horned horse.
Then, he looked at the motionless Qiao Xingnan and politely said, “Qiao, won’t you choose a horned horse?”

Ilir and Howard, who followed closely behind Asrit and led their own mounts, set their sights on Qiao Xingnan upon hearing this.

Then, they saw the young dark-haired man in front of them purse his lips with a hint of doubt flashing across his delicate face, looking like he wanted to say something.

“What is it, Qiao?”

The expression on Asrit’s face remained unchanged.
If you looked closely at his green eyes, you could vaguely see the coolness in the depths.

The golden python on his shoulder swayed along with the movement of the other man holding the black horse.
It spat out its tongue and stared straight at Qiao Xingnan.

A few seconds later, those present heard some hesitation in the dark-haired man’s ever-calm voice, seemingly in some doubt.

“Why don’t the horses here have wings?”

Wings? How could horned horses grow wings?

Ilir frowned.
These horned horses were the spoils of war collected during the war with Biala, and even in Biala, he had never heard of a horned horse with wings.

The dark-haired man took a few steps forward and stood before a snow-white horse.
He gently raised his hand to stroke the gentle horse with skill.

The ears of the horned horse moved as if being touched was very comfortable.
Its head unconsciously hung down, and the tail pleasantly fluttered a few times.

This was a soothing technique that Qiao Xingnan learned from his prop team brothers in order to pose for the camera, and he didn’t expect it to be useful for unicorns.

The white horned horse was as pure and beautiful as an elf in the snow, and the dark-haired man standing in front of it, with his eyebrows painted like ink, fair skin, and golden eyes with a rare hint of softness, made it impossible for people to look away.

“Horned horses can have wings?”

Asrit slowly asked, and his eyes fell on the other’s hand touching the horned horse.
The fingers were as white and slender as jade, and the snow-like skin set off the golden bracelets at his wrist to shine even brighter.

Qiao Xingnan hmmed: “We call them unicorns there.”

There were no magical beasts in the card pool.

In order to shape his persona, Qiao Xingnan needed to let the group know in advance that he had never seen this kind of magical beast, lowering their expectations.
Now, Qiao Xingnan’s skin was so thick that he could talk big without changing his face.

However, he also did not talk nonsense.
The legendary unicorns in his previous life really had wings.

When Asrit heard this, his expression couldn’t show whether he believed his nonsense or not.

Qiao Xingnan felt that he should not believe it.

However, as long as the persona can be established, it does not matter whether he believes it or not.
Qiao Xingnan withdrew his hand.
The white horned horse was touched comfortably, and when he stopped touching it, it rubbed his clothes with its horn somewhat reluctantly.

Obviously, the man often touches these horned horses.
Otherwise, it would not be so easy to get the other’s favor, the steward and Ilir simultaneously generated this thought.

You should know that when they first saw such expensive war horses, they were too nervous to move.

Asrit looked at the scene with no visible joy or anger on his face before hooking the corners of his mouth and saying softly, “Since Qiao and this horned horse get along so well, why not ride it, and we’ll go together to the back of the mountain for a stroll.”

Qiao Xingnan’s fingers placed on his side lightly moved.
This can not be.
He could only appease the horse and pose for pictures, but driving a horse was a bit difficult.

But as a courteous emperor, he could not refuse in any way.

The attendants soon brought the horned horse out from the fence, and Qiao Xingnan stroked the white horned horse soothingly.
In the corner of his eyes, he saw that Asrit had stepped into the stirrup and sat on the black horned horse, and his eyes were looking at him.

Qiao Xingnan’s body slightly tensed before he stepped on the stirrups to sit up, and his golden eyes looked back at the other.

Because he was more familiar with posing on a horse, Qiao Xingnan knew what action looked best sitting on a horse.
He was originally a novice horseback rider, but now at first glance, he actually does not fall behind.

Of course, he couldn’t afford to be scrutinized.

Qiao Xingnan slowly let the white horned horse walk beside Asrit, hypnotizing himself not to be nervous while trying to loosen up his muscles and not look too novice, and barely walking decently with Asrit towards the back of the mountain.

The back of the mountain was a forbidden place, and only the emperor could step in.

When the emperor of Arilance did not come here, everyone was not allowed to go near the back of the mountain.

The two emperors rode ahead, no one spoke, the atmosphere was quiet, and the subordinates behind them followed without making a sound.

Qiao Xingnan’s eyes were straight ahead.

He felt that his posture was too stiff to even turn his head.
The sound of a snake hissing came to his ears, and Qiao Xingnan’s fingertips moved slightly, and he looked over untraceably.

The snake raised by the tyrant was very excited to go up the back of the mountain.
The tip of the tail was wagging like a puppy, but without Asrit’s permission, the golden python suppressed its wild nature and coiled obediently on his arm.

“Won’t you let it go down and play?”

Qiao Xingnan’s voice sounded without trembling and seemed very calm.

Asrit glanced over his shoulder at Mo Jin, and his eyes seemed to have some unspeakable dislike.

“There are a few hot springs at the top of the mountain.
Wait until we get there, and then let it go to play.”

Asrit said casually, and then he raised his hand and clutched the tip of the golden python’s tail hard to remind the other that it was a snake.

Hot spring?

Qiao Xingnan nodded.
The white horned horse beneath him suddenly lurched.
He stiffened up and focused all his attention on the driving horse.

You can’t be distracted while riding.
Safety first, safety first.

At the same time, the subordinates behind them looked at the backs of the two emperors and began to communicate quietly.


Ilir raised his hand and touched Howard, his eyes signaling him to look at the white-robed man in front of him.

Howard’s eyes flickered slightly as he glanced at his brother.
He lifted his foot and moved to the side, gradually moving closer to the white-robed man.

Ster noticed someone getting closer to his side and clenched his ebony cane slightly.
He remembered that this man seemed to be the head knight of the tyrant of Arilance.

Was he coming for Zero?

Ster eyed the dark-haired man riding in front of him, poor master.
He should not have noticed that his fragile subordinate might have a little trouble right away.

Back in the Chaos card pool, Ster disliked having afternoon tea with a foreign race, they were really rude and distracting, but of course, there were exceptions among them.

Compared to the other races, the Wood race was much more elegant than the others.

For the sake of his Wood race friends as well as his poor master, Ster was still willing to listen to what exactly Howard wanted to do with Zero.

Howard observed the white-robed man while approaching the other without a trace.
He had a good sense for the white-robed man.

He was impressed that the white-robed man profoundly illustrated what being a silent and loyal knight means.

Moreover, the other party’s excellent stance last night was really amazing.

As the chief knight beside the emperor of Arilance, Howard has been stuck in a stage of combat power for a long time.
At this time, a very good opponent might be beneficial to his breakthrough.

Ilir was also aware of this situation of his elder brother, but his sword skills were not as good as his elder brother’s, and he could not help Howard at all.

It was under these circumstances that the white-robed man appeared, and it must be said that the timing was coincidental.

Inheriting the usual straightforwardness of his family, Howard approached the white-robed man and said in a low voice, “Ilir says you’re strong.”

“Do you have time for a match?”

No, not willing.

Qiao Xingnan was still focusing on the white horned horse underneath him, and when he heard these words, he almost lost his breath.

What did you want to do?

My Zero is really fragile ah!

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