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Asrit did not expect the other party to ask him to help him buy things, and he even gave himself a bag of gems.
At first glance, there must be more than a dozen of them.

Although he did not lack these as the emperor of Arilance, it is now after the war, and the situation is also very chaotic.
It would be impossible to say that the gems can be taken out at will.

In particular, Asrit saw the shiny golden and green gems inside the other party’s gift.

Asrit raised his eyes and asked slowly, “Qiao, what do you want the magical beasts for?”

“Magic scrolls.”

Amidst Asrit’s puzzled eyes, Qiao Xingnan explained, “Ster can make magic scrolls, and I need magic scrolls to summon my subordinates.”

A magic scroll was equivalent to a teleportation array.
As long as it was stamped with the corresponding mark, it could be used to travel to places.

Qiao Xingnan was aware of the existence of magic scrolls.
When the original body once fled, he learned from his fellow refugees that the local lord had left a city of people using magic scrolls to run away.
He was furious and had a very deep impression.

Magic scrolls are rare not only because it needs to be made with magical beasts but also because their refining techniques are very complex.

In the beginning, when they summoned the butler, they used the magic scroll as an excuse, and at this moment, it was not sudden to mention this.

Asrit looked at Ster, slightly surprised: “This Ster is also a refiner?”

At the side, Ster nodded reservedly, with a gentle face: “I know a little.”

“Ster’s success rate isn’t high, so it takes a lot of magical beasts.” Qiao pursed the corners of his lips.

Such an opportunity did not come easily, so of course, he had to seize this reason to pave the way for making money later.

The new master was really good at telling lies, Ster thought to himself.

As if he was convinced, Asrit nodded with a smile, “Okay, I’ll give the order.”

He then pushed one of the bags of gems over, “No thanks needed.”

Qiao Xingnan shook his head, his eyes were sincere: “This is not a thank you gift.
It’s because you are my friend.”

So please, for the sake of this, remember not to kill me in the future.

Asrit was no more polite when he heard this.

When Qiao Xingnan left, he raised his hand to let the steward do this matter.
Asrit took out the bag of gold and green stones and rubbed it with his fingers, thinking about something.
The golden python on his shoulder looked at the side of the blond man’s face and waved his tail.

The steward’s efficiency was extremely fast.
Just after receiving the order in the morning, the knights carried big boxes into the manor in the afternoon.

In passing, they also handed over the transaction records to Ster.

Qiao Xingnan was shocked when he saw the transaction records.

There were actually twenty large boxes full of magical beasts.

High-level magical beasts are already expensive.
If low-grade magical beasts can still be bought with silver coins, then high-grade magical beasts can only be bought with gold coins.
But in front of him, there were fifteen full big boxes of those.
Intermediate magical beasts accounted for three boxes, while the other two boxes were low-level magical beasts.

Qiao Xingnan let Ster close the door and mentally called out to the system.

[System detection in progress…]

[Ding, detection complete, ready for collection]

[Total value of low-level beast pupils, scale armor, etc.: 100 gold coins

Total value of intermediate-level beast pupils, scale armor, etc.: 1,500 gold coins

Total value of high-level beast pupils, scale armor, etc.: 20,000 gold coins

Total: 21,600 gold coins]

The feeling of instant wealth has come.

Qiao Xingnan was a little dizzy and even forgot to thank the emperor first.
He excitedly looked at Zero and then at Ster.
Maybe both Zero and Uncle Ster can be upgraded this time!

Calm down, calm down.


Qiao Xingnan held down the excitement in his heart and did not exchange low-level magical beasts for the time being but left them for cover and gave the rest all to the system.

Eighteen large boxes were instantly empty.

With it came twenty-one thousand five hundred gold coins.

The smile on Qiao Xingnan’s face wouldn’t even fall: “Zero, brother can finally give you an upgrade!”

Qiao Xingnan has always been cautious, but suddenly getting so many gold coins, he couldn’t help but be excited.
So without thinking too much, he fist-pumped and tried the water with a thousand gold coins first.

The N-grade card requires one thousand gold coins for each level.
Zero is now N level one, and after upgrading to N level five, they can activate him to an R card.

According to the system, if it does not fail, it can be upgraded to an R card with five thousand gold coins.

If your own luck is bad, spending eight thousand gold coins should be enough.

When Zero heard this, a trace of confusion flashed across his stiff face, and Ster, who was standing next to him, froze for a moment.


You want to upgrade a corrupted card?

Didn’t he know that it was extremely difficult to upgrade a corrupted card? Perhaps because the words were too shocking, the two cards couldn’t say anything for a while.

Qiao Xingnan didn’t notice that something was wrong with the cards and looked intently at the screen.

[Ding, do you want to use 1,000 gold coins to upgrade Zero – Puppet Card]

Qiao Xingnan selected OK.

Zero’s pop-up window surfaced on the system interface, with a large [N (Level 1) Card] hanging above and Zero’s attributes below.

[Ding, upgrade failed.]

Qiao Xingnan paused.
It’s okay, proceed normally, and try again!

[Ding, do you want to use 2,000 gold coins to upgrade Zero – Puppet Card]

[Ding, upgrade failed.]

Three thousand gold coins were instantly lost.

Zero watched from the side, his black eyes full of bewilderment.

Qiao Xingnan was also quite at a loss.
Still, after looking at the well-behaved and loyal Zero and thinking about Howard, who was eyeing him, Qiao Xingnan gritted his teeth: “Zero, don’t worry, brother will definitely upgrade you up.”

[Ding, do you want to use 5,000 gold coins to upgrade Zero – Puppet Card]

As five thousand gold coins disappeared again, Zero’s level finally changed.

[Ding, upgrade successful, Zero – Puppet Card, current grade N (Level 2)]

Eight thousand gold coins were spent, and it was only upgraded by a level.

Qiao Xingnan couldn’t smile anymore.
How could his luck be so bad?

He didn’t believe it.
Next, he spent 10,000 gold coins.
It was always possible to upgrade more at once!

[Ding, do you want to use 10,000 gold coins to upgrade Zero – Puppet Card]

[Ding, upgrade successful, Zero – Puppet Card, current grade N (Level 4)]

Qiao Xingnan’s hands trembled as he counted the three thousand and one hundred gold coins he had left.

Having come this far, Qiao Xingnan wiped his face and threw out another thousand gold coins, and this time, he miraculously scored a hit.

[Ding, upgrade successful, Zero – Puppet Card, current grade N (Level 5)]

[Ding, do you choose to activate Zero – Puppet Card R (Level 1)?]

As Qiao Xingnan chose yes, a thousand gold coins disappeared again.

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