ay, Ilir found the white-robed man appearing in front of his subordinate.
His left hand was even a millimeter away from the back of his subordinate’s lifeblood.

Ilir frowned and subconsciously tried to grab the other man’s arm to protect his subordinate.

However, before he could grab it, the white-robed man flashed and instantly returned behind the black-haired man.

He hung his head low, the white hood completely blocking his face as if all the movements of the white-robed man were just to keep the disrespectful man away from his emperor’s eyes.

The black-haired man walked down, one step at a time, very calmly, until he passed by the group.
He only slightly raised his chin and spoke in a low voice with a hint of an emperor’s unique reserve: “Disrespect is a great sin.
You are not my people, so this time, I forgive you.”

“However, there will be no next time.”

For a while, no one dared to speak, and it was only when the two figures disappeared before their eyes that the crowd slowly exhaled a breath.

“What are you pretending for? This is our Arilance’s territory.” A knight was dissatisfied with Qiao Xingnan’s condescension.

Whether he was really an emperor or not, it was disgusting to be so arrogant in their Arilance.

“He is not a real emperor, just a clown who can bluff!”

The knight next to him echoed the sentiment.

Only the knight who was threatened by Zero was quiet at this time.
The cold breath of the white-robed man as he approached himself and the hand that suddenly appeared on the back of his neck left him with chills all over his body, and until now, he could not get over it.

It was as if, if he spat out the word liar, his neck would be snapped the next second.

Ilir had his hand on the hilt of his sword and looked at it.
He didn’t think he would not even be able to grab the other man’s arm.
Was it because he had been at the manor for a long time and slacked off?

The steward didn’t care about the discussion of the people around him.
He frowned and pondered how the man had just behaved.

This was the second time he had seen the other man.

At their first meeting, the man who claimed to be the emperor was upset by the emperor’s absence from the manor.
He kept muttering about “forgiving” their emperor and even scratching the bench with his fingernails in agitation.

At that time, he felt that the other party was not normal.

It was not until today’s meeting that he had some clarity, or rather guessed, that this self-proclaimed emperor, who had acted so rudely in the first place, might have done so simply because his character was too arrogant.

He couldn’t accept disrespect from anyone, including their emperor.
His nervousness at the time may have been a sign of displeasure because he felt he was being belittled.

The steward wasn’t sure if his guess was right.
If it was really because he felt slighted that he behaved that abnormally……then his character was too troubled.

None of their emperors were so proud as to be like that.

Thinking of this, the steward raised the other party’s status because of what had just happened or at least did not exactly see the other party as a psychotic liar anymore.

There was still a need to observe, and the person investigating should be back soon, the steward thought to himself.

Qiao Xingnan did not expect the steward alone would think so much, and he even vaguely guessed his persona.

In fact, the persona he thought of for himself was indeed very troublesome.

After all, in a script, the characters are its heart and soul.
To become a true emperor in the eyes of the people, every aspect must be paid attention to.

The original body had contact with the steward.
Although the original body thought he was an emperor after the mental breakdown and tried his best to fill this role, the performance was not as good as expected, especially in the face of the steward.
It can be said to be very abnormal.

Also, based on the original body’s performance, Qiao Xingnan set several key images for himself, among which were arrogance and indifference.

Only a prideful emperor can’t stand to be stimulated and burst into rage when others don’t act according to his plan.

This was only the first act, and Qiao Xingnan’s purpose is simple: to make these people slightly change their impressions and not be as vocal as they were before.

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