Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Rebirth and Early Self-Study.

“Zhuo Shao, Zhuo Shao! Homework already turned in?!” Zhuo Shao woke up to a girl’s clear voice.

How could there be a woman in his family? Who is not afraid of death to scold him?

Zhuo Shao smiled at the corner of his mouth, sat up, and saw a face with various pimples.

This face belonged to a girl in the fourteenth period of the five-year plan.
Obviously it was impossible for her to be a woman sent by someone else.
She was not at home, but in a spacious and bright classroom.

The acne-prone girl turned to Zhuo Shao’s eyes, her face flushed, her voice low and softened: “Zhuo Shao, turn in the homework.”

Many people in Zhuo Shao’s hall couldn’t help but double-sided.
His trembling smile froze.

Its ringing? Zhuo Shao thought about this possibility, but he soon vetoed it.

After he was released from prison and met Liang Xin, the years of study were no longer the best days of his life … He had not had classroom-related dreams for over ten years.

Also, how can dreams be so real?

Zhuo Shao felt strange, he looked at his thin unwounded hand, and then to the girl with acne in front of him, he silently found a book similar to that girl’s on the table.
He handed her the same workbook as the one she was holding in her hand.

The girl soon approached the person sitting in front of Zhuo Shao to pick up her homework.
Zhuo Shao settled into the seat and pinched his right hand with his left hand.

It hurts, and at the same time, there was a pinched fingernail print on my hand.

This is all really too real.

Obviously, he had just celebrated Liang Xin’s 36th birthday the day before, and he was so drunk that when he woke up, why did he wake up in a classroom?

Zhuo Shao was hesitating, but at that the bell rang, and at the same time, another girl with a ponytail came up to the podium and said aloud, “Don’t talk!” We will study English early today! Let’s read the text together.

The girl’s voice was very strong.
The students in the class stopped talking, pulled out their English books one after another, and moved on to the first lesson in the book.

“Follow me to read…” The girl read aloud, and the people sitting downstairs also read.

Zhuo Shao also opened the book, moved his lips, but made no sound.

The current situation is very bad for him.

What exactly happened here? How does it look now…? Twenty years younger.

Zhuo Shao was in a daze, until he felt a strong hunger sensation in his stomach that made him wake up.

He frowned, then reached out and pulled a needle out of the hole in the table; and under the cover of the book, he fiercely pierced his left index finger.

There was a sharp pain in the fingertips, and blood spurted from the fingertips in an instant.
Seeing that Zhuo Shao, he prodded himself without understanding again.

The pain and the blood still exist.

He raised his hand, brought his finger to the edge of his mouth and licked it, the slightly salty taste faded on the tip of his tongue and the corners of Zhuo Shao’s mouth couldn’t help but latch on.

The smile that he had worn for twenty years reappeared on his face like a mask, perfectly hiding all his emotions, but in his heart, it was as if the river was overflowing.

Does it really go back twenty years?

When had he not become a bastard, twenty years ago, when he was not in jail?

Twenty years ago … At this time, Liang Xin was still alive.
He was a wealthy second generation held in the palm of his parents, and his sister …

Zhuo Shao looked at the English book in his hand.

The third day of high school.

He’s wearing short sleeves now, so it should be shortly after junior year of high school.

At that time, his parents had passed away for a year, but his sister was fine and the irreversible had not yet happened.

It’s a shame that he didn’t return before his parents died … Zhuo Shao couldn’t help but smile wryly at the thought of his parents.

Zhuo Shao’s life, since the death of his parents, has deviated from the original track.

Zhuo Shao’s parents were rural people born in the 1960s, but his rural village is not remote, but on the southern shore of the Yangtze River, so his family does not depend on agriculture for their livelihood and they can live a good life.

His mother was a common worker in a textile factory.
Her father drove a tractor at first.
When Zhuo Shao was seven or eight years old, he sold a tractor and bought a small truck and started driving the truck.

There were very few people with trucks back then.
Zhuo Shao’s father’s income was not low.

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