Chapter 7 – Not food.



Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting used to live in Zhuo Jiabao's room, the room was small.
It had a wardrobe, a 1.5 meter bed and a wooden table.


This table was moved from Zhuo Shao's house.
Usually Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting do their homework at this table.


Zhuo Shao looked at Zhuo Ting, who was sitting across the table, and remembered that when he lived in his uncle's house in his last life, he always shared the same bed with Zhuo Ting.


At that time, he didn't think much, but now he's an adult, and he thinks more naturally.


Zhuo Ting is ten years old and he is fifteen years old.
It's obviously inappropriate for them to sleep together again.


They must move as soon as possible.


Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting bathed separately after finishing their homework.


Zhuo RongMing does not have a water heater at home, so he can only pour hot water into the sink, then add cold water to adjust the water temperature, and then manually pour it on himself to take a bath.


Zhuo Ting is used to it, she washed very quickly, but Zhuo Shao was a little uncomfortable.


«TingTing, you sleep first, I need to read some books.» Zhuo Shao said as he dried his hair.


Zhuo Ting did not have to wait for his hair to dry.
She nodded and went to bed.


Zhuo Shao smiled, hung his holey towel on a rope hanging in the room, and took out his first and second grade math textbook.


When Zhuo Shao moved here, he brought a few things from home, including an alarm clock that required manual activation every day.
When it was ten o'clock, Zhuo Shao put down his textbook and fell asleep on the other side of the bed.


The next day, the alarm clock rang at half past five.
Zhuo Shao got out of bed, took the toothpaste, toothbrush, and cup, and went to the kitchen to wash.


The bathroom is very small.
There is only a toilet and a shower.
There is no sink, so you can only brush your teeth in the kitchen.


«Little beast, we cross paths again.» Zhuo Shao met Zhuo RongMing who got up early today.
He looked at Zhuo Shao and then left.


Zhuo RongMing doesn't know how to play cards or mahjong (1), so he has no choice but to drink, if he goes out early it's just to drink.


Many elderly people in Fuyang County feel that the greatest pleasure is to go to the noodle shop and have a bowl of noodles in the morning.


People here mainly eat rice.
However, because of this, they cook the noodles very carefully, and there are many types of noodles.


Such as fried fish noodles, eel noodles, pig intestine noodles, pork loin noodles, chicken soup noodles, duck noodles are everywhere.


Each noodle dish is cooked separately, just like fish noodles.
When someone orders it, the person who cooks the noodles will cut a piece of fresh carp and cut it into pieces, fry it first, or make sweet and sour fish pieces.
Or add salty bamboo shoots, grated white soup or other soups, and then put the noodles in the water and cook for a while to taste, a bowl of noodles is officially completed.


For those who love to drink like Zhuo RongMing, they can also let the shop prepare the ingredients without the noodles first, and drink the two bowls of wine with the ingredients, then let the shopkeeper serve the lard noodles.


In Fuyang County, those who are wine lovers and have plenty of money will gather at the noodle shop early in the morning, then chat over leisurely drinks.


Zhuo RongMing is one of them.
He used to spend all the money he earned, drinking, eating, and smoking until there was nothing left.


Zhuo RongMing left after a few words.
Soon after, Qu Guixiang also left.
Before leaving, he sneered at Zhuo Shao and said.
«I am going to buy steamed buns to eat today.
If you don't prepare breakfast, you can buy them yourself.»


When Zhuo Shao's parents passed away, he still had some pocket money that he had saved earlier, but until today, the money was used to buy paper, pencils, toothpaste, etc., everything has already been used up.
Qu Guixiang asked him to buy it himself, but he had no money and was starving.


If it was the Zhuo Shao from the past, he really just had to starve since Qu Guixiang locked the rice in the cupboard.


But now…


Zhuo Shao once again picked the lock of the kitchen cabinet with a needle, and then took out four bags of noodles from Qu Guixiang's locked cabinet.


This is the cheapest instant noodle.
There is only one bag of seasonings.
Zhuo Shao doesn't dislike it, he cooked the four bags of noodles in one pot, set aside a large bowl for Zhuo Ting, and then set aside all the remaining noodles for himself.


At first, he put up with Qu Guixiang, and then used Qu Guixiang to play a miserable role.
Now the schoolmaster knows that he is miserable, of course, he does not need to continue to endure.


After eating and drinking, Zhuo Shao sent Zhuo Ting to his school first, and then he went to his school.


Although Zhuo Shao got up early, it took him more than an hour to prepare breakfast and feed Zhuo Ting.
When he got to school, it was almost seven o'clock.


The early self-study time set by Teacher Yang starts at seven o'clock, so when I arrive, all the students in the class are already present, some copy homework, others eat steamed buns for breakfast.


Zhuo Shao has forgotten the names and appearance of most of his classmates.
Even though yesterday was his first class, he didn't remember most people.


At this time, the little fat man, Liang Chen, is familiar with him.
His eyes naturally fell on him…


Liang Chen also looked at Zhuo Shao.
When his eyes met, he immediately broke into a big smile.


Zhuo Shao took his backpack and walked over.
Liang Chen saw this and immediately took out a box of milk: «Zhuo-Zhuo Shao, will you?»


At the time of Zhuo Shao's rebirth, he felt that as long as he took care of this little fat man in the future and prevented him from being kidnapped, even if he spent a little money in advance, everything would be fine.
But the boy is too enthusiastic.


Zhuo Shao suddenly felt a little embarrassed.


It's just that since he began to accept this little brother's respect, he felt something different… Zhuo Shao took the milk carton: «Thank you, I'll cover for you in the future.»


Liang Chen nodded, and then opened his backpack: «Do you still want to eat?»


The backpack was filled with snacks and stuffed to the brim.


Zhuo Shao: «…»


After Zhuo Shao ate the snacks he brought yesterday, Liang Chen deliberately brought a lot of snacks to school today, hoping to please Zhuo Shao, but this time, Zhuo Shao didn't want any of them.


Liang Chen suddenly felt lost.


Zhuo Shao is the most attractive person he has ever met, his grades are also good… When Liang Chen was in elementary school, he liked Zhuo Shao very much.
After being in the same class, he liked Zhuo Shao even more.
But for a long time, they were so different that they hardly knew each other.


He didn't grow well, he stuttered, and although he didn't finish at the bottom of the class, he was still in the top 20 in the class.
Although he had been his deskmate for several days in the same class for two years, he did not dare to speak to Zhuo Shao.


But yesterday, Zhuo Shao asked him for food and took what he gave him.


Suddenly, he found a way to get closer to Zhuo Shao.
Liang Chen couldn't help but give Zhuo Shao snacks all day.


Unfortunately, Zhuo Shao I do not accept them today…


«How much do you spend per month?» Zhuo Shao didn't want those snacks, and then asked again.


This is the beginning of the 2,000.
In big cities, rich kids can go to KFC on weekends, but Fuyang County doesn't even have KFC.


At this time, the vast majority of people's monthly salary is 1,000 or 2,000 yuan, children's pocket money is 50 yuan a month for a meal.


When Zhuo Shao's parents were not dead, they gave him 50 yuan of money a month.
Sometimes his mother doesn't have time to prepare breakfast, and she will give him some money to buy breakfast with Zhuo Ting.
At that time, he was one of the well-to-do people in the class.


«One month? Three thousand…» Liang Chen said.


Zhuo Shao: «…»


It is not unreasonable that he hated the rich in his last life.


No wonder he asked Liang Chen for ten yuan every day in his last life.
The little fat man gave it to him so happily.
This person's pocket money for a month can reach the total income of many families for a month!


How can Liang Chen's parents be so sure of giving him so much money every month? Zhuo Shao wanted to ask a few more questions.
Suddenly, he remembered that he chose Liang Chen as his deskmate because the boy's mother passed away and it is said that his father did not want him.


He didn't think he didn't like it, but his father obviously doesn't care about him, Zhuo Shao looked at Liang Chen's messy clothes and found that he must be a little blind from wearing the floral pants that middle-aged and older people wore.


Following Liang Xin, she always attached great importance to dressing well in the past ten years.


«My father gives me three thousand a month, and for my birthday and New Year he gives me a little more.» When Liang Chen saw that Zhuo Shao did not speak, he added another sentence.


Zhuo Shao gave him a more complicated look.


My deskmate is a rich man… Zhuo Shao was shocked for a while, and then quickly put it down.


He has seen the world.
Before his revival, his company had a monthly net profit of one or two million yuan.
He would occasionally take more large orders, and three million was nothing…


Not to mention others, only Liang Xin must be richer now.
Liang Xin's father is one of the largest real estate developers in the provincial city.
At this time, he has started to earn a lot of money by buying land and building houses.


Thinking about Liang Xin, Zhuo Shao looked at Liang Chen, who has the same surname as Liang Xin.




(1) Mahjong:

It is a very popular game in China and its origins date back to the 19th century.
It is played with some tiles whose shape is quite similar to those of dominoes, although they are more in number, since Mahjong has 144 tiles, divided into three classes: bamboos, circles and letters or ideograms.

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