wer should scatter and return to the world. 

Leaving it on this land, even as fragments, would have to be done at the cost of the Hero’s own life, so intentional transfer would not be possible.

The Hero himself must know better.
He probably had to suffer immense pain from his quick action.

Regardless, the Demon King, who saw the Hero die while struggling meaninglessly, raised his eyes a little and looked at the man holding his body.

He was directly involved in the meaningless attempt to defy the will of the world.
He too would not be able to escape unscathed. 

Sure enough…

“Cough, cough.”

With a determined expression that showed no sign of weakness, he coughed up blood.

Even though a lot of blood was coming out of his mouth, his expression remained unchanged.
This eerie feeling brought pleasure to the Demon King’s eyes.

The Demon King, suppressing his excitement, asked with a gentle smile.

“What’s your name?”

“Deon Hart.”

Deon Hart.
He rolled off the name from his mouth.

There was no need to ask again, the Demon King already knew who he was.

Looking at the situation from the outside, he stopped the hero from self-destruction, coughing up blood in return.

This was enough for the other demons to acknowledge. 

There was no longer any reason to hesitate.
The Demon King revealed his desire without hesitation.

“Do you have any intention of becoming my subordinate?”

It didn’t matter whether the other party was human or not.

The Demon King was attracted to this smart and loyal man, and above all, the human in front of him sparked his interest even when he was in a state of despair.

There were enough reasons to bring him to the  Demon King’s castle.


“Hey, get out of the way.
Can’t you see!”

“That human, is he an enemy or an ally?”

“He thwarted the Hero from self-destructing! At least he shouldn’t be an enemy.”

“But he killed the Seventh Corps commander?”

“Huh? The Demon King is asking for his name!”

“You’re so noisy! I can’t hear anything!!”

“You’re the one who’s being noisy!”

“So, what’s his name?”

The demon soldier couldn’t hear well due to the noise around him and the human’s low voice, so instead of listening, he focused on the shape of the human’s mouth.

“De… mon, A… ru..

“Demon Arut?”

“It seems so?”

“Demon Arut…”

A name that is more demon-like than an actual demon’s name.

That’s how Deon Hart’s name had become Demon Arut and spread throughout the demon army.


The achievement of the human who prevented a great loss by thwarting the self-destruction of the Hero was recognized as a great merit, even by other Corps Commanders.

Even after winning in battle against the Hero, at the welcome party for the new talent, ‘Demon Arut’ drank too much and flipped the Demon King’s castle upside down.
After that, no more words were said about his abilities.
All the more so because the victim of the incident was another Corps Commander.

So, when the human appeared out of nowhere and was given the position of the Zero Corps Commander, the demons of the  Demon Realm generally did not speak of him negatively.

Of course, it was just ‘generally’.

“He’s late.”

The Sixth Corps Commander, Velitan, slammed the table in the meeting room and grumbled.
His forehead was tightly scrunched, showing that he was uncomfortable. 

He was aware of the great achievements he made at that time.
He also acknowledged his strong performance.
But still, this wasn’t right.

Zero Corps Commander, Demon Arut.

He’s always late for meetings.

Even now.
Except for the Corps Commanders who are out on missions, everyone is gathered in the meeting room, and only that person was absent.

Eventually, Velitan couldn’t stand the wait anymore and slammed the table.

“Shouldn’t something be said?!”

“How noisy.”

“Jaykar! How long are you going to put up with his arrogant act? He is…”

Jaykar, who had been leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, slowly opened his eyes and looked at Velitan.

When he flinched at the cold  gaze facing him, Edellia, the Fourth Corps Commander, interjected as if she had been waiting for it.

“You’re the one who’s arrogant, Velitan.
Do you know who you’re talking about in such a rude manner?”


“It’s a really uninteresting joke for you to speak in such a high tone even towards a mere human tool.”

“Just because you use honorifics doesn’t mean you’re not arrogant! Then how do you explain him being late for the meeting?”

“I’m sure he has his reasons.”

Her response was without any hint of faltering.

Even Asild, who had a bad relationship with her, nodded his head.
For a moment, it made him wonder ‘Is that really the case?’

Velitan quickly shook his head to regain his composure and opened his mouth as if it were absurd.

“That… How can you be so sure?”

Just as Edellia was about to answer, a loud bang was heard from one side of the table. 

The Corps Commanders all turned to look at the unusual sound.

As soon as they figured out who the source of the sound was, some sighed and shook their heads, while others shook their heads as if they knew it would happen, and some had an embarrassed expression on their faces.

Velitan was in the third group.

The seat at the end of the table.
There was a little girl standing on her feet with her hands on her table.

“Enough with the blasphemy, Velitan! How impudent!”





Eleventh Corps Commander Ririnell.

Usually, she’s quiet and gentle, but when it comes to one thing, she would rage like a crazy person.
Unfortunately for Velitan, that one thing was about Demon Arut.

Yes, she is a fan of Demon Arut.

It is a fact known by most of the demons who reside in the Demon King’s castle, but Velitan, who often leaves the castle to hunt monsters, was not aware of it.

So, he stared blankly at the girl who was wildly scolding him.

“Apologize! You ugly thing!”



Although she might appear weak and easily intimidated, she was still a Corps Commander

Velitan was a brute who usually wields a large ax, and Ririnell was a skilled witch with the most magical power among the Corps Commanders.

If the two of them were to fight, it would be a given that the meeting room would be destroyed.

Even without that, the Demon King and the Zero Corps Commander were about to arrive soon.
To destroy the meeting room?

If that were to happen, the Demon King’s castle would be turned upside down.

There may even be a major change in the Corps Commanders.

So, as the other Corps Commanders watched on nervously, the attendant announced the arrival of the Demon King and the Zero Corps Commander from outside the meeting room.

“The Demon King and the Zero Corps Commander have arrived.”

…With the news of the Zero Corps Commander’s arrival.

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