I was found

We meet again.

he kissed it.She giggled . ” Nice to meet you . ”

” Lets get in ,my dear. ” Alec teased.

Gwen rolled her eyes .She cursed under her breath.

She thought the gate was marvelous but she didn expect the house to leave her in shock. One needed sun glasses in here! Every thing was sparkly and the gigantic windows let in so much light ,it looked heavenly.The chandelier was enormous and old fashioned but it matched the interior decor. Everything was a fine blend of ancient and modern. Then one thing caught her attention. A painting of a lady.It was large and placed in the centre.It drew your attention.It was beautifully painted …almost alive.

”Right! The briefcase!…. ”She spun round and bumped into Alec .He held her by the waist so she wouldn stumble .His grip was firm .She held onto his arms for support.Gwen swallowed.She felt like she was sweating. God !…Her heart was in her throat.

Alec couldn help but come closer.His free hand circled her eye slowly….. carefully. ”You have lovely eyes. ” He smiled. Utter silence followed.The situation was tense …mostly for Gwen. She literally just ambushed the guy in gun point and forced him to bring her to his house yet he was being so …..so….sweet. ”Should I let go or do you like staying in my arms? ”Alec teased.

Gwen snapped out of it and broke free from him .She avoided his gaze and coughed nervously. ” Lets go to your room. ”

” You really can wait to get into my bed…am I right? ” He said as he run his fingers through his hair.

” Just…Shut up ….please ….Im begging you . ” This was getting too much.

Alec brought out his briefcases one by one. They were all black and identical. ” Search for what you ambushed me for. ” He threw his arms in the air and sat on his bed.

Gwen helped herself and opened the briefcases one by one.The first five were empty….the next six had documents…Gwen was tired.She leaned on a wall and closed her eyes .

” Gwen …. lovely name. ” Alec muttered loud enough for her to hear. ” But I expected something more…you know … vicious…something like…Graciella..or…Lucianaita! ” He tried his best with the Mexican accent.

Gwen laughed.Her laughter was beautiful.Alec observed her. She still had her eyes closed. Her forehead had some sweat beads and her black curly hair stuck to her face.Oh, what he would give be that hair .To be so close to her . He sucked in air and chuckled. What was he thinking?

” Care to share whats making you happy? ” Gwen slowly opened her eyes and looked at him .He was lying in his bed with his arm supporting his head. His blonde hair was ruffled and his eyes were as hypnotizing as ever .She looked away.

” Wouldn you like to know my name? ” he raised his brow. ” I mean….youve attacked me twice so far .First …you hit me…now you threaten me with a gun…. Aren you in the slightest bit curious about who I am? ”

” If I ask ….Will you shut up and come help me? ” Gwen asked.

”Yes….yes I will. ” Alec sat up waiting to hear her ask. He didn know why he was excited.

Gwen sighed. ”Whats your name? ”

Alec smiled and stood up .He walked to her and held out his hand ”I thought youd never ask. ” he held her hand and squeezed it. ” Alec Reinster. ”

”Gwendoline Prudence Barkley. ” Gwen shook his hand. ” But you can call me Gwen. ”

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