I was found

A deal is made.

ill me …Youll never find the briefcase and youll immediately land in jail because I have dozens of guards around . ”

Gwen bit her lip so hard she thought she might bleed. But he was right , she didn have the murderer quality. The best she could do was torture him till he wished for death. ” I- ” . Her phone rang. It was an unknown number. ” Hello? ”

” Ah..Miss Gwen. I just called to remind you. ” It was Mr. Frinee. ” You have one day to go. Ill be waiting.Tomorrow , midnight. ” There were noises and chatter in the background.Gwen heard a familiar voice. It was her moms.

” Where are you ? ” she tried to be as calm as possible.

” Your house. Oh, Marylynne was just telling me about your childhood. ” His voice was repulsive. Gwens blood was boiling . ” Ok , I have to go. Bye. ”

Gwen glared at Alec before admitting defeat. ” What do you want ? ”

” Thats more like it. ” Alec moved to the desk in the corner of his room. ” You will accompany me to an event. The annual business elites ball. ” He noticed Gwens expression. ” Dont worry. Its not an actual ball. The ball is just a cover .This is where deals are made , shares are bought and all that crap. ”

” And what would my purpose be at such an event. ” Gwen came closer and sat on his desk.

” Youll be my beautiful date and more importantly…a distraction to other eyes. ” Alec smirked. ” I need you to seduce someone. ” Gwen was dumbfounded.She looked infuriated. Alec was quick to explain. ” You just have to keep him busy for a while. ”

” Who is he and why should I seduce him ? ” Gwen crossed her arms.

” His name is Richard Grey.My biggest competitor. ” He gave Gwen a photograph. ” We both want to sign a deal with a group of Japanese investors so I have to get to them first and convince them . ”

” Fine. ” Gwen stood and turned to leave .

” Tomorrow..7.30pm. Ill pick you up.Text me your address. ” Alec yelled behind her.She didn turn. ” Should I send you a dress ? ”

Gwen stopped but she didn turn. ” No thanks. I think Ill manage just fine. ” And just like that she was gone.

” I like her. ” Alec grinned .

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