I was found

Ms. Seductress.

Gwen and Alec searched all the briefcases but they couldn find what she needed. Hell , even Gwen didn know what the goods looked like! All she knew was it was worth 2.5million dollars…she had to find it. She was frustrated. She walked to the balcony in Alecs room. The breeze was comforting. She sucked it in. She thought it was better to ask Bain what she was looking for. As deliverers , the goods were not to be known .

” Hey …Bain? What do the goods look like ? ”

” Gwenie… they
e diamonds. Make sure you get em….If things get hard, call me and Ill send some of my guys over. ” Bain was always concerned about her . She only had one day left and Mr. Frinee was a dangerous man.

” Ill manage just fine ” Gwen assured him. She hang up. She palmed her face . She was running out of time.

” Who was that? ” Alec stood behind her. ” Your boyfriend? ” Why the hell was he asking? It wasn his business but he wanted to know.

” No…that was my boss. ” Gwen turned and pushed him back. ” And also …it is none of your business. ”

Alec was grinning inwards. He put on a serious face. ” Sorry for invading your personal space. ”

” Im starting to think you
e hiding something from me. Weve searched all the briefcases and found nothing . ” Gwen pulled out her gun again. ” You
e hiding something. ”

” Well, calm down. ” Alec held the hand with a gun. He smiled. ” You see theres one more briefcase we haven seen. ”

” Where is it ? ” Gwen was tired and exhausted. All she needed was answers and a good nights sleep.

” I can tell you. ” Alec whispered. His face suddenly turned dark. ” Unless , you agree to help me with something. ”

Gwen couldn believe her ears . Her mouth fell open but words didn come out. ” What are you trying to do? Those are my goods and I don need to help you with anything! ”

” Then well never know where your goods are . ”Alec let go of her hand and she immediately placed the gun at his chest.He moved closer and closer till she had to take a few steps back. ” You won shoot me. You don have it in you. And more importantly , if you do pull the trigger and kill me …Youll never find the briefcase and youll immediately land in jail because I have dozens of guards around . ”

Gwen bit her lip so hard she thought she might bleed. But he was right , she didn have the murderer quality. The best she could do was torture him till he wished for death. ” I- ” . Her phone rang. It was an unknown number. ” Hello? ”

” Ah..Miss Gwen. I just called to remind you. ” It was Mr. Frinee. ” You have one day to go. Ill be waiting.Tomorrow , midnight. ” There were noises and chatter in the background.Gwen heard a familiar voice. It was her moms.

” Where are you ? ” she tried to be as calm as possible.

” Your house. Oh, Marylynne was just telling me about your childhood. ” His voice was repulsive. Gwens blood was boiling . ” Ok , I have to go. Bye. ”

Gwen glared at Alec before admitting defeat. ” What do you want ? ”

” Thats more like it. ” Alec moved to the desk in the corner of his room. ” You will accompany me to an event. The annual business elites ball. ” He noticed Gwens expression. ” Dont worry. Its not an actual ball. The ball is just a cover .This is where deals are made , shares are bought and all that crap. ”

” And what would my purpose be at such an event. ” Gwen came closer and sat on his desk.

” Youll be my beautiful date and more importantly…a distraction to other eyes. ” Alec smirked. ” I need you to seduce someone. ” Gwen was dumbfounded.She looked infuriated. Alec was quick to explain. ” You just have to keep him busy for a while. ”

” Who is he and why should I seduce him ? ” Gwen crossed her arms.

” His name is Richard Grey.My biggest competitor. ” He gave Gwen a photograph. ” We both want to sign a deal with a group of Japanese investors so I have to get to them first and convince them . ”

” Fine. ” Gwen stood and turned to leave .

” Tomorrow..7.30pm. Ill pick you up.Text me your address. ” Alec yelled behind her.She didn turn. ” Should I send you a dress ? ”

Gwen stopped but she didn turn. ” No thanks. I think Ill manage just fine. ” And just like that she was gone.

” I like her. ” Alec grinned .

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