Chapter 1.10

Damn Elves and Damn Dwarves

Translated by mlzkzr
Edited by mlzkzr


Dwarves have been dealing with metals since ancient times, and therefore have a deep knowledge of the harmful effects of metals.

Hearing from me that the town of Garareto is suffering from mining poisoning, the damned dwarf master changed his complexion and immediately took action to take countermeasures.

The damn dwarf shishou is not the only dwarf who works in this country, the Kingdom of Ludria.

The dwarves have a strong influence on the kingdom’s blacksmith union, and their opinions reach even the king.

Of course, that would only happen after the Blacksmith Guild’s personnel were sent to the town of Garareto to conduct an investigation, but…… apparently, the shitty dwarf shishou is planning to come forward as the investigator himself.

I am told that no dwarf would listen to me seriously other than the fucking dwarf shishou.



Well, that may be so.

My suspicion of it being mine poisoning at this stage is based on the situation I was told.

If the investigators from the blacksmith union were dwarves, there was no guarantee that they would listen to my story.

I have a feeling that I could get along with the other dwarves if we drank, hit each other, and talked about blacksmithing, but I don’t have time for that right now.


On that note, if the damn dwarf shishou can make a move, he can take care of all the political issues related to mineral poisoning.

My role would be to calm the water spirit and then work on decontamination by identifying the contaminated areas by moving soil and water.


If there was a problem, I couldn’t help but think that if the damn dwarf master wasn’t there, the blacksmith shop would have to be closed down completely, but…… the aunt employees laughed and were understanding.

If the problems in the town of Garareto were to grow and the mine was to be closed, the value of the metal resources would undoubtedly rise.

On the contrary, if the story spreads, there may be strong opposition to the development of any new mines that are found in the future.

Therefore, the girls accepted our leave of absence, saying that as long as they work at the blacksmith shop, they are by no means strangers to the business.


I head for the town of Gararetp with Martena, whose face is turning white as she realizes that the situation is more serious than she thought.

I will be leaving Vistcoat with him fucking dwarf shishou, but he will first head to the Royal Capital to move the blacksmiths’ union and then come to the town of Gararet.



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