Chapter 2.17

High Elf and Sword Princess

Translated by mlzkzr
Edited by mlzkzr


(TN: Yosogi-ryu – ryu is equal to “style” in this context)

The dojo she took me to had a large site, but it was in ruins…… to the extent that I could even call it an abandoned one.

As far as I can see, it must have been destroyed by a large number of people.

The door is broken, rain and wind are blowing in through the perforated roof, and the pillars are probably rotten, so it could collapse at any moment.

However, only the dojo has been destroyed, and the residence behind it is in an extremely normal state.


“This used to be the dojo of Yosogi-ryu(style), which was counted as one of the four major schools.”


She uttered this with sad eyes staring at the ruins.

It’s as if she’s saying that this would make me understand the whole situation.


Yeah, of course, I figured that all out.

I actually heard a bit about the Yosogi-ryu when I did some research regarding dojos in the Royal Capital.

I have learned that the head of this dojo lost to the Rhodoran great swordsmanship in a sword fight, and that even though they were using a match weapon with a flattened blade, he was killed with a hit on his vital part.

No, well, even if the blade is flattened, if you are hit with a big sword as hard as one can, you will die.


However, the Yosogi-ryu’s misfortune began there, when the disciples who lost their master, the head of the Yosogi-ryu, went to the dojo of the Rhodoran Great Swordsmanship School to avenge their master’s death, they were only beaten back.

Although the two schools were probably evenly-matched in terms of power, the high-ranking disciples of the Yosogi-ryu were in a state of internal strife over who would succeed the school, so they were probably no match for the Rhodoran great swordsmanship, who were in perfect condition to meet them.

And in retaliation for their assault, the Rhodoran Great Swordsmanship practitioners destroyed the Yosogi-ryu dojo.


“Even the disciples who didn’t participate in the attack left for fear of being spotted by the Rhodoran Great Swordsmanship men.
My mother and I, who was still a child, were overlooked and they didn’t even touch our residence, but……”


It is said that the school called Yosogi-ryu has completely died out.

I see.

Looking closely, she is still old enough to be called a girl.


“My sword, is a part of the Yosogi-ryu that my father taught me when I was a child, and I developed it in my own way.
It is not far from the Yosogi-style of the past.
It is a result that is best made into a spectacle, no, it is a substitute with no result even as a spectacle.
The Yosogi style has ceased to exist.”


She sounded really, really frustrated when she said that.

I can’t really accept that, but still, that can’t be helped.

Her voice is filled with regret, as if she was trying to squeeze it out.


“It would not be worth it to learn such a sword and be spotted by the Rhodoran great swordsmanship.
If you understand, please go back.”


I guess those words were made out of concern for me.

But that’s a little too insulting for me.


Has the Yosogi-ryu ceased to exist?

That doesn’t matter.

The Rhodoran Great Swordsmanship will spot me?

That is even more irrelevant.


“Don’t worry.
What I want to learn is not the Yosogi-ryu that has disappeared, but the sword you just showed me.
Besides, although I’ve seen Rhodoran great swordsmanship, I’m not afraid of a swordsman of that caliber, no matter how many of them there are.”


Yes, what I want is her sword.

It was what she said she had developed in her own way.

It doesn’t matter whether it can match the original Yosogi style or not.


And if they were at Cleias’ level of a swordsman and there were a number of them I would see in that dojo, if I ask the spirit of the wind with just a word, I’ll be able to strip them all naked.

Of course, I have no taste for such things.


“Ah, but by your sword, I mean your swordsmanship.
I mean, that sword is not keeping up with your swordsmanship.
I’d like to reforge it if I can, so can you leave it with me for a week or so?”


She seemed to be taken aback, so I said words that were pressing for an answer.

Since I don’t want to leave, I have no intention of retreating.


But if we were to start from this situation, shouldn’t we start by rebuilding the dojo?

Money was no problem, but there were no reliable carpenters in the royal capital.

Well, if she and I are just the ones who are going to train, I don’t think we need to have such a big dojo, and if that’s the case, maybe we can wait until there are carpenters.


Then again, I would like to do something about the sword she has.

The rest, incidentally, is going to be for my own use.

With a senior blacksmith’s license, I could at least rent a blacksmith shop somewhere in here.


Suddenly, I realized that her eyes, which had been trying to keep me from getting involved, had turned to look at me like I’m something incomprehensible.


“Err, who the hell are you ……?”


I may have attacked a little too much at once.

Since I just realized that I hadn’t even given my name yet.


“I am Acer.
I’m a high elf, and also known as the son of Maple in the deep forest.
My specialties are archery and borrowing the power of the spirits.
Then I learned blacksmithing from a dwarf for ten years, so I have a senior blacksmith’s license.


If so, it was just right, so I named myself.

It’s a little funny how she is surprised by each of my words.


“And, I’ll be your disciple…….
I’d be happy to say that I am the new Yosogi style’s number one disciple.”


Saying that, I hold out my right hand.

She was puzzled, and her expression was a mixture of fear, joy and doubt, but she eventually gave in and took my hand in hers.


And so I took the first step toward becoming a swordsman with a new master.

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