Chapter 1.12

Damn Elves and Damn Dwarves

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The spirits listen to the words of the elves because they think of them as immature people, or children, close to themselves.

The same is true for those who are able to reach out to the spirits, which is rare among humans.

Therefore, the spirits may be assisted, soothed, or appeased by the elves’ voices, but they could never be admonished by their words.

Just as no matter how many times a child tries to reason with an adult, the adult will not listen to him or her at all.


Of course, this is just me speaking figuratively about it, and since the senses of a spirit are completely different from those of a human being, the concept of a child may not even clearly exist on them.

However, in the case of spirits with strong power like this one, they often described elves and some humans as their beloved children.


…… However, when it comes to high elves, the story changes a little.

High elves were believed to become spirits after death when their souls left their bodies.

I don’t know if this is true or not, since I did not actually witness the death of a High Elf.

In essence, the soul of a High Elf is an immortal existence on the same rung of the ladder as spirits.


Therefore, the words of a high elf reach the ears of the spirits as equals.

The spirits help the High Elves as compatriots, nurturing friendship and mutual understanding.

This time, Airena gave up trying to persuade them on her own and asked for my help because she thought that the High Elf’s words of admonition would reach the enraged spirit.


Granted, whether she knew it or not, there were actually other ways for an elf to deliver her admonition to the angry spirit.

It was the method to ask another spirit with strong power to admonish them, instead of delivering her words directly to the spirit.

However, because this method involves a spirit whose sensibilities differ from those of humans, there is a risk that the words she conveyed may be completely different from what was she intended, and in a case like this, there is a risk that the anger may spread to other spirits, causing more damage than expected.

So even if Airena knew or had come up with the method, it would have been really, really, a last resort when things got really bad.


“So with that said, you who live in this beautiful fountain.
Can I ask what you’re so angry about?”


Even when speaking with spirits, a heart that praises the other person is never meaningless.

But it is the environment in which the spirits dwell that should be praised, not the being himself or herself.

Therefore, calling a spirit that dwells in a spring filled with clear water or a spring that produces abundant water is a word that conveys deep respect for the other person.


But in this case, I simply called it a beautiful spring because if the groundwater was contaminated by heavy metals seeping into it, it might incite anger on the contrary.

Also, what is more important than the expression of words is the emotion put into it.

In a conversation with a spirit, one’s feelings can be seen through the words one utters, and if one does not try to convey them without hiding them, one will never be trusted by them.

Of course, if one said something that is not in one’s mind, they may even offend them.




The mouth of the water spirit in the fountain emitted what could only be described as an unspoken angry voice or a high-pitched sound.

However, it is certainly the language of a spirit trying to convey their intentions, and my ears read the thoughts from the voice they uttered.

It was quite simply a response to my question.

Apparently, this water spirit was not merely angry that the wastewater from the mine was polluting the river water.


I don’t know how long ago it was in this area, …… because I am dealing with spirits, but it said that there used to be a minority tribe that respected nature which lived in the area.

They were grateful to the forest when they hunted and caught a catch, grateful to the river when they caught a fish, and grateful to the spring from which they drank water.

The respect extended to the spirit of the water that resided in the spring, and they reverently worshipped her as a special being.

It is said that the spirit of water also did not hate those who admired them, and worked hard not to threaten their livelihoods when heavy rain fell and the river being flooded too much.


Apparently, she was a gentle water spirit, which was hard to imagine from her current angry appearance.

However, the deeper the kindness, the deeper the anger when they rage.


The water spirit and the ethnic minorities had a good relationship with each other, but one day, people from elsewhere invaded this land.

The ethnic minorities, they said, lost the struggle, their numbers greatly reduced, and the survivors were absorbed by the human herds from elsewhere.

The water spirit was deeply saddened by this, but it is the same with beasts that herds and flocks fight each other.

The minority people also did not want to involve the water spirit they respected in their disputes, so the water spirit didn’t use its power.


Whether they are in the current kingdom or not…… I can’t tell from the story of the spirit, but this land was conquered.

Even so, the descendants of the minorities who survived continued to respect and worship the water spirit in small ways, even though they have mingled among other humans.


However, the last of the survivors of the minority protested strongly against the development of the mine, and they were banished from the place.

The descendants of the people who have their hearts broken are driven away, and those who come later pollute it without respect for the water.

Fishes died, and plants and trees withered.


The anger of water spirit is also a fit of anger at themselves for not moving until this happened.

If this was the case, they should have moved on their own and swept away the enemy forces during that conflict.

They should have protected the people without caring if they were feared by those who admired them.

What is lost cannot be regained.

But she decided to push the invaders away now, so that the land she loved and they loved would not be further polluted.


At that moment, a beloved child appeared who yearned for them and stopped them.

The water spirit is comforted by their presence, and that’s why they feel so strongly about them.

For the sake of the world in which they live, she said, let’s push away the bad things.


In other words, yes, …… it’s bad.

As usual, the words of the spirit are short but informative and bad.

The spirit of water has completely made up its mind so it’s bad.

If the causes and effects have overlapped to that extent, it would be impossible to stop this spirit.

Because the issue it’s not just about the mine.


And my feelings are almost in tune with the water spirit after hearing that story.

No matter how much I talk in this state, I can’t make her change her mind.


Then, instead of stopping her, let’s change the course.

The other party is water.

It is tremendously difficult, perhaps impossible, to hold back water that has decided to flow.

However, by changing the flow of the water, the damage can be greatly reduced.


Yes, it is one of the methods included in the concept of flood control.

I didn’t think that I, a high elf, would ever say something like flood control, but …… no, well, this would be a good experience.


“I understand exactly how you feel.
I don’t have the words to hold you back.
But still, let me tell you something.
At this rate, the ones who will be washed away by your water wouldn’t be someone you should direct your anger at.”


The fact that I had received the words of the water spirit, understood them without a doubt and tuned into her feelings, made her feel like listening to my words too.

Therefore, I speak.

I’m saying that it would be the weak who will be swept away by the water and be in trouble.

It’s those who work hard without knowing anything, and are made to obey orders without knowing that it is wrong.

It might be a mother struggling to raise her child, or an innocent child who knows neither good nor evil.


Especially the babies, who know neither sin nor respect, who are creatures that are no different from the children who live there now, and the children of the few people who respect the spirit of water.

If the spirit washes them away, the spirit won’t be the girl they longed for.

And most of all, the strong who are causing all this have their own security, so simply trying to wash them all away with water will not make them disappear, even if it did cause them some trouble.


My friend is working against pollution caused by mining poison.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there will be an immediate solution, but it will be a step in the right direction.


“Therefore, oh spirit of water.
Please don’t make the mistake of directing your anger at the wrong person, I hope”



…… If I were to talk about the result, the situation in which the town of Garareto was about to be swept away was avoided.

The matter of mineral poisoning has also come to light, and I hear that countermeasures are being developed at the initiative of the blacksmiths’ union, or more precisely, under the guidance of the dwarves who belong to it.

In order to prevent a similar situation from occurring, the blacksmiths’ union has agreed to cooperate and conduct a survey when developing a mine.

Since it turned out that the cause was mine poisoning and the water spirit had nothing to do with it, but rather was the victim of it, the White Lake, Airena and her team’s request was also deemed to have been successfully accomplished.

In other words, everything went peacefully and without much trouble.


The dismissal of the lord of the town of Garareto, who were held responsible for the failure of the mine development, has resulted in the cancellation of the punishment of those who had been exiled for opposing the development.

I don’t know if they will come back to this land, as they have already started a new life…… but I think it would be nice if they did.


And a short time later, they say the former lord of the town of Garareto committed suicide by sticking his face in the bathtub, and the king of the Kingdom of Ludria, who appointed and dismissed him, drowned in his bathtub three days later.

Rumors spread throughout the country that the former lord of the town of Garareto, who had been dismissed, held a grudge against the king and cast a curse on him in exchange for his own life, but the truth is all in the deep, dark waters.

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