Chapter 1.13

Damn Elves and Damn Dwarves

Translated by Mlzkzr
Edited by Mlzkzr


It has been three years since I became an apprentice to the damn dwarf shishou, and I was finally allowed to practice making weapons and armor, as I was now taking on the smithing of not only nails but also everyday items in general.

Even so, the basics for those daily necessities, weapons, and armor do not change.

Since they are used for fighting, special techniques may be used to make them sturdier, but they are basically an extension of what I have learned so far.

Always thinking about what it is used for and how it is used, metal is processed and transformed into a form that meets one’s purpose.

That’s all there is to it in words, but it is difficult to accomplish, and at the same time, very enjoyable.


Since then, for the past three years, my body had gained a lot of muscle, probably because I had been immersed in blacksmithing.

Of course, I am still a bit lanky and gangly compared to my Dwarf master, but I think I am now more muscular than any other High Elf.

Once my blacksmithing training is over, it would be interesting to learn how to handle a weapon to make use of these muscles.


When I think of people I know who can handle swords, the first person that comes to my mind is Cleias, a warrior who is one of Airena’s companions.

If I asked him to teach me how to use a sword, he would laugh and accept it.

However, Cleias, or rather the White Lake, was raised to the rank of Seven Star a short while ago, and they have been very busy with requests for appointments from distant towns since then.

In such a state, even though I didn’t have any particular purpose in mind, it would be a pity for him to teach me how to use a sword out of mere curiosity.


But was it because I was thinking about such a thing?

When I showed the sword I had struck to the fucking dwarf shishou, he snickered at me, so I ended my blacksmithing practice for the day.

Well, I’m not mad that he laughed at me.

Because even before I showed it, I thought to myself a little that this was not the case.

On the contrary, I was able to make up my mind not to waste my time and to cut off the practice because I was clearly told that it was no good.

The fact that I’m not angry also means that I’m half-hearted, though.


Whatever you do when you can’t concentrate is a waste of time.

On a side note, if you do it poorly, you could get hurt, or you could develop strange habits that could make your arms dull.

If that’s the case, it would be much better to give up once and for all, switch over, and do some storekeeping work.


Then, while I was tending to the store, a boy came in near evening.

His appearance is shabby, but the atmosphere he wears is not that of a desperate stray dog.

He was a young sapling that straightened his back muscles, with a feeling of pride that he was earning his own food and living a life that he wouldn’t be ashamed of from others even if his life was difficult.


He looks around the store with interest, then heads for the shelves where the cheapest items are on sale.

The damn dwarf shishou doesn’t sell his smithed products at a discount, but the ones on display there are the best I’ve ever made and are judged to be of good quality and can withstand practical use.

They are pieces born from practice, but that is why they are low-priced items for fledgling adventurers.

In other words, he is, yes, a fledgling adventurer who has come shopping, clutching the money he has saved from chore requests around town.


Speaking of adventurers in the town of Vistkort, it was the norm that they would go into the Great Pruha Forest Sea to collect things and hunt monsters to earn money.

The White Lake seems to be busy with requests of high demand, but still, when they have time to spare, they plan to step into the Great Pruha Forest Sea.

It makes me wonder what they’re going to do with that much money, but it’s possible that rather than earning money, they’re more interested in going on adventures itself.


However, even if the purpose is to collect food, a self-defense weapon is essential if you are going to enter the Great Pruha Forest Sea, where many monsters appear.

So, with the goal of acquiring a weapon, novice adventurers save up money by doing small, menial chores in the town.

Even the cheapest weapon I smithed was a very big purchase for such a novice adventurer, and his eyes were serious as he made his choice.

So I don’t interfere too much from the side either.


If he asks me, I will of course recommend what I think is the best option, based on his skills, desires, and budget.

However, if one wishes to entrust one’s life to a product of one’s own choosing, rather than to a choice recommended by others, it is uncivil to interfere with that.

No, well, as expected, if someone tries to buy something they can’t handle, or if they don’t seem to have thought it through very well, these are the times I intervene, because lives are at stake.


After waiting for a while, he chose a sledgehammer.

It was a good choice.


The sledgehammer is a type of striking weapon with a metal tip that does not have a blade, and it might be better described it as a mace.

The first and foremost feature of this product is its sturdiness.

In addition, its center of gravity is located near the tip, which makes it easier to generate power when swinging.

However, it is more difficult to handle than a sword and is not suitable for feints.


In other words, while it’s difficult to make detailed tactics with it which is necessary when dealing with humans, it is a weapon suited for giving monsters a good thrashing.

Or rather, even a person in full body armor, which is impervious to blades, can be struck down with a mace.

It is easy to handle and powerful.

It was something that could be recommended for novice adventurers, as long as they had enough muscle strength.

Of course, budding adventurers tend to think of swords as used by warriors, so they don’t often pick up such weapons for striking.


“Uhmm, excuse me.
I want to buy this, but is there any kind of protective gear I should buy with it? ……Err, here is my budget.”


Yes, the boy with the sledgehammer in his hand asks me, a little shyly.

Ah, it is true that the sledgehammer is somewhat more affordable because it does not have a blade.


“That, can you swing it easily with one hand? Won’t you get swayed by the weight? If you won’t, you should have a shield, but if you will, it’s safer to think about holding on tightly to it than holding a shield.
After that, if you intend to enter the Great Pruha Forest Sea, you’d better protect your undercarriage properly with leather goods.”


The boy finally relies on me, and I was a little happy for that.

Yes, if he relies on me like this, doesn’t it feel like I’m a clerk who can do it?

I do.


As a high elf, I don’t need protective gear in the woods, but it would be a clear mistake to ask humans to do the same.

So, in truth, it is better to wear a leather helmet, gauntlets, and gaiters in order to minimize exposure as much as possible.

Because if a human tries to run in a hurry through the forest, even the branches and leaves of the trees and grass will hurt their skin.

However, based on his budget, it would be safer to protect his upper body with heavy clothing and his lower body with protective gears.


In contrast to humans who are bipedal, most monsters walk on four legs or crawl on the ground.

Therefore, in terms of height, they are often shorter than humans.

Also, a person with a weapon in his hand can protect his upper body by wielding the weapon, but it would be difficult to protect his lower body, especially from the shin down, because the weapon cannot reach the lower body.

If a person’s leg is injured and he falls down, he will be killed without any way to recover.


So first, he needs to protect his legs with protective gear, and as soon as he earned some money, he can go on to prepare the protective gear for the upper half of his body.

I think that would be better.

Of course, the best thing to do is to continue doing odd jobs around town until all of his protective gear is in place, but it is the boy who decides whether or not he chooses to do so.

I will only answer questions.


It’s just a gut feeling, but I think he’ll make a good adventurer.

As far as I could tell from the light swinging of the sledgehammer he did in the open space, he has good muscle strength and a solid core for someone who’s just starting out.

It was not just something innate, but a sign of proper training.


Watching him like that, I suddenly had an idea.

He may or may not have the luck to say whether or not he is blessed with friends, but if all goes well, he’ll save money and visit again to buy better weapons.

Of course, he would come back for maintenance of the weapons before then, but there was bound to come a time when his current weapons would not be enough and he would have to buy new ones.

And then I realized that if he chose the weapon I smithed again, I would be very happy, and it would be an enjoyable experience.


In order for that to happen, the boy must survive by all means, and I must improve my blacksmithing skills.

With that in mind, I felt extremely motivated.


After telling him how to take care of the simple weapon and that it will still need regular maintenance, the boy introduced himself and said thank you, then he happily left the shop with the mace in his arms.

The boy’s name is Astre.

I looked forward to his next visit, even if it was for maintenance.


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