ve any secret sword techniques that you haven’t shown me yet? Let’s try them out together,” Ji Luoyang asked eagerly.

“I don’t have any left.
I used all my strength just now,” Lin Shouxi said with a smile.

“Okay,” Ji Luoyang nodded understandingly.
“Since that’s the case, take care of your injuries.
We’ll have another match next time.”

Lin Shouxi nodded in agreement.

The two sat down at the stone table, resting for a while before Ji Luoyang’s curiosity got the better of him.
He gestured towards Xiao He’s closed door and asked, “Did you upset her again?”

“I didn’t upset her.
She said she was tired and went back to her room to rest,” replied Lin Shouxi calmly.

Ji Luoyang couldn’t resist starting some gossip, “Do you really like her?”

“I… don’t dislike her,” Lin Shouxi replied cryptically.

“That girl is always following you around, clinging to you,” Ji Luoyang observed.
“But from what I’ve seen, I don’t think you have feelings for her.”

Lin Shouxi was puzzled, “Why do you say that?”

“She’s young, with an average figure and a plain face.
She’s not as good-looking as you are,” Ji Luoyang whispered, “I feel like you two aren’t a good match.
But of course, don’t tell her I said that.”

Lin Shouxi was taken aback, “What? I think she’s very beautiful.”

“Beautiful? Are you sure you haven’t hit your head?” Ji Luoyang teased, “Or maybe love is blind? Oh, don’t tell me you’re really falling for her.”

“Plain face? Not as good-looking as me?” Lin Shouxi thought to himself.
“Is that so…”

He was certain he hadn’t hit his head, and in his opinion, Xiao He was a breathtakingly beautiful woman, a match for a snow-haired goddess.


Wait a minute…

Suddenly, it felt as if ice crystals were forming in his blood, and a chill ran through his body along his spine.

For the past few days, Lin Shouxi had sensed that something was off, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was.
It wasn’t until this moment that he finally caught that thought!

Ji Luoyang noticed Lin Shouxi’s expression and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Lin Shouxi was about to confirm his suspicion when Wang Erguan strolled in confidently, interrupting their conversation.

“Hey, have you been secretly practicing swordplay behind my back? Did you feel jealous when Perfected Yun met with me alone and decided to work harder?” Wang Erguan sat down next to them, intentionally twisting the ring on his finger to draw their attention.

“What did Perfected Yun say to you?” Ji Luoyang asked.

“Perfected Yun said he wants to train me to be the first young master’s attendant and gave me this treasure,” Wang Erguan boasted.

Ji Luoyang offered a simple congratulations.

Wang Erguan nodded with a smile, then turned to Lin Shouxi and found him looking down, his face as dark as murky water. 

What’s with this attitude?

Wang Erguan was displeased by Lin Shouxi’s lack of interest, but he decided to set aside the feeling for the moment as he continued chatting with Ji Luoyang, describing the Wu family’s sinister atmosphere and the treasures in the pavilion in detail.
Ji Luoyang listened with genuine interest and amusement, nodding and occasionally interjecting with questions or comments.

As Wang Erguan spoke, spittle flew from his mouth in his excitement.
However, when he looked over at Lin Shouxi again, he found him still seeming distracted.
Growing increasingly annoyed that he wasn’t taking interest in his story, he cleared his throat and spoke in a mysterious tone: “Hey, but those things aren’t the main dish though.
This time, I learned some incredible secrets.”

“What secrets?” Ji Luoyang asked.
Lin Shouxi also perked up a bit.

“I heard that the Wu family had a diviner.
Do you know what that is? It’s a shaman who specializes in divination,” Wang Erguan began, his voice low and conspiratorial.
“But it seems the Wu family changed the name from ‘shaman’ to ‘diviner’.
I suppose they find using the word ‘wu’ outside of their family name to be taboo.”

He leaned in closer, his tone becoming even more hushed.
“Well, that diviner was a crazy woman, and she died yesterday.
Apparently, before she passed away, she divined quite a few things.”

“I’m not sure I believe this,” Ji Luoyang said.

“You don’t?” Wang Erguan shook his head and replied, “Those who reveal the secrets of heaven shall be punished by heaven.
It is likely that the old woman met her tragic end because she divulged some heavenly secrets.”

“So what did she divine?” Lin Shouxi asked.

Wang Erguan lowered his voice even further.
“She divined two things.
The first is that Perfected Yun is going to be killed.”

Ji Luoyang shook his head in disbelief.
“Who can kill that monster?”

Wang Erguan continued.
“The second thing is… the Wu family is going to fall apart.”

Lin Shouxi was surprised.
“Is it related to the person who killed the God of Protection?”

“I don’t know about that, but that crazy woman claimed to have seen the source of calamity before she died.
She opened up a piece of paper, picked up a brush, and drew the vague outline of that figure,” Wang Erguan said coldly.
“I saw that drawing.
It was of a female ghost!”

“A female ghost?”

“Yes, a female ghost!” Wang Erguan said.
“That crazy woman drew the silhouette of a young girl, and the shadow alone was so beautiful it was frightening.
What’s even more eerie is…”

Wang Erguan paused, lowering his voice even further.
“What’s even more eerie is that the girl had all white hair!”

“White hair? There aren’t many young girls with white hair in this world,” Ji Luoyang mused, his brow furrowed in thought.
“It’s probably an old witch in disguise, right?”

“Or a female ghost.”

As Wang Erguan repeated this, he glanced over at Lin Shouxi only to be startled.

Lin Shouxi, who usually showed no interest in anything, now looked like he was seriously ill.
His pupils shrank, and his face was so pale that there was not a hint of color!

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Did you get scared silly?” Wang Erguan shook his shoulder.

Lin Shouxi regained his senses slightly, and was about to speak when a crisp, moving voice sounded behind him:

“Hey, what are you guys secretly chatting about?”

Xiao He had appeared behind him, her eyes as cold as ice and snow.

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