If you want to survive, have sex


”Hi Mack, I am Chris ”

Saying this the young god before me stretches his hand towards me. I tried to extend my hand towards him only to realize that I don have any limbs. So instead I moved my whole soul towards his palm.

Seeing my action, Chris chuckles and says, ” Thats definitely a new experience for a handshake, I thought you regained your conscious just enough to move around, but looks like you can understand very well what I am saying. ”

I just move up and down like nodding.

”Hahaha… You are quiet funny guy. Lets do this. ” saying this he snaps once. And immediately I can feel like I was growing at a very fast rate. Within a matter of seconds, my body has been formed around my soul sitting on his desk. I curiously moved my hands, legs and head to check whether I can move or not?

Looking at me, Chris says, ” Guess you are comfortable with your old body now. Shall we have a little talk? ” and snaps again and the portal behind me is closed and there is just a wall behind it. the whole room is closed and there is no door or anything to enter the room.

”We should. Can you tell me what happened to me Chris?… Sorry, sorry… I mean Lord God. Sorry for calling you by name. ” I immediately kneeled on the desk saying this.

”HAHAHA… don bother with the formalities, just call me Chris. And I am not a god in entirely, I am just an apprentice. ” Chris laughed louder.

”Really? ”

”Yeah. Just relax, I cant harm a soul in this place. If I did, I need to face some serious consequences. ”

Hearing this, I felt relieved. Just because he cant harm me, It doesn mean he need to be friendly, guess he is a good guy.

Then he continued, ” Sorry to say this Mack, you died. Your body turned into meat paste after you got stuck between the truck and the wall. ”

Hearing this, my shoulders slumped and my expression darkens. But, I spent all my time in the space mulling over this matter, so it didn bother me anymore. Once again trying to smile I said to Chris, ” Don worry Chris, thats all in the past and I am at peace with it. So what will happen to me now? ”

Raising his brow, Chris said, ” Wow… thats too fast. Well, guess its just you. And CONGRATULATIONS… based on your file report, I can send you to another world as a baby i.e, you will be reincarnated in a world filled with magic. Now tell me how excited you are? ”

”… Reincarnate? What does that mean Chris? ”

”What? Don you read any mangas, novels and watch any animes? Reincarnation and transmigration is the trend these days on Earth. Well don worry, let me help you. ” Saying this, he snaps and pain starts in my head and the basic knowledge about anime and manga is transferred in to my mind.

”Ahhhhhh…. ”

”God, you must be a otaku to have that much information about anime. Wait how did I come to know about the word otaku? I have never heard about that word. ”

”Its as clear as day that you wasted your previous life, if you didn heard that word. But since I am magnanimous I will forgive you. Now you know all the thing, how do you feel about going to another world and take on a journey of adventures and get rid of the demon lord residing in that world? ”

”What? ”

”You have been selected as the new Hero that we will send to a world which is terrorized by the vile demons under the leadership of Demon Lord and save that world. ” he said with a huge smile on his face that will put all the sales people on Earth to shame.

Piecing together all the information in my head, I said, ”So you basically want me to go to other world and somehow keep it safe from the powerful Demon Lord while travelling that world till i can have enough power to kill the Demon Lord, right? ”

”Basically yes ”

”What will you do if I didn kill the Demon Lord and I jumped onto his side and rule that world. Or worse, what will you do if I kill him and took control of the world. You gods need their prayers or faith or something to make you powerful, right? What will you do then? ”

”Hahaha… nice joke Mack, you can make friends with Demon Lord, since your very presence will irritate him to the core since we are the ones who will be sending you. And about your next doubt, no hero in the past we sent to the different worlds took control over the world, thats because, we did a through check about the persons past and make appropriate decisions and have adequate backup plans in case the said Hero took over the world. ”

”So, what do you know about me? ”

”Here is your file, take a look at it and you will know that you can backstab us. ”

Taking the file from Chris with my name ”Mack Wilson ” on its cover and opened it. After starting to read it, a frown started to form on my face and its getting more the more I read the file.

Seeing me, Chris says, ” Don feel bad that we stalked you for every second of your life, we need to do it, since the fate of an entire planet will be given to you. And we know everything about you we know that you are the typical hero guy. You lead all the 39 years of your life like that, you even died a heros death by saving the girl who is about to killed by a truck… ”

”FUCK… What the ** is wrong with you guys, How can you kill me like that? ”

”Ah… See Mack, I can understand your frustration about your death, but we need kill you in order to make you reincarnate, sorry about it. But look at the bright side, you will be born in a world of magic and you will become strong almost to the top of a world, and its also your wish to be strong and protect those you hold dear. see its a win-win situation for both of us. ”

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