After few minutes of thinking, I said, ”Fine, I will state my other demands… I want to be a child of a duke or a marquis at least and they should already have a heir who isn me so that I don need to work for living and I will also get a backing. I need a system with all the options like inventory, shop, and other things… Oh… and also the system should have all the knowledge available to you from your Goddess of Knowledge and it also must have a way to send my applications for new skills to the God of Skills, Polo, and I should be able to contact you any time. I can think any other than this, I guess thats it.

”Hmm… I can make them but it is slightly difficult to connect the system to Polo, do you need it that much? ” Chris asked me with some hope in his face that I will back down.

”Yes, you either full fill my requirements or else I don even wanna go out of this office. Its full or null, the choice is yours. ” I stayed strong on my demands as I don want anything less than that if I want to start to live again. And I feel like I need to ask some more, but I don know what, well lets bother with that when the time comes.

Thinking for a few minutes, Chris happily says, ” Deal. ”

Looking at his excited face I feel something is off and I asked him, ” Am I missing something here? You are kinda happy like everything went according to your plan. ”

”No no no… I am just happy that you are helping me by reincarnating *cough* *cough*, I mean transmigrating.

I still feel little bit off but I decided to go with him as its my only choice and says ” Ok, deal ” and stretches my hand. Chris took my hand and shakes it energetically and seals the deal.

”Now what shall I do? ” I asked him after retracting my hand.

”Nothing, I will just send you to the transmigration cycle and you will stay there till you found the conditions suitable for your transmission. Thats all. ” He says and claps once.

”Wait… that means I would be waiting for indefinite amount of time, right? I change my decision, I will just stay here with you, it will be better than staying alone. ”

”Don worry Mack, even though it may take some time ranging from one second to few decades before you send into a body, your soul will be under a powerful sleeping spell and you will only wakes up once you enter a body. Its the least you need to do if you want to jump into a body instead of reincarnating. ”

”Haaa…. fine. It seems that I can go back now. At least I won know the passage of time if it took long to find a suitable body. ”

”Thats the spirit Mack. Now its time to say good bye. ” Saying this, Chris waves his right hand twice and my body floats towards a portal which opened freshly.

”Bye Chris, see you later, and thanks for the help. ” I said as I left. Even though I am not interested in my second life but I got stuck in it somehow, thanks to Chris, I get to have a head start or some advantage in the world I am gonna continue my life.

After the portal closes, Chris falls into his chair and takes a few deep breaths and once again stands and injects his mana into a white crystal on his table, it is a communication crystal. As soon as it connected, a screen appears above the crystal and the face of a beautiful lady pops on the screen. Chris immediately bows and says I did what you said Goddess Rebecca.

The goddess nods once and says good work before ending the transmission.

Chris sits down in his chair and resumes his work once again.


In Goddess Rebeccas private chambers

After ending the call Rebecca goes into deep thought while laying on her bed. If one looks at her, they can see that a blue one piece dress tightly clinging to her body from her big breasts which are trying to gain their freedom to her knees which are proud to be a part of her long, slender and sexy legs which itself makes most of the men cums.

Her face is so beautiful that one wishes just look at it for all the eternity, her forehead is so smooth and it invites any man to kiss it, her deep blue eyes below that fore head seems to captivate anyone who looks into them, her small nose just increases her beauty. Her cute lips which are red in colour, are just screaming one to taste and eat them eagerly.

Her waist is so thin that one will wonder how can it supports her big assets without breaking it. Her big boobs, thin waist, wide hips and extra large butt makes her figure a perfect hourglass figure that tempts even monks.

As she laid down on her bed, she thinks the request from that man and thinks about the connection between that man and Mack whom he asked to keep a look and give him the updates and details of him. After thinking for sometime, the bombshell thinks that its a waste of time to read the thoughts of that man and leaves that matter.


Reeve empire, Rekooled world.

I opened my eyes after I woke up all I can see is the unfamiliar ceiling and it looks like it is night as it is dark every where and I can see the moon from my window. I don know for how long I slept in my soul state but it seems like I slept well for quite some time. Its the best sleep of my life. After waking up I tried to move my body, but it wont move. I tried for sometime and gives up on moving after a few attempts.

Looks like I can move, What shall I do now?… Aha… I should contact Chris and tell him that i arrived safely.

Ok. System are you on?

[ Initializing the system]

[Expected time to complete… 5 hours, 50 mins and 11 seconds]

Six hours? shouldn it done in like few seconds? Whatever I will just sleep again for this night and will see what is going to happen tomorrow. thinking that I closed my eyes and I slept once again.

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