Chapter 2 Mr Rabbit:

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Lu Yi Bei was not a mental patient, at least not yet.

Two years ago during his graduation trip, he got caught in a car accident resulting in him losing his vision and was now suffering from facial paralysis too, but he was confident he did not suffer from brain damage!

However, he was still chased out by the doctor who thought he was a mental patient.

It was similar to his experience a few days ago when he went to a different hospital for a diagnosis of the event’s he witnessed.

But he felt like he did not have a loose screw, but the doctor’s he saw had one.

The moment they had a disagreement a psychiatrist was called in with a straitjacket!

Another thing……

For a doctor who grew up under the red flag, growing up in the spring breeze and going through modern education, the doctor after hearing what Lu Yi Bei told him, actually recommended him to go to find a witch doctor? 

This was simply outrageous!

Just when Lu Yi Bei was thinking that the witch doctor was too scary and decided to ask the doctor if he knew any priests or taoist priests.
He got kicked out…


With heavy footsteps Lu Yi Bei walked away from the hospital, he felt as if the world was a cold and desolate place.

After leaving the hospital, Lu Yi Bei got onto a bus making his way to a seat next to the window at the back of the bus and sat down leaning against the glass window downheartedly taking out his mobile phone and unlocking the pin.

Clicking on a pink coloured app with a beautiful girl as the logo.

Question, in this day and age which boy does not have a mobile game filled with a bunch of beautiful girls inside it which is used to suppress the restless youth that has nowhere to go.

Lu Yi Bei also has one of these apps which is called 《love with magical girl》which is a game about dating magical girl’s with other genres mixed in such as tower battles, pvp and card collecting! 

Whenever he was dejected, he only needed to see magical girl Bai Xiao Hua’s sweet smiling face, which would make him feel like his entire body was healed.

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Opening the app, a stunning cutscene with a dynamic soundtrack played from his phone, a blonde magical girl wearing a rose red coloured dress with rose patterns embroidered on it, could be seen on Lu Yi bei’s phone screen before revealing a warm smile.

【Hello captain, welcome back! What are you planning to do today?】

【Wai! Why are you touching me? Do you want to be squashed to death?!】

【Go to hell! You homosexual!】


After listening to the magical girl’s sweet angelic voice, Lu Yi Bei’s expression did not change, but there was a warm fuzzy feeling in his heart.

As expected!

In this cruel and uncaring world, only Bai Xiao Hua could give him some warmth.

In Lu Yi Bei’s heart, this was already no longer just a simple mobile game, but a hub connecting him to another world and the people in that world taught him a lot of life lessons.

Have a problem? Just use your fist’s to solve it.

Smoking, drinking and using foul language.

And maybe having affairs with beautiful girls. 

None of these work in real life!


The bus departed from the bus station in front of the gate of the suburban hospital, stopping by other bus stations along the way and passing by a small half of the city and the streets outside became more and more bustling.

Lu Yi Bei was too immersed in the world of the mobile game and before he knew it an hour had already passed.

When Lu Yi Bei raised his head once again he was surprised to see that the bus was parked at the side of a road.

All the passengers had already alighted off the bus.

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The empty bus cabin seemed to have been stretched longer and the bus doors were also closed.

Looking outside the window he saw familiar high rise buildings and streets outside, that meant that this place should be near Mudan street, which was still 5 to 6 stops away from where Lu Yi Bei would alight from.

Lu Yi Bei then focused his attention inside the cabin and saw the bus driver leaning on his seat, while slowly closing his eyes seemingly starting to get drowsy.

Lu Yi Bei then walked forward to tap on his shoulder and asked, “Bus captain sorry for the trouble but this bus…”

“What the hell!?”

The bus driver completely did not expect someone to still be on the bus and suddenly got tapped on the shoulder by someone, he got really startled by it and sat up straight immediately.

After calming down he looked at Lu Yi Bei with obvious resentment.

“You, you how did you get on the bus? Who let you on the bus?”

“Uhhh……” Lu Yi Bei explained, “I’m a passenger, I have been on the bus since the first stop!”

The bus driver who forgot to check if everyone on the bus alighted was stunned and continued questioning Lu Yi Bei, “Why did you still stay on the bus? Didn’t I tell everyone to get off the bus earlier? We can’t go further than this today!”

Lu Yi Bei was puzzled, “Can’t go further? Why? Did the bus break down?”

The bus driver impatiently pouted his lips and pointed to the direction of the windshield, “There was a car crash ahead, multiple cars crashed into one another and a part of the viaduct even collapsed, tell me how do I continue driving? I advise you alight from the bus and think of a way to get back! It’s starting to get dark!”

Lu Yi Bei looked at the electronic clock on the bus’s dashboard and frowned.

Time, 17:08 

He’s right, it’s going to be dark soon, I must get back home quickly!


Lu Yi Bei alighted from the bus, after looking around to confirm where he was and went straight in the direction of where he lived.

The time was just past 5 pm, the sky had already begun to darken and the sun was beginning to set, casting a thin blood coloured shadow quitely draping over the streets.

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The bustling street seemed a little congested but was awfully quiet. 

The passersby were all quiet looking down at the street not saying a single word, even if their gazes occasionally met, most of the expression in their eyes were filled with vigilance.

For this strange situation, Lu Yi Bei did not think it was strange, ever since five years ago when the sun entered a state of “shortening” where day time got shortened and night times became longer.

All kinds of ghost stories were like weeds that got nourished by the rain, growing wildly under the long night.

In this situation, learning to be alone became a necessary skill for everyone to learn.

It is in this situation where it seems as if an invisible barrier was built between everyone in this kind of quiet environment, that an old song that started playing in his ears was rather abrupt and rather out of place.

“Looking at flowers through fog, staring at the moon by the water’s reflection, can you tell apart this unpredictable world?~♪


Lend me lend me a pair of eyes~♪

Let me see this turmoil clearly~♪


Lu Yi Bei, like most passerbys walked in silence however the soothing and ethereal melody drifted into his ears, he was stunned for a moment and proceeded to look in the direction from which the singing came from.

In front of a slightly far away cafe next to an alleyway stood “Mr Rabbit”

Wearing rather comical looking rabbit costume, portable speakers playing music and shoving flyers in front of people. 

The standard poster boy wearing 3 things.

The poster boy was wearing a big western style black suit, wearing exaggerated red leather boots and wore a gigantic rabbit mask.

The workmanship of the white rabbit mask is quite exquisite, and every hair looked lifelike, it was as if they magnified a rabbit’s head many times and used it as the mask.

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Mr Rabbit enthusiastically handed out flyers to the passersby.

Faced with the flyers getting shoved in front of them, most people walked past him indifferently as if they hadn’t seen Mr Rabbit, completely ignoring him.

Even when someone did take the advertisement, it would be crumpled up and thrown into the trash the next moment.

Lu Yi Bei looked at the empty and lifeless eyes of the white rabbit’s mask, which smiled deliberately and stiffly. 

Suddenly, there was a sense of discomfort in his eyes, which made his eyes feel dry and itchy.

Just when Lu Yi Bei was about to look away and leave, Mr Rabbit seemed to have sensed the  gaze looking at him and waved at him enthusiastically.

“Me?” Lu Yi Bei pointed at his own nose.

After receiving a response from Lu Yi Bei, Mr Rabbit seemed to be very excited.

Continuing to desperately wave at him while shaking his head vigorously, nodding with such force that it made people worry that his “head” would fall off any time.

Rabbit’s white gloved hand seemed to sway in a way as if doing some kind of pattern, releasing a special kind of aura making Lu Yi Bei get attracted to come closer.

Lu Yi Bei felt light headed and his vision seemed to get blurry.

Maybe he saw it wrongly, but the smile on Mr Rabbit’s face seemed to be even brighter.

Lu Yi Bei numbly went in front of Mr Rabbit, just as he was about to take the flyer Mr rabbit gave him there was a sudden burning pain feeling in his eyes, it was as if something was burning in his eyes.

The intense discomfort in his eyes made Lu Yi Bei instantly snap out of the trance.

Standing about a meter away from Mr Rabbit, he stared blankly at Mr Rabbit for a second or two, before suddenly making a sharp 90 degrees turn and strode away with big steps.

I don’t care, I’m not interested, I’m leaving now!

Translators notes

Its an actual song you can go check it out on youtube just search 借我借我一双慧眼吧↵

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