[Wake up, Multiply!]

Everything suddenly spun and disappeared.


Multiply opened his eyes.

The armoured celling of the police stations vault hang above him. Only then did he truly feel that he was truly safe.

Multiply smiled a little when he felt his new found vitality.

On a cheap plastic chair a saw a women whose beauty was on the same level as anime characters.

She had short raven black hair, icy blue eyes and flawless skin as white as snow. Multiply was stunned as that was when he realized that the person in front of him was Soul Reaper Jet.

She is the definition of fine with melons and peaches as amazing as those.

What are looking at?

I remembered what Sunny said before answering

Your 3 stars its my first time seeing an Ascended a living legend.

She smiled before saying

Being a master doesn mean much when a saint is pretty much a demi god even though theres only a few of them. Also next time you praise try putting on a smile.

Also don stare or you might lose your eyes.

she then disappeared from my line of sight only for me to feel a hand on my cheek.

That hurt like hell.

Yes I won do it again.

By the way welcome back to land of the living. Congratulations on surviving your First Nightmare, Sleeper Multiply.


Sleeper Multiply huh I really wish this was just a dream but thats not happening. Now to hope that no one is racist and I don die for dumb reasons.

Sigh I better go to the academy as soon as possible and hope I survive when my spirit enters the spell. After that I would become an awakened, Master, Saint all the way until I reach divine then find my way home or leave a peaceful life here.

Master Jet finally began to undo the restraints holding me in place.

I am Ascended Jet. You can call me Master Jet. These past 2 days, I was on watch duty due to your nightmare and the boy next to you.

I looked at him only notice it was Sunny the mc of this world.

Master Jet I have a question.

Go on.

Do you think its possible for me to survive long enough to become a saint?

Jet gave me a dark look.

Well as long as you don try being a hero then it might be possible also don forget to look in a mirror because your eyes are jewel-red and will probably get you a lot of enemies.

Multiply was enjoying a hot shower while hoping his Aspect won activate. After his talk with Master Jet.

After a short while I finally went out of the shower only to notice he had actually developed a bit of muscle though the most surprising thing was his jewel-red eyes which actually did look like jewels though most would say its similar to the colour of blood so thats what [Eyes of Truth] did.

Hmmm I wonder what they do?

I first tried concentrating while hoping for laser vision, x ray vision or even perceiving everything in slow motion but nothing happened. I then poked it a little only to feel no noticeable changes then covered my eye a little before noticing it had a subtle glow.

Then produced lightning near my eye only to realize it was now red but I couldn tell a difference in it and I certainly wasn going to use it in a police station.

It does hurt to produce this even though I only produced a little.

Sigh So first the colour of my lightning changes for better or for worse now my eyes change and that flaw.

I ended up giving releasing I would practise at the academy or pay for damages when am dirt broke.

I will figure it out later.


After a few minutes I was wearing a police issued tracksuit heading towards Master Jet. She was near Sunny who probably wouldn wake up until tomorrow.

I saw the cheap synthetic sloop which made me consider not eating before deciding to eat after a minute and the food did taste worse then chum but beggars can be choosers.

After eating more than half the food I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Done with your food.

Yes Master Jet.

Then III begin. As per protocol, I am obligated to inform you of a few things. It is mostly a formality. First of all, concerning your First Nightmare. You are entitled to receive free psychological counselling. No matter what traumatic experiences you may have encountered, there is no shame in asking for help. Your mind is as important as your body- its only right to keep it healthy. Are you interested.

Im not interested.

As you wish. You can also talk to me. Was it very hard?

It was harder than I thought and just as bad as expected.

I gave an answer similar to the one Sunny gave which seemed to satisfy her.

Thats a good attitude. Also us outskirt rats are more resilient than people think.

Master Jet you grew up there as well with your exquisite manners I couldn tell at.

I tried buttering her up.

She grinned.

Also are there many of us among awakened.

Her smile disappeared

No they can be counted with one hand.

Hmmm that truly makes her even more impressive and considering she is beauty a truly deadly one.

So am guessing everything the rest is for If you got a family?

e smarter than you look.

She looked at her communicator which looked cool AF while having a cold look.

Your luck is exceptionally bad. Theres no time at all. First of all you are free to do what you want prepare for the worst or not prepare at all. Party till the lights go out.

Can believe people actually do that.

However I advise against that. As a sleeper you are also entitled to enrol in the Awakened Academy. Youll be provided with food, lodging and a wide choice of classes. Its a bit late to be learning when you
e left with so little time though its better than nothing.

More importantly, you will get acquainted with most of the people who will enter the Dream Realm with you. Some people might become your companions for life.

And some might become your worst enemies or those who will try or end your life in the spell.

So what do you say? Do you want me to call an awakened or wait for him to wake up?

It might be best to wait for Sunny before leaving and I also have a lot to think about.

Nah I have lot to think about so I am going to need a day to myself.

She looked at me before sighing.

Ok its your choice.

I knew I was losing brownie points but I still needed to befriend him just in case and most authors or readers try avoiding them when they get transported to another world just to end up together.

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