ned his robe casually, changed into his usual expression, and greeted the little beauty in white that he once held in his palm and loved so dearly.

Hearing the sound of footsteps coming from behind, the young man suddenly turned his head in surprise, and the fragmented bright morning light fell on his snowy and soft skin, which was dazzlingly beautiful.

“Brother Chu!”

Bai Hua blinked, trotted in two steps, and stood in front of the Palace Master of Jiuzhong Palace.
He had a natural body fragrance, and with every movement of his body, a faint sweet smell melted into the wind.

The smiling young man blinked his moist eyes with curled eyelashes, like a deer in a quiet forest.
He first called Chu Yan joyfully, then turned to Qiu Quan, and nodded obediently, “Miss Qiu Quan.”

That expression was very pure and innocent, and it was impossible to see the blood and darkness that would eventually swallow everything under it.


Back in the Zhongqian Hall, the person on the bed slowly opened his eyes.

Mo Ren lifted the quilt and sat up.

Chu Yan's acupuncture did not use enough internal force.
With such strength, it was no problem to cause ordinary people to sleep for most of the day, however it had no such effect on Mo Ren whose internal force was only second to the Palace Master in the Jiuzhong Palace.

Mo Ren didn’t know that his every move in front of Chu Yan was too similar to the previous life, such a sense of familiarity made Chu Yan subconsciously regarded him as a “useless person” whose internal force had been crippled, with meridians that had been cut off, and was extremely weak.
Coupled with being distracted, the subordinate made mistakes.


Mo Ren stared at the door where Chu Yan and Qiu Quan left, and his clear face gradually became overcast.

He heard Chu Yan saying he was going out of the palace.
But what is it that caused Chu Yan to bring Qiu Quan, but prevented him from knowing?

Mo Ren thought about it carefully for a while, then understanding floated in his eyes.

Ah, so that’s what it is.

He remembered that it was also at this time in his last life, the Master and Bai Hua went to the pear forest in the southern part of the mountain.

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