“This is …?” Tianyang looked at the key.

“This is the vehicle assigned to you, an electromagnetic unicycle.
It's parked outside, and has been unlocked access for most areas, I hope you'll like it.”

The registration officer finally left, and Tianyang went outside to see the unicycle, very excited.
He couldn't help but let out a cheer.

This unicycle used an electromagnetic engine and could be charged on the electromagnetic charging panels available generously on the city streets.

The vehicle used a gyroscope balancing system, which even beginners could easily operate.
Although its maximum speed was only 60 kilometers per hour, it was sufficient for use within the fortress.

After the biological module was written into the system, Tianyang's was registered as the vehicle owner.
Although he wanted to take it for a joyride, he returned to Nanfei's bedroom.

The fallen picture frame still needed to be repaired.
His mother treasured the frame, and if she came back to find it broken, it would likely result in another storm.

Tianyang picked up the pieces and planned to find some glue to fix the frame.
Suddenly, he noticed a piece of paper.

It was placed behind the photo, and he probably wouldn't be noticed unless the frame was broken.

He opened it, and it was a receipt from the Sky Tower Storage for the Upper City District.
The receipt indicated that someone had anonymously stored something in the storage facility.

It had been stored for 50 years, and the fees had already been paid in advance.

Looking at the date on the receipt, it was issued 17 years ago!

“17 years ago, wasn't that when I was born? Who went to the storage, was it mom?”

“What was stored? Why hasn't it been retrieved yet?”

Looking at the invoice, Tianyang suddenly had a bold idea.

Could it be that what was stored had to do with his father?

Once this idea arose, he couldn't be stopped.

Tianyang quickly fixed the photo frame and put it back, then took the invoice and left.

The electric motorcycle's system had a built-in navigation system, and even though Tianyang had never been to the upper city, he was able to find the storage quite easily.

Entering the storage house's gate, a woman in simple clothes, with a professional smile plastered on her face, stared at Tianyang with surprise and disdain.

The surprise was at Tianyang's look, which didn't look like that of an upper city resident but rather that of a lower-class citizen.
It was indeed surprising that a lower-class citizen could come here.

The disdain was also due to his lower-class status.
After all, this storage was mainly open to the upper class.
Speaking of which, could a lower-class citizen even afford storage fees?

Although she was only a commoner, her status was higher than these lower-class citizens.

A sense of superiority rose up within her.

“Good afternoon, sir.
May I ask what you need?” Despite her sense of superiority, the woman was obviously still here to serve customers and wouldn't drive Tianyang away foolishly.

Tianyang took out an invoice and said, 

“I'm here to retrieve something.”

The woman took the invoice and looked at it leisurely. 

“Can you show me your personal identity card?”

Tianyang nodded and took out the new identity card that Lin Yang had issued him.

The woman took it and lightly placed it on an electronic scanner on her wrist.
Through the chip on the identity card, she could read the information of most people in the city.

When the words “Ascender” appeared on the instrument screen under Tianyang's name, the woman almost dropped the card.

To common populace, Ascenders were almost unattainable big shots.

What the woman couldn't understand was, why would such big shots need come to things on his own?

Moreover, this Ascenders seemed very young, and his clothes were too…
well, too plain!

Fortunately, she hadn't said anything wrong just now.
Otherwise, she might be dead.

The woman's attitude changed drastically, warmly taking Tianyang's arm she said, “This way, Mr.
Tianyang, we need to verify and inspect the item you want to retrieve, which may take some time.
Please follow me to the waiting room.
If you need anything, just let me know.”

The mature woman pressed her chest against Tianyang's arm, making him uncomfortable.
He wasn't used to being so close to females; he quickly withdrew his arm, finally able to breathe normally.

15 minutes later, a password-protected box was placed in front of him.
Opening it, there was only one thing inside.

A diary!

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