Not only is he from the upper class, but he is also an outstanding contributor who can establish a clan.

Unfortunately, Su Lie revealed too little information about his family in the diary, and Tianyang didn't even know what job he had in the fortress.

But from the tasks mentioned many times, this Su Lie should be serving in one of the three forces: Night Walker, Storm, or the Collection Team.

Looking further down, Su Lie's father died in mid-May of the following year.
In early August, Nanfei was already pregnant.
Su Lie was very excited and happy in the diary, even secretly planning the marriage.

“…August 27th, there is another mission today.
This mission seems to take some time.
Unfortunately, I was originally planning to marry Nanfei next month.
I have no choice but to let Jingnan to prepare for me.
When I come back from this mission, I will marry Nanfei.
She will definitely be happy, absolutely!”

“…August 28th, it's decided.
Let's name the little one in Nanfei's belly Tianyang! I hope he will have a broad mind like the sky and a brilliant future like the sunshine! Ha, there is still a little ink in my belly as a father, although not much as Jingnan.
Hmm, I'll tell Jingnan later and ask for his opinion on this name.”

(TL note: “Ink in the belly”: knowledgeable, well-educated.)

This is the last page.

It's not that this is the end, but that other pages have been torn!

Looking at the uneven fracture, Tianyang's heart was full of questions.

Why was the diary torn here? What happened afterwards that caused his mother to live alone with him in the lower city?

From the last page, it was confirmed that Su Lie was indeed his father, but why hadn't he appeared for so many years? Did Su Lie grow tired of his mother and abandoned them, or was there another reason?

Tianyang closed the diary and closed his eyes.

At least two people knew the truth so far: his mother Nanfei, and the other, Jingnan, mentioned in the diary.

His mother never mentioned his father and would probably refuse to say anything even if he asked.
If she found out that he had taken the storage receipt without permission, what would she do?

The young man shook his head vigorously.
“I can only find the answers from Jingnan!”

But with a population of over a hundred thousand permanent residents in Sky Tower, who knows where Jingnan lives or if he is still alive?

Suddenly, he remembered the staff member at the household registration office he had talked to earlier that day.
Tianyang slapped his thigh.
“Right, I can ask for his help! The household registration office should be able to find out residents' information.”

Tianyang immediately jumped up, ran out of the park, and got on an electromagnetic motorcycle.
He turned on the navigation system and headed straight for the household registration office.

At 3 PM, Tianyang was driving on the road back to the lower city.

The household registration office promised to help, but even if it was on behalf of the Ascenders, they could not casually disclose resident information.
So Tianyang filled out an application form, which the household registration office would submit to the Fortress Information Management Department for approval.
Only after the approval could they search for the relevant information.

It would take at least a week for the results to come out.

Tianyang took the diary home and hope to hide it before his mother came back from work.

When he returned to the shack and parked the motorcycle, he saw a figure in front of the shack.
He was startled, thinking it was his mother who had come back early.

However, it turned out to be a man wearing a Night Walker long coat.
Tianyang was suddenly excited.
Is there a new mission?

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