sky that was gaining speed and headed right for his window.

Kurt then quickly ran out of his office and made it down the hallway as a loud bang and a crash a something had crash through his window.

Not hearing any explosion he looked into his office, the room covered in shards of glass and splinters from and in the middle of it a man(?) wearing some kind of space suit(?).

At this point security had gathered and had entered the room as the man stood up slowly and raised his hands.


The man gave a obvious nod and slowly began to remove his Helmet and with a *pshhs* noise he removed his helmet.

Cole- ”I SGT Cole Carpenter USACE willingly entering custody, I will now ask if someone will grab my ID that is in my thigh pocket and will have some more proof of my identity. ”

Security looks over to Kurt who gives them a nod and security empty out the mans pockets inside was an ID and a number of electronics and what looked like a small Computer screen.


Cole POV

The entity from what he had gathered so far had stuck to the deal, it had for the cost of his first two charges given him a Space Engineers suit and knowledge in basics of that universe. (Enough make atmospheric craft and basic hydrogen engines.)

Security had me remove the space suit and what ever gear I had and locked me in a small interrogation room.

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