Kurt Heinrich Debus POV

Kurt and a number of FBI, CIA and Secret serve look over the items confiscated from the ”Space Man ” as one of the younger agents put it.

Kurt- ”What has our guest brought with him from the future gentlemen. ”

Dean Hebert the head of security spoke up, ”Everything we have collected without damaging anything and from being told by our guest is thus: One ID detailing what would be on Dog Tags, One Space Suit that he told included a ”Heads Up Display ” for a variety of purposes, ”Tablet ” Computer which is probably stronger than any thing we have on the planet, A Pistol that is chambered in 45. and a number of construction tools than seem to be slightly used and samples taken do not look to match any known soil on Earth. ”

Wernher von Braun who was asked to join to look over the equipment and gain anything from it was looking over some information from the soil samples spoke up.

Braun- ”Its from the Moon. ” The room goes silent and looked over to him wanting to explain further. ”The lab looked over the samples under a microscope its extremely sharp, so bad it would shred the lungs of a person. While this isn proven we believe at about 80% that is is moon dust or some other celestial body. ”

That took the air out of the room as many of them thought the guy may have just been crazy but Braun believing him changed somethings.

Travis Spence from the CIA after the room went back and forth on what to do and what could be learned from what was found or how to reversed engineer it. ”So we agree that he is from the future and from the military, which means that he is our best bet in beating the Soviets. Then Agent Frost from the FBI, Director Bebus and I will conduct an interview and go from their. ”


Cole POV

After sitting in the room in just my under suit I began to try and formulate a plan of what tech I should introduce first as much as I do not want to give a nuke happy USA even more weapons.

So clean energy and more advanced computers would be my main focus as the solar panels from SE (Space Engineers) for a small ship (about the size of a consumer solar panel) produce 30 kwh while modern ones produce .35 kWh.

Next will be decreasing the size of the computer to more reasonable sizes to allow easy calculations and eventually consumer variations.

During this is I want assist in developing better rockets, as my hydrogen rocket engines are leagues better than any modern rocket engines. So they alone should push NASA into launching satellites by the end of the year which will be interesting to see.

*Knock Knock* as two agents and the director of NASA entered the room, with them my tablet and my ID.

Agent Spence- ”Thank you for waiting Srgt. Carpenter we had to speak about your identity as you must understand this was quite a shock. But for now we believe you but we need more information so we will start with the basic stuff your DOB, and a general idea of your history. ”

Cole- ”No problem, I was/am going to be ”born ” on September 15th, 2100. I was/am going to be raised in the Tranquility dome on the moon. I would join the USACE right of high school and be stationed around Jupiter for development of gas mining, after about 10 years of working their and earning multiple degrees in a variety of fields I was moved to the development of Faster Than Light travel. Then I would volunteer for a manned test where something went wrong and would drop me into your window.

Also if you don mind what is todays exact date. ”

Kurt- ”January 1st 1961, we just moved into the facility about a month ago. ”

Good not late in the time line this should be more than enough time to set things up, wait I know somethings happen pretty soon.

Cole eyes go wide as he remembers some crucial information. ”oh shit oh shit, okay first Lee Harvey Oswald needs to be arrested he is planning on assassinating President Kennedy I need a bunch of paper and something to write with because a bunch of things happen soon. First the Soviets are going to place missiles in Cuba and the Bay of Pigs invasion will fail as they do not have air support and enough training but this can be salvaged. Next I am going to list out every Soviet spy willing and unwilling as their are many. ”

The CIA agent who actually knew of the invasion immediately left the room and came back with a large stack of paper and a cup of pens.

I immediately began to write while the Room continued to ask questions.

Kurt- ”What technologies can you start implanting for uses as I understand that most of what you know will take some time to be come feasible. ”

Cole- ”Hmm, first is Solar panels and some manufacturing techniques that will outperform any available and allow satellites and stations to be more viable, next is introducing smaller computers last is my Hydrogen Engine we could begin using immediately after some retrofitting. Another thing the ambassador to Moscow should take down the wooden seal in his office as it is bugged. ”

The FBI agent then left to room and made a call and came back as I had finished my list and the two agents spoke to one another and turned to me.

Agent Spencer- ”Thank you for your Help Srgt I look forward to your work and further assistance my associate and I now have a lot of work to do. ” The two agents gathered my notes and left the building to I assume the president. (I would later learn that from my information given and knowledge of KGB tactics Soviet spies would drop to extremely low status in the USA.)


After my ”interview ” I was given some clothes to change into and was aloud to explore the facility so long as I do not leave the premises and I was also given my stuff back (Excluding the gun) I decided to go off to a secluded area and start working on the redesign of the Hydrogen Rocket engine to fit on the current rockets.

About a half an hour into it a bunch of women entered the room all carrying books on the IBM machine that had just been implemented not to long ago.

I did not notice them till a Woman made a *Cough* noise

Mary Winston- ”Sir, Im going to have to ask who you are? Ive never seen you here before. ”

Cole- ”Sorry Maam I didn notice how long Id been working, Im Cole Carpenter I was just hired today Im a Engineer. ” I gave a polite smile and stood up to shake her hand along with some of the other woman leaded the group.

Who all looked bewildered at me for being so polite to them, but recollected themselves and began working on the IBM computer.

Mary- ”Well Mr.Carpenter, Im Mary Winston I work in the engineering department as well so I look forward to working together. ”

Cole- ”Actually, if you don mind could you show me around the facility, I don want to end up in someones way if I don have to. ”

Mary then looked over to her friends who gave her a smirk and began to who me the rest of the NASA facility.

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