As a gamer and a streamer who had to earn a living for his studies and rent, Lucian Silverstein never really gave a thought about the characters within ”Night Falls ”. After all, who would think the characters were real when following the story script? Isn it just a bunch of AI following some coding script?

Yet, when faced with such a scene given by the Silversteins and how he felt a sense of heaviness pressing on his heart even though streamer Lucian was not the one who grew up with them, he thought that they were real. To these characters, Utaria is real to them. If someone were to tell them that they were not real, they would have laughed it off.

Right… I would too. Lucian thought absentmindedly as he watched his parents disperse them to take a rest before rejoining in the dining hall.

After sitting in the carriage for so long, it was an understandable decision to rest. Lycoris was already yawning away as her maid took her from the arms of Damascus. Lucian stood at the Great Hall for a while, contemplating his next set of actions to occupy his time. Then, he stepped towards the family library.

”Young master Lucian, as per your orders, the desk you have been using has not been touched. Everything is as exactly as where you have left them. ”

Lucian was surprised. ”Is that so? Great work as always. ”

He wondered what vampire Lucian was doing in the library before he possessed his body. For some reason, he couldn quite recall the memories, as though the vampire was intentionally keeping some information with him. Now that Lucian was on this subject, he never met vampire Lucian face-to-face.

Was there no scene where the one who transmigrated met the person they took over?

Finding his steps leading up to the desk while in his autopilot mode, Lucian paused when he saw what was on the desk. Several books were stacked into piles of varying heights on the table but neatly surrounding an opened book of notes. He could see that vampire Lucian was looking for something because some piles had the topmost book opened at a particular page. There were even notes written into the book.

This looks like the vampire had been spending the whole family vacation looking for something.

Lucian concluded as he picked up the notebook to read the hurriedly scrawled handwriting. He thought it was about some mini project, but…

It was about the five golden keys.

The very thing that he was looking for. Frowning, Lucian pulled out the chair to read the notes from the beginning. Despite how hurried the handwriting was, he could still read it because the owner retained a hint of elegance in their writing. It was in cursive but exaggeratedly curled, allowing the reader to read the words easily.

[Long ago in old Utaria, there was a race. This race had the combined features of the five races that we now know. They were called the ”Angels ”. Having either gender, they could procreate with one another without any issues. There were little to no differences between each other, but they were able to live in harmony.

They had a leader who oversaw them like a protector and never led them. The leader had five children over the time of his rule with his partner, and those children had unique features any Angel had ever seen. Sensing there would be disturbances among the Angels if they knew what his children looked like, he carefully laid them to sleep.

An indefinite sleep until it came a time for them to awake.

The leader also had the foresight to feel that their race was starting to decline over time. True to his vision came a terrible calamity that swiped over the race that had grown lax because they felt they were so strong that nothing could overtake them.

Utaria then began a new era that started with the five children who did not grow up with the Angels.

Each child was brilliant and powerful in their way. As they grew up, their different features and preferences set them apart. The unity that had once existed among Angels did not appear within the five children. Perhaps it was because there was no teacher to guide them. Maybe it was because they were so different from one another that they could not connect.

The first to awake became the eldest of the group. They had eyes as red as blood, skin as pale as a sheet of paper and hair as white and silvery as the moon. They preferred blood, often relying on their siblings to get them through the day.

The second child had pointy ears with an affinity for nature. They had a deep connection with the flora around them, so much so that they felt protective over them and would even fight the others if they did harm the plants.

The third had half of the features like a beast, while the other half looked more humanoid. This third child was more feral, preferring to fight rather than talk. They boasted much of their strength and often contended with the eldest child to be the leader of the group. While they might seem more beastly, they were fiercely loyal to their siblings. They were often the first to protect the others if danger ever arose.

The fourth child had a natural affinity for unique rocks. They could sense any mineral vein as long as they placed their hands on the ground. They loved rocks so much that they could spend days underground looking for special ones.

The youngest child was the weakest looking out of all the children, yet bears the most resemblance to the Angels. They had no power but had the sharpest wit out of them all. Often, they observed their older siblings in silence and eventually asked to learn from them. So while they are not masters at everything, they acquired skills to tend to everything.

The Angels leader left them five keys that could simultaneously be used to unlock a particular door. Was it knowledge? Or power? Or answers to their existence? Their father never elaborated to them.

However, try as they might, the five children could never find the door their father left for them. Over time, they began to think that the door had never existed and fell out of one another. Each child took a key as a memory of the Angels and left. With the power of creation, they each created their people in their likeness. And that was the end of the story of the Angels five children.]

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