she really seems to be very drunk, after saying this, she slumped to the table and completely fell asleep.

Wei Congying, who couldn’t quite understand the situation, was left to admire the top of her head.


Wei Congying sat across from her, beer paired with barbecue.
To be honest, the barbecue was not that good.
The spices were too much, the charcoal didn’t seem to be very good, and the taste of the charcoal attached to the surface of the food made the grilled taste that much worse.

In the end, some of it was shamefully wasted, and as usual, he made a donation to eliminate the guilt of wasting food.

The person opposite was still lying down.
Just a little further away, an empty can rolled to the edge of the table, fell to the ground and traveled some distance, before it was finally stepped flat by a foot.

Lin Fang sent a message to him, asking him if he had arrived home, and for him to take pictures to show him.

He was more concerned about him than his own father and mother were

But concern was concern, Wei Congying pretended not to see the message.
When he turned his attention away from the phone, he heard the sound of laughter coming from the side.

Very unpleasant laughter.

He looked up and saw several very drunken men who were behaving in a disgraceful manner lay their eyes on the girl across from him.
She seemed oblivious to the situation she was in and was passed out.

Wei Congying has already finished eating and wanted to leave, but felt it would be wrong to leave the girl across from him alone here.

But if he took her away, what if she lured him into a badger game? He did not like that possibility either.

He picked a compromise, that is, he did not disappoint the girl’s affection for him, but also did not leave himself at risk – Wei Congying sent her to the police station duty room3 .

Wei Congying pulled her up from the chair, and she was briefly sobered by the movement of being pulled up.
Her vision was blurred, but she could see the food tray on the table and said in a somewhat critical tone, “You’re wasting food.”


Wei Congying supported her, made a noise of agreement, and apologized, but in a disingenuous tone, “Sorry.”

When Shi Yun woke up in the morning, there was no part of her body that was not uncomfortable.
She had drunk a lot of alcohol but not enough to blackout.
The police officer on duty explained the situation to her, saying that a kind-hearted person who was passing by had brought her here.

She was covered with a jacket, a denim jacket, and the smell of barbecue could be faintly detected from it.

She was embarrassed and thanked the people in the duty room.
She had spent the night on a bench last night and there wasn’t a single part of her body which did not ache.

The morning sunlight fell on her face, Shi Yun inexplicably had a feeling of being in a different world, tilting her head to feel the sunlight.
The sunlight was not too harsh and carried a hint of the coldness of the previous evening, tinted everything a faint orange color after closing her eyes.

Suddenly she thought of the person she saw yesterday.
His face…… bore a lot of resemblance to him.

Shi Yun bought a lot of breakfast at the street corner and asked the owner to deliver it to the police station in her place, as an apology for the trouble she caused yesterday.

Yesterday’s midnight snack place and the capital university’s old campus were very close, but it still took 20 minutes to walk back to the dormitory.

After graduating from undergraduate school, the dormitory environment had been greatly improved.
In a dormitory of four people, Shi Yun had a better relationship with the dorm-mate who slept in the neighboring bed, a girl called Shi Yuan.

As for the other two people in the dormitory, one was living in a laboratory unit to catch up on reports, and the other was being used as a free substitute teacher for their academic advisor.

When Shi Yun returned to the dormitory, doing her best to be light-handed and light-footed, Shi Yuan was alone.
She was not sleeping, instead, she had her glasses on and was sitting on the chair below, holding a notebook and catching up on her homework.

Hearing the sound of Shi Yun opening the door, she turned her head towards the person at the door and called out, “You’re back?”

“Mhmm, you’re up so early?” Seeing that she was already awake, Shi Yun didn’t continue deliberately lightening and slowing her actions.

Shi Yuan continued clacking away on her keyboard, “I didn’t sleep all night.”

“You didn’t sleep all night?” Shi Yun took off the jacket which had been placed on her by that person last night and left it on her seat.
She then walked behind Shi Yuan to try and help her with her homework.

Shi Yuan sighed: “I didn’t sleep all night, been catching up on my homework.
I still haven’t finished…… Wait, I also broke up with my boyfriend.”

Shi Yun was stunned, she was not very interested in her roommate’s romantic life, but Shi Yuan seems to have been with her boyfriend for a few years.

Shi Yuan sat cross-legged on the beanbag and took her hands off her keyboard: “I suddenly felt he was like a grinch.
We went out to eat at a restaurant yesterday and ran into a guy who was selling detergent.
I wanted to say that I would not buy it, but he just had to discuss the ingredients list with others, and then use his chemistry knowledge to criticize that the other side’s detergent composition was detergent to water.
At that time, everyone around us was looking at him, and I felt embarrassed.”

Shi Yun was only briefly stunned.
She saw the gift Shi Yuan placed on the table and thought of the student who had been pursuing Shi Yuan for the past several weeks.
She was not Shi Yuan, and didn’t know if Shi Yuan’s breakup was really because she suddenly lost interest, or if it was because she had fallen for someone else.

She merely made a perfunctory noise.
She was no longer in the mood to help her with her homework and went to bed to catch up on her sleep.

Shi Yuan seemed not to notice Shi Yun’s somewhat disgusted reaction, and asked: “Yesterday was Qingming and you went to burn paper money for your mother.
Did you wear these bright-colored clothes when you went?”

Shi Yun once again replied with a perfunctory ‘mhmm’.

The day she met Wei Congying again, Shi Yun had a full day of classes during the day and went to the library at night to catch up on group assignments.
The guy sitting across from her in the library study area kept shaking his leg.

After Shi Yun’s desk shook along with his leg for two minutes, she kicked him under the desk as a warning.
He didn’t get mad, but lowered his head apologetically.

But he did not stop, shaking his leg seemed to be an instinctive habit.

Shi Yun looked at the unpleasant homework, and looked at the time on her cell phone before finally choosing to leave.

The May weather in the capital had not yet warmed up.
Not a single star could be seen when looking up into the sky.
The not yet full moon was hidden behind the clouds, the brightness of its light incomparable to the neon lights on the building next door.
The power to the streetlights was unstable, and one light flickered a few times before it came on.

The floor of the dining hall was mopped every day, but it always seemed to feel a bit sticky against the bottom of their shoes.
Shi Yun carried her fried rice takeout out of the dining hall and ran into Wei Congying.

At that time, Shi Yun did not know this was his name.
He was standing under the streetlamp opposite the entrance of the cafeteria.
The cigarette in his mouth had just been lit; the small red bright spot on the cigarette head glowing and fading.
He wore a black short-sleeve that had a bright graffiti design on it, black trousers, the same color sneakers, and a thick silver chain hung around his neck.

Next to him, squatted a crying girl.

His expression was indifferent and carried some impatience.

Translator Note:

Hi, Z here! Hope you all enjoy my new project! We’ve got a FL with a white moonlight… hmmm.
I’m quite intrigued to see how this develops~

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