can save you this much.”

His hands covered in engine oil looked a little dirty, Wei Congying looked at the number he gestured out with his hands, he stood beside the motorcycle, and squeezed the clutch and front brake casually.
Hearing Cheng Ge’s words, he just smiled sarcastically, the cost of transporting the car back was almost the same price.

As he took off his operating clothes, Wei Congying could smell sweat.
He only frowned, turned his head, and held his breath: “Okay, that’s it.
I’ll go first.”

He walked to the sofa and picked up his phone.
With his back to Cheng Ge, Wei Congying put his finger under his nose, but he didn’t know that this action was seen by the person who was undressing behind him.


Wei Congying picked up his phone and walked towards the door.
Before leaving, he said, “Take a look at the costs.
After you figure it out, send me a WeChat message.
I’ll be leaving first.”

When he came out of the repair shop, it was already dark outside.

His phone rang before he reached the parking lot.
It was a reply from Shi Yun after he asked her if she wanted to eat Japanese food.

She didn’t say no.
She also asked him the exact time.

Wei Congying stood where he was and replied to her message, the July summer in the capital was so hot that one would feel a tightness in their chest and shortness of breath.

He saw a taxi parked at the gate of the repair shop, and a girl got out of the car with a lunch box in her hand.
After walking towards him, her eyes paused on him for a few seconds.
When their eyes met, the person gave him a cold look, and without stopping, walked straight towards the repair shop.

Wei Congying remembered, she seemed to be Cheng Ge’s girlfriend.

Shi Yun passed over the skirt she wore the last time he saw her, and replaced it with a new set including accessories.

There was still enough time.

She took out Wei Congying’s coat from the closet, found another paper bag, folded the coat and put it inside.

The phone on the table rang.
He arrived earlier than the appointed time.

This time, he also passed over the last car and changed to another one.

The three-pointed star emblem on the front end was particularly conspicuous.

Sunlight fell through the gaps between the clouds, and the cats in the school slept under the shade of the trees, seemingly unafraid of the chirping of cicadas.

He was a little surprised when he saw the paper bag in Shi Yun’s hand.
He had forgotten about the coat.
He put the paper bag in the back seat, waited for Shi Yun to fasten her seat belt before starting the car.

While waiting for Shi Yun, Wei Congying looked at the dormitory balconies, nothing was hanging outside to dry.
It was already summer vacation, and there were no students except the school staff.

“Aren’t you going home during the summer vacation?” Wei Congying remembered that last time she said that she had finished her exams, “The academic advisor isn’t giving you a break?”

Shi Yun: “No, I just don’t want to go back.”

Wei Congying didn’t say anything after listening.
Neither was he a person who wanted to live with his parents.

When he reached the traffic light intersection, he was lucky enough to catch a green light.
Shi Yun saw the Japanese cuisine store leaflet that was stuffed beside the passenger door like before.

The creases that she made on it while bored were still on it as well.

He was driving the car, looking out the front: “It’s good if you don’t go back, you can continue to have dinner with me during summer vacation.”

Shi Yun took out the leaflet of the Japanese grocery store, looked at the words on the leaflet, she read all the words on it but none of them processed: “Are you short of a meal pal?”

He held the steering wheel, slowed down slowly because of the countdown for the green light visible at the intersection ahead, and adjusted the gear: “Short, do you want to accompany me?”

Wei Congying deliberately lengthened the sound of the word ‘short’, and while the car was stopped, he turned to look at the passenger seat, waiting for her answer.

Shi Yun’s answer was ambiguous, neither agreeing nor refusing.

But Wei Congying knew that next time he invited her out for dinner, she would come.

One was his self-confidence, and the other was the mood that Shi Yun didn’t show but couldn’t hide.

He was convinced that Shi Yun liked him.

The Japanese cuisine store was in the commercial district from last time.

After summer vacation started, it seemed that there were more cars on the street.

When they arrived at the Japanese cuisine store, there were already people queuing up at the entrance of the Japanese cuisine store.

From afar, Shi Yun saw a familiar figure among the dozen or so people.

It was He Sui.

Next to him stood a girl who was about the same age as them, wearing a chiffon dress and canvas shoes.

The girl next door.

It was indeed the type that he had always liked.

The two of them didn’t seem to be afraid of the heat, arm in arm, whispering intimately.

After Wei Congying got out of the car, he went around the front of the car and walked to the side of Shi Yun who was standing there in a daze.
Following her gaze, he could only see the queue in front of the Japanese grocery store.

Seeing Shi Yun’s uneasy expression, Wei Congying asked tentatively, “You don’t want to eat?”

She made a noise of agreement.
The excuse Shi Yun made was that there were too many people queuing up and that she forgot this restaurant had a rule of taking off shoes.
Today, she had worn two randomly collected mandarin duck-colored socks.

The excuses were far-fetched, and a little clumsy.

But Wei Congying’s self-righteousness was magnified by the preconceived idea of ​​putting himself in the position of a hunter early on.
He thought that everything he had seen about Shi Yun’s lies was his cleverness.

They changed the place, but Wei Congying didn’t care.

The two went to a Cantonese restaurant instead.

Wei Congying seemed to be a little busy when eating.
The phone kept ringing, one was Lin Fang, asking if he wanted to play together at night, and the other was the repair shop, saying that the car was ready for a test run.

He refused them both, saying that he had a date today.

After Shi Yun sat across from her and watched him perfunctorily hang up the two people’s phone calls, she fiddled with the roast goose on the plate with a fork until the goose’s own oil smeared the entire surface of the plate.

Wei Congying put down his mobile phone, saw her ‘dish painting’, and used the serving chopsticks to pick up another dish for her: “One was my friend who has something to do with me, and the other was an employee of the repair shop.
The repairs and modifications for my car were all done there.
He just informed me that I can go for a test run.”

Shi Yun thought it was the car he drove before, and didn’t think much about it: “Did some part of it break?”
Not much time had passed since their last meeting.
Shi Yun didn’t think there was anything wrong with the car at the time either, and thought it was just a small bump.

After she asked, Wei Congying did not speak immediately.

Shi Yun picked up the food he had given her with a fork.
She had just put it in her mouth and was not chewing carefully.
He sat across the dining table.
He folded the wet towel in his hand, held her wrist across the not-so-wide table, turned her arm gently, and wiped off the sauce which had at some point appeared without her knowledge with the corner of the wet towel.

“Interested? If you are free tomorrow, do you want to go and have a look?”

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