-Azuma Tsukiba Town-

As we left the harbor, we came to a row of buildings that we could not tell if they were private homes or stores.
All the buildings had an unusual atmosphere with their entrances left open.
There, people are sitting on red stands eating a series of round things stuck into something.

“Oh, that! They call them dango! It’s called!”

No wonder why Roel is licking her lips.
According to Roel, they are called anko (sweet bean paste).

“Mmmm! Yummy!”

“Wow, this is delicious…”

I immediately bought one and tried it.
The exquisite sweetness spread in my mouth and seemed to become a habit.
And 100 gold for a set of three is too cheap.
I heard that Kirkton is not so kind to strangers, but that’s not true at all.
It is true that the people I met earlier gave me the cold shoulder, but as long as I pay for the food, they let me eat delicious food like this.
I wonder if there are still more mysterious and delicious foods out there.

Azuma is a nice place, I think, even though I’m not Roel, I’m going to be a bit greedy.

“Dumplings, please.”

Yes, three for three gold.”

When the two of us looked at the shopkeeper, we could clearly hear him whisper, ‘Shit.
Why did he sell it to that guy for 3 gold, but only us for 100 gold?

I asked the shopkeeper why, but he ignored me and quickly went back into the store.
What is this?

I heard that there are stores that sell to tourists who don’t know anything at higher prices than usual.
We were beaten to a pulp.”

“What’s that! I can’t stand that guy!”

“He’s just so conspicuous, don’t give him any trouble, Ryua-chan.”

In the end, we both had to sigh.
Then we trudged on, but no matter who we talked to, they ignored us, and we still felt their eyes on us, so we were at a loss as to what to do.

“Roel, what should I do?”

“Hmm, I’m almost there, I think I have a better idea…”

“You got it?”

“Just a little more.”

“We there yet?”

“Not yet.”


“Moo! Shut up!

Are you two lovely ladies here from another country, perhaps as tourists?

The man who approached me unexpectedly was beaming.
Both Roel and I were at a loss for words because of the suddenness of the conversation after having been ignored all this time.

Perhaps sensing this, the man smiled again.

“Ah, yes.
Yes, that’s right.

“I knew it.
You seem to be in some kind of trouble.
Most of you haven’t even found a place to stay for the night, have you? There are many inns in this town, but there are also many malicious places that offer usury to tourists.
If it is all right with me, I can show you a good place to stay.

“Really? Thank you!

“Oh, well, follow me.”

What a nice guy you have there.
Roel and I looked at each other in relief.

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