following closely behind them.
Miso stuffed the four of them into a taxi before asking the driver to leave.
“So you know where everyone lives.” It looked like Miso had an idea of in which direction everyone lived.
“I’m your instructor, so why wouldn’t I? By the way, you commute by bike, right?” “Yes.” Right then, a strong wind blew.
The type that really showed that it was winter.
It felt like Maru’s skin would peel off from the harsh wind.
“How long does it take?” “Not that long.” “I don’t believe you.
Give me a number.” “…40 minutes?” “Are you crazy?! In this weather?” Miso shouted before grabbing Maru’s arm.
Maru just stared at his bike from afar.
“Coming to school’s going to be annoying tomorrow without that, though.” “So, you’re going to ride it?” “I’m not going to die in this weather.
I can do it.” Unfortunately, that was exactly when a bit of snot dribbled down his nose.
Miso narrowed her eyes at him.
“Get on.” “…….” “Want me to throw you in?” “I get it, I’ll get in.” Goodbye, my horse.
Maru gave his bike one last look before getting in the car.
The heat from the car made him shiver a little when he stepped inside.
“Seriously, I can’t believe you thought about biking in this weather.” “I heard people used to walk for several tens of kilometers for school during winter though.” “We don’t live in those times anymore.
Just put on your seatbelt already.” Maru put on his seatbelt with a smile.
The car exited the school and the two of them stopped talking for a second.
Maru looked out the window for a bit before opening his mouth.
“Is there a different reason other than the fact that we were lazy?” The dolls on the back mirror were shaking side by side.
Miso glanced at Maru before opening her mouth.
“The part where I got angry?” “Yeah.” “Why do you think that?” “Just a feeling.
You scold us a lot, but you never put any personal feelings into it.
You’re a professional, after all.
But today was different.
You seemed genuinely angry.” “Did the other kids think the same?” “No, it was just me.” “…….” Miso didn’t say anything for a while, an awkward silence flowed between them.
Maru seemed to be right on the mark here.
What else made Miso mad today? No matter what he thought, there weren’t many things that could’ve made her mad.
That meant she was mad because of something else.
But she was a pro.
She wouldn’t take out her anger on the students.
That meant one thing.
There was something bothering her immensely and it was about the acting club.
What was it? “Taesik, no, your teacher told me that the club might have to vacate the auditorium.” “The auditorium?” “The fifth floor auditorium always belonged to the acting club.
After all, the acting club were the only people who could use it during practice.
No one cared.
We even got awards from local competitions and everything.
We even got a lot of famous actors, too.
But the club hasn’t gotten anything done recently.
You know that, right?” Maru nodded.
They lost during last year’s winter nationals.
That wasn’t the club’s problem.
They couldn’t participate because of the fire.
The club the year before that participated, but they lost as well.
Geunsoo’s club was the golden age of the acting club, the club’s only been in decline since then.
“Back then, the school funded everything for the club.
But as you know, the teacher is the one funding the club now.
Back in my day, students used to come to our school just to come to our acting club.
That fact alone gave the lot of us pride.
After all, there were students who came to our school just because of us.
We worked very hard, and even got first place in the nationals in our third year as well.” Miso frowned before continuing.
“Your teacher told me that we might have to give the auditorium to the baseball team.” “The baseball team?” The Woosung baseball team managed to win during their high school competition this year.
The baseball club finally managed to bring in results for the school.
Thanks to them, the entire school even went to cheer for the club instead of taking classes.
“It looks like the chairman’s getting greedy.
He wants to get rid of the auditorium to build a fitness center for the baseball team and wants to convert the gym building into a makeshift auditorium.” A good baseball team could be a massive selling point to any high school.
That’s probably why the chairman was thinking about investing a lot into this.
Instead of funding the acting club that almost started a fire and continued failing in the prelims, it would be better to fund the baseball club.
Even Maru thought this was a sensible decision.
“This is a matter of pride.
Plus, that place has been ours for years.” “But it’s about to get ripped away from us.” “What the, giving up already?” “This is a matter of money.
Students can’t do anything about this.
We might as well be thinking about something else since this is pointless.” “Ugh, this is why I didn’t want to talk to you about this.
At least the other kids would tell me to cheer up or something.” “There’s a difference between something you can do and something you can’t do.” “…I won’t watch you guys get kicked out of there for the death of me.
My pride as a Blue Sky member is at stake here.” “So that’s why you were so angry.” “It’s complicated.
Watching you guys get lazy when our home was about to get stolen… that did make me really mad.
We tried so hard to get that place…” “I’m sorry.” There was nothing else Maru could say.
In truth, it was possible to just tell her she was overreacting and that the club could always find somewhere else to practice.
The world would be a very boring place if everyone was logical like that though.
It’s because people like Miso existed, who cared about memories, that life could be interesting for everyone.
“Do you think we’d have a chance if we win the nationals?” “I don’t know.
If the chairman already made his decision, we’d get kicked out no matter what.
We can always practice in a classroom or something, but… I’d feel horrible about it.” Miso gripped her handle with a pout.
Maru could tell from her actions just how much she cared about the club.
‘Then again, her theater in Hyehwa station has the same name too.’ The name definitely had a lot of meanings to her.
After all, it was what really kicked off her current life to begin with.
“So we’ll have to get something even bigger.” “Big enough to tempt the chairman.” “I see.” “Why?” “No, I was just thinking about it.” “Hah, I see.
Anyway, you guys have to practice like hell from now.
Forget passing the prelims.
You need to sweep in all of the awards at the nationals.
Got it?” “We’ll try.” “Trying isn ’t enough! Damn it!” Maru smiled as he turned to look forward again.

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