he props team had collected the pagers from the background actors, saying that it was a hindrance to the shoot.
Having no choice, he and the leader ran around the area looking for people, and he was able to find people wearing palace outfits taking photos with other people.

Changsung was flabbergasted.
He asked why they were here and not waiting.
When he said that, one of the background actors smiled and replied to his question with another question: ‘Isn’t it fine even if we just go back now?’

Anger rushed up to his head when he heard such complacent words, but just then, it started raining.
He could hear through the walkie-talkie that the shoot was over.
Changsung shouted at the background actors on the spot – What are you doing? Why can’t you do this properly? Are you here to play around?

After a round of commotion, the background actors just returned while saying that he was making it into a big deal.
He had to watch in vain as they walked away.
The leader then approached him and spoke in a small voice,

“That’s what you get for stepping into something you can’t even take responsibility for.
You asked why I shout at them, right? That’s because they break their promises on a whim, run to somewhere else on another whim, and won’t listen to any word I say if I tell them in a nice way.
To us, this is work, it’s our job.
We’re people who would die if we can’t do the job.
However, among those idiots, there are people who just come to get some pocket money for the day.
I also want to be seen in a good light.
But can I control them if I ask them nicely? Of course, there are nice people as well.
There are many people who listen to every word I say even if I tell them nicely.
But there are more people that don’t.
This is a workplace, not a place to evaluate their personalities.
You should put work first.
Anyway, let’s just do our jobs in the future, okay? Don’t butt in.”

He was embarrassed.
As a newbie producer, everything in the world seemed unjust, but the people living inside had their own order.

Just as he got an earful from his senior producer, a veteran actor quietly said a word to him.

“I still don’t understand how amazing I would have to be if I am to take care of others in this world where I have a hard time taking care of myself.
That’s why I gave up after trying a few times.
I get that you’re young and ambitious, but you should do it when you can.
If you get yourself fired up for something you can’t even do, people around you will get tired, not you.”

In a world where stars rose and fell, those that witnessed the shine and disappearance of numerous stars had their own means of survival.
They weren’t dismissive of the weak from the beginning.
It was just that they put in their best efforts to survive.

It was precisely because the world was like this that Moonjoong was amazing.
He greeted the staff of his own accord, and looked after the background actors.
Many times, he sat with them and listened to their stories, so some of the staff that had never seen him before would sometimes be confused that he was just an elderly man who came to play a background role.

Moonjoong looked after others in unseen places just that much.
On top of that, he did it at every single shoot.

It was a harsh world.
Overnight shoots couldn’t be counted, and they had to wait indefinitely if the environment didn’t match what they needed.
In such a place, looking after others when it was hard to look after oneself was incredibly difficult.

If asked whether he wanted to become a person like Moonjoong, Changsung would reply no.
The little duckling that scolded the leader at that time was long gone.
What remained was the sense of duty to create good works, as well as the small ambition of being successful.

Changsung took off.
He had to finish his meal before it was too late.
Just as he was walking on the streets of the Joseon era, he saw the minor actors for the beggars walking towards him from the other side.

“Have you had dinner?”

We ate already.”

The one that replied was the 2nd beggar.
His name was… yes, Han Maru.
It seemed that he really became the leader of the group after spending their time together the whole day as the rest of the children seemed to be following him.

See you later.
You’ll get to go home after the evening scene, so do your best.”


Changsung walked past him and walked along the fences of the hanok.
Just then, he felt a presence behind him and turned around.
There, he saw Maru.

“What is it? You have something to tell me?”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Well, sure.”

“I’m asking this just in case, but are there instances where the actors for the roles are switched from the original decision?”

“Instances where actors change, huh.”

Changsung crossed his arms.
Although Maru had a calm expression on his face, perhaps due to the shade over his face, he gave off a sharp impression.
He also seemed a little angry.

Actor change.
Changsung made a faint smile.
There were a few instances where minor actors asked him this question.
He couldn’t say for sure that he knew what they were thinking, but they should all be thinking similar things.
They probably came across a lead actor or a supporting actor that seemed inferior to them and were asking if they could replace that actor.

Do your best, if you put in the effort, it’s possible, win against them with your skill.
Many words flashed by in his mind, and Changsung finally spoke,

“Absolutely not.
Dramas are a meticulously-planned market.”

“Okay then.”

He didn’t even look disappointed.
He just took a bow as though he asked that question to get confirmation and turned around.

“But why do you ask?” Changsung asked this time.

Maru turned around again and spoke,

“I don’t have a specific reason.
I was just curious.”

“Is that so?”


“Well, I guess that doesn’t matter then.”

Maru turned around once again.

After watching him for a while, Changsung said one more thing.

“The roles can’t change, but their importance might.”

As soon as he finished his words, Maru replied.

“I thought so as well.”

There was a nonchalant smile on his face.

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