Chapter 805.
Sequence 7


Her limp, curved body hardened and straightened out as it became stirred.
She gasped for breath with her mouth slightly open.
His back, in her embrace, was wide.
She stroked the minute muscles that started from his shoulder with her finger.
Her hand strode down the cavity created down his spine, down to his waist.
She pinched a bit of the skin whenever she felt a big thumping pain from her lower stomach.

She felt a pleasing sense of pressure between the bed and his body.
He moved neither too fast nor too slow.
Her body, which had scrunched up due to nervousness, started opening up.
She pushed her arms between his armpits and hugged him.
She felt at ease as though her body had been shaped in the first place to take this form.

Whenever he heaved a breath out and pushed against her, she had to hold back the moans that rose up from the depths of her body.
It started off with pain, but as his eyes stroked her heart and his hand stroked her body, the sensation turned into something beyond simple pain and lewd.

His hands stroked her body without stopping.
Sometimes, he conquered hills like a veteran hiker, and sometimes he became an expert rock climber and freely moved between the valleys.
When his right hand touched her lower right rib, she was reminded of a bible verse; the verse about how Eve was created from Adam’s rib.
She intermingled with his body perfectly as though she had been a part of him originally.
From some time onwards, she could no longer differentiate between the smell of his skin and the sound of his heart from her own.
Wherever his body went, her body did the same.
When he pushed, she was pushed, when he pulled, she was pulled.

She had this thought: this man must know her body better than anyone else.
The sense of embarrassment was pushed out of her mind a long time ago.
Her body honestly focused on the parts that he touched and reacted to his touches.
Her passive attitude started changing.
She locked her hands behind his back and slowly pulled.
The lips that fell apart for a brief moment touched each other again and was followed by an exchange of breaths.
His lips were slightly dry.
When their lips pieced together, she licked his upper lip with her tongue.
He, who was moving proactively, slowly turned around to the side.
His chest touched her back.
He hugged him from behind on the bed for a while to catch his breath before moving his hands again.

Gaeul looked at the mood light scattering faint orange light on top of the bedside table before closing her eyes.
Maru’s breath waving towards her from behind tickled her ears.
Maru’s hands were slowly stroking her thighs.
His gestures were soft as though he was babying an infant who had just woken up.
The threads of nervousness that had snapped apart became connected again and made her body sensitive.
This was definitely not a time for resting.
His slow and gentle hands left behind flowers of heat in their wake.
It would put her at ease to look at his eyes, but he was behind her back.
In a place where vision was blocked off, the sensitivity of her sense of touch increased severalfold.
It didn’t take that long for the ticklish sensation in her thighs to spread throughout her entire body.
Her stable breath started becoming agitated again.
She wanted to turn around, look into his eyes, assault his lips, and free herself so that he could do whatever he wanted with her.
The moment such thoughts entered her mind, the sense of embarrassment that had been pushed out pushed its way back in again.
She felt like she wouldn’t be able to look at his eyes right now.
It was then that his hand crawled between her thighs.
It was as though he knew everything.

A minute sense of shame as well as a hair-raising pleasure, came to her at once.
Moans escaped through her sealed lips.
Her thighs tensed up as though she was doing a full sprint.
She twisted her body in an attempt to curl up her body, but his left arm did not let go of her.
She locked her fingers together and tensed her toes.
He put his body against her.
The hands were merely the forerunners.
He dug between her thighs and replaced his hands without any pain.

When he moved, a slight pain jolted through her lower body, but it did not feel unpleasant at all.
When she thought about how the pain proved that she was connected with him, she even somewhat welcomed it.
She felt a little embarrassed in this position where she couldn’t see his face, but she had no complaints as she could feel his body warmth even more.
She unlocked her hands and placed them on his thighs.
The thighs were sturdy.
The slightly twitching sensation in sync with his breath was even a little cute.
She felt that she had gotten used to this now that she had gotten more leisure to think.
She couldn’t act embarrassed now, so she thought that she should try her best to make the most out of this time.

The orange mood lighting, the gray closet, the shirts and pants hung on the chair, the cologne on the makeup table, as well as the blinking electronic clock in the wooden case were reflected on her pupils.
His breath became hotter, and her own body heated up along with it as well.
She wanted to see his face.
She wanted to know what kind of expression was on his face right now.
Would his eyes be open or closed? Would he be struggling to exert his strength, or smiling like a veteran? Whichever it was, she wanted to kiss him.
She wanted to tell him that she was so happy, so pleased with her own lips.
She regained her center of gravity and turned her head around.
The first thing she saw was hair.
She tried to reach out backwards and touch his cheek.
Just then, she realized that she couldn’t see his face.

Gaeul flinched and opened her eyes.
Light was seeping in through the curtain.
She blankly stared up at the ceiling.
She soon regained her senses.

“It was a dream.”

However, her fatigued body as well as Maru’s body odor told her that what happened last night was indeed real.
She pulled the duvet up over her head.
She couldn’t believe that she was doing that in her dream.
If Maru knew, he would tease her about it for days.
Light seeped in through the duvet that covered her eyes.
Under the brightly lit up duvet, she looked down at her own body.
She was naked without a single piece of clothing.
She had never been so thankful that she had been exercising to maintain her figure.
She rolled her eyes up and down before touching between her thighs with her hands.
The sensation of last night vividly came back to her.
She soon started clutching her hair and screaming faintly.
She just remembered that she would have to see Maru’s face.
The fact that she was about to see his face right now was overwhelmingly more embarrassing than when they had been in intimate contact.
After thinking about what to say, she stopped struggling on the spot and looked next to her.
Maru wasn’t there.

“Han Maru?”

She covered her body with the duvet and sat up.


She didn’t get a reply.
She looked at the clock on top of the drawers.
It was 6:40 in the morning.
She would usually never wake up even when it was past 11 on days without shoots, so it was pretty curious that she opened her eyes so early, but this wasn’t the time to be concerned about her early awakening.
She put on the shorts and t-shirt at the foot of the bed before leaving the room.
There was no one in the chilly living room.
She didn’t realize this when he was here, but it looked pretty desolate.
There wasn’t that much furniture, and all the furniture that was there was all gray.
She suddenly found it incredibly chilling that she was alone in this big space.

She opened the door to the bathroom, wishing that Maru was there.
She checked the dressing room, wishing that he was there smiling at her.
He was not here.

“He didn’t say a single thing.”

Perhaps he left early in the morning because of a shoot.
She was well aware that there were no distinctions between night and day for actors.
She sat on the sofa.
She looked at the black screen of the TV without turning it on.
The sunlight entered the living room, bringing about a warm color, but it still looked rather bitter in her eyes.
The shiba-inu with a limping leg walked out.
She hugged the dog.
The dog struggled in her arms before becoming docile.

“I shouldn’t feel disappointed in a person who has left to work, right? I’m not a kid.

She tickled the dog’s head.
It narrowed its eyes and panted as though it felt good.
She played with the dog for a while before placing it down.
The dog’s body was warm but it was nothing compared to the heat from Maru’s body.
She looked around the living room before standing up from the sofa.
Ever since she became conscious of the fact that she was in another person’s house, she couldn’t stay still.

She returned to the room and grabbed her phone.
She pressed the home button in order to call Maru, but the power didn’t turn on.
Only then did she realize that there was only 5% battery left when she ran out from the hospital.
There were no landline phones in sight either.
Not only that, the phone charger was incompatible as well.
There was no way of contacting him in this technological era.
For the first time, she didn’t like her phone’s brand.

Gaeul came out to the kitchen with a memo and a pen placed on top of the drawers.
She sat down at the table and stared at the yellow-colored memo.
Surprisingly, she couldn’t think of what to write.
In the first memo, she wrote ‘Greetings’ before crumpling it and putting it in her pocket.
In the second memo, she only put a black dot.
‘Thank you for having me over’ sounded absurd, ‘Call me’ sounded somewhat iffy, and she didn’t like ‘where are you?’ because it made her feel like a kid.

After a long contemplation, she wrote down ‘I really love you’.
She found it pitiful that her vocabulary had been reduced to such a state.
She put the memo on the fridge and took out the patient clothes that she had put inside the laundry basket.
Just then, she could hear the electronic door lock unlock before the door opened.
Gaeul blinked several times as she looked at the door with the clothes in her arms.

“You’re leaving?”

“Didn’t you go to work?”

“I don’t have any work today.
Even if there was, I would have postponed it.
You’re here after all.”

Maru entered the room as he wiped his sweat with the towel hanging on the shoe rack.
It seemed that he went out for a morning exercise.
She stared at him as he passed by her and grabbed the water bottle on top of the table.
She liked how he drank water.
She liked how he smiled at her.

“You were too passionate last night,” he said with a smile.

She threw the clothes in her arms at him.
Maru snatched the clothes lightly and immediately laid them out neatly on the table before folding them up.

“I’m quite good at housework.”

“Your mouth is really a source of trouble.”

Maru shrugged before looking at the refrigerator.
He seemed to have found the memo on it and reached out.
Gaeul shouted ‘wait’ and tried to snatch the memo from his hands.

“I really love you.”

He read the memo out loud in an embarrassing voice.
She blocked her ears.
She wanted to find a hole to hole herself up in.

“I just wrote it.”

“I’m just reading it too.
I really love you.”

“Shut up, give it to me!”

“But it’s meant for me.
I’ll keep it as the family heirloom.
I really love you.”

Gaeul approached him and reached out for the memo.
The memo that she thought she would not be able to reach had entered her hands way too easily.
Good – the moment she let her guard down, he let go of the memo and put an arm around her waist.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“Round two?”

“You’re really….”

His lips covered hers.
She was not able to utter the words that came up to her throat.
Her eyes closed subconsciously.
The heat from last night and the tingling jolt that her body remembered became vivid again.

“I’ll cook you something once I get washed.
Wait a bit,” he said as he took his arm off her waist.

She licked her lips before nodding.
She hated herself for being disarmed with just a kiss, but she soon justified herself, telling herself that it couldn’t be helped.

She sat at the table and listened.
She could hear water being sprayed out of the showerhead.
Following that, she could hear a familiar hum.
She swung her feet back and forth and hummed along, feeling that the song was extremely familiar.

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