Chapter 890.
Sequence 14

“Let me catch that guy once, and I’ll make him cry until he can’t anymore.
He sounds like someone who thinks he can look down on anything just because he’s the grandson of the head of a big business company, but I should let him know that the world isn’t so easy.”

“Don’t get too angry.”

“I’m getting angry in your stead.”

“I’m really grateful for that, but I don’t want to see you getting involved with him.
If it was anyone else, I would have just smiled it off, but you’re someone who would really take action, just like what you did to that couple just now.”

Ahn Joohyun was definitely not all talk.
If she said that she was going to do it, she was the type of person to forge ahead no matter what anyone said to her.
She was the epitome of being decisive.
She was someone who recklessly went against problems despite experiencing dangerous things in the past, so even if her opponent was Kang Giwoo, she would probably not hold back.

“I’m sure I don’t look reliable to you, but please let him be this time just this once.”

“You are reliable.
It’s just that what he did is so awful.
I really just want to grab him and ask why he did so.
Just what is in his head that made him act like that? Does he not have any sense of ethics or morals?”

“I’m sure he does.
It must be that the boundaries of his ethics and morals are strangely narrow.
He’s probably more obedient and kind to his family, you know?”

“No way.
I’m sure his family just let him be despite knowing what he’s doing.
Otherwise, would he have grown up so twisted? YM’s very controversial, you know? One of their subsidiaries treats its employees like slaves.
I’m sure he grew up twisted because he grew up under the owner of such a company.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not the entire reason.
There are decent people among sons of chaebol families.
They don’t simply just smile pretentiously in front of people.
Though, that one is a little cocky because he’s too perfect,” he said as he recalled Sooil.

It was likely that the environment was a big factor in Kang Giwoo’s twisted personality, but that was not enough to indulge him.
Above all, he enjoyed harming other people.

“I won’t tell you to forgive him with a big heart.
It’s just, the next time you see him, just get involved with him for business only and ignore him for everything else.
Please, you’re making me worried because you’re saying you’ll hit him.”

“I know how to handle myself.
Do you think I’d really beat him up or something?”

“I said it before that I’m worried because you’ll really do what you say.
You won’t do it, right?”

Joohyun smiled bitterly.
It was her reply that she would not do it.
He could now rest at ease now that he got a clear answer.
Now, Kang Giwoo wouldn’t suddenly get his collar grabbed all of a sudden.

“In return, tell me if something happens.
I’m involved in this now.
And reach out to me anytime you need help.
If something happens and I find out about it while you’re hiding it, I’m going to go find you before I find Kang Giwoo.”

“What are you going to do after finding me?”

“If you’re so curious, you can hide it until that time.
Oh, by the way, I despise getting betrayed by the ones I trusted the most.

Joohyun patted him on the shoulders in encouragement before turning around.
Maru felt thankful that she became worried and angry like it was her own matter.
It would be understandable if she took a step back and pretended like she was never a part of this, but she even rolled up her sleeves and said that she would help.
He should be feeling glad that he gained a reliable ally, but Maru had no intention of dragging her into this dogfight.
The more he cherished a person, the further away he had to place that person.
For Gaeul, it couldn’t be helped since she was the person who was caught up in this mess, but Joohyun would be fine as long as she didn’t touch Giwoo.

Kang Giwoo wasn’t simply a little child who liked playing cruel pranks.
He was someone who was very well-versed in using authoritative power, knew exactly what sociability was, and was a schemer who did not hesitate to stab a person in the weak point.
Right now, he could still go against him since he was an immature one, but since he was growing up under the protection of the head of a big conglomerate, he would soon grow up to be an excellent strategist.
Once that smart guy started finding out just what exactly was in his hands, Maru would no longer be able to face him.
Once that day comes, he would probably have to wave white flags in both of his hands and beg for forgiveness.

Just as Joohyun was about to depart in her car after getting her car from the valet parking agent, the brake lights turned on.
She got out of her car and came over to him with two 50 thousand won bills.

“I’m going now.”

He didn’t have the opportunity to say that he was joking.
Joohyun got back in her car and left.
He laughed.
He resolved for a moment to become a senior like that but then gave up on it.
It was impossible.
He might be able to give people money, but he could never become a senior who other people could be comfortable around like her.
Maru fidgeted with the bills in his hands before grabbing a taxi.

“Banpo Je-in town please.”

He got in the taxi and called Gaeul.
The signal lasted a long time.
Was she in a shoot right now? He moved the phone away from his ear to end the call.


“You don’t have to pick up if you’re in a shoot.”

-No, I just finished a scene.
I did it in a single take.
I sometimes marvel at my own skills.

“Looks like today’s the day of bragging.”

-What do you mean?

“I’ll tell you the details at home.
How was today? Nothing happened?”

-Giwoo hitting on me once is on the side of ‘nothing much’, so I guess nothing much happened today?

Maru opened the window slightly.
The near-winter air seeped in through the gap.

“Should I prepare some beer for stress relief?”

-Sounds good to me.

“I’ll get it ready then.
Tell me if it feels like you’re going to be late.”

-I think it’ll end before midnight today.
Rather than that, how was it on your side? Tell me your first impressions after going on a TV show.

“I think I did that once already.”

-But now it’s after the shoot.
I believe that it’s different now.

“Can’t I say that it’s the same?”

You better tell me now.
If you stay silent, something interesting is going to happen at home.

Maru smiled and spoke,

“I was really nervous before the shoot, but thankfully, I was at ease because a lot of people helped me.
Personally, I don’t think it was that bad considering that it was my first time.”

-People helped you?

“I received unexpected help.
It turns out there are a lot of people looking out for me.”

-You’re a blessed man.

“Not really.”

-But I don’t believe it when you say that you were nervous.

“I’m also a man with a heart.
I’m bound to be nervous about the things I do for the first time.”

-I don’t think you were nervous during your first kiss.
Maybe it’s because you already had another partner in mind?

“Wow, I’m having a hard time following your twist in topics.
It’s suddenly about first kisses now.”

-Maybe it’s because I just shot a kiss scene.
When I shot it, I brainwashed myself into thinking that I was kissing a dog, but it still leaves a bad taste.
I feel a little sorry for dogs too.
At least dogs are cute, aren’t they? Kang Giwoo doesn’t have a cute side to him at all.

“You sounded a little angry when you picked up the phone, and now I get why.
Did he hit on you during the shoot?”

-If he did, do you think I would’ve let him be? I would have snapped out at him to do it properly.
He was so spiteful and did all the acting properly.
He separates his public and private matters.
He’s a scary guy.
It just means that such a fine-looking man did such atrocious things behind people’s back, doesn’t it? I get startled several times a day.
How can he do something like that with a smile on his face?

“If you want to vent your frustration, now’s your chance.
A very good listener is on the other side of the phone.”

-While I do want to do that, I’ll stop now.
Nothing good would come out of infecting other people with my annoyance.
In return, though, you have to drink with me joyfully.

“I’ll show you what I did during the show.
It had pretty good responses.”

-You prepared something like that?

“I needed a solo shot for something.
Let me just tell you that I put my soul into my self-introduction.
You can watch the rest at home.”

-I’ll be looking forward to it a lot.

“Don’t get too high hopes.
You might be disappointed.”

-Unfortunately for you, I’m already filled with expectations.
Don’t you dare do it half-assedly.
I’ll compare it when the episode airs and get back to you for it.

Maru stroked his throat.
If he wanted to do it properly, then he had to exercise his throat right now.
If he could make her smile and relieve her stress with a funny act, then it wasn’t a bad deal at all.
While waiting for her who told him ‘just a moment’, he danced lightly and muttered the princess song.

“Are you a preschool teacher? I heard a lot of men are doing it these days,” asked the taxi driver.

He laughed saying that his daughter was looking after toddlers at preschool.

“I’m not exactly a preschool teacher.”

“So you are an elementary school teacher.”

“I don’t really teach anyone.”

“Then why are you doing something like….”

I’m doing it to show my girlfriend – he could not say those words.
The taxi driver looked at him with confusion, muttering that he didn’t look like he had a child.
A strange sense of silence gave off an uncomfortable atmosphere.

-Sorry, I need to go to the shoot now.

“Go on.
Let’s talk about the rest at home.”

See you later.

“Good luck with work.”

Maru looked outside the window.
The taxi driver’s gaze on him that was reflected in the rearview mirror was too prickly.

Hey, don’t glare too much.
We’re both getting old, aren’t we? You must have acted cute in front of your wife when you were young, right? – these were words he couldn’t say out loud.

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