Chapter 941.
Crank Up 5

The title ‘senior’ sounded more pleasant than ‘madam’.
Usually, it would seem really cocky for a junior around that age to call her senior, but when Maru said it, it really sounded friendly and amicable.

“Were you in high school when we first met?”

I was just playing a minor character with insufficient skills, but you took good note of me and helped me a lot.”

“I didn’t take good note of you or anything.
I only said you were good because you were good.
Now you don’t look immature anymore, and you’re a fluffy grown adult now.”

“It has been some time.
I’ve been to the military too.”

“I thought you’d rise soon since you weren’t like those other kids, but I didn’t see you around for some reason.
So you went to the military, huh? It’s not bad to do it early.”

Miyoon moved her eyes to look behind Maru as she conversed.
She looked at the woman looking her way from in front of the computer.
The woman, who seemed feeble, definitely seemed like the female journalist she saw through a photo a long time ago.
Just as Kim Dongwook said, it seemed that the woman had gone through a lot of suffering.
She had become a completely changed person in the past few years.
If Han Maru grew up with the accompaniment of time, the woman looked like she was eroded by it.
Miyoon could instantly tell that Dongwook wasn’t exaggerating when he said that she slit her wrists.
As he said, it seemed that she regained some stability thanks to psychotherapy, but a thick shadow still seemed to be looming over her.
She would collapse at the touch of a hand.

“Owner, the flowers here are quite pretty.
I plan to buy some as gifts.
Would you recommend something to me?”

“As a gift?”


Miyoon could tell that the woman was trying her best to stay calm; however, she flinched twice as she walked over to the display of vases from where the computer was, as though she couldn’t control her body properly.
She looked bad to the point that Maru, who was watching, asked her if she was okay.
Miyoon could see why Dongwook was sharpening his blade.
What would’ve happened if Hong Janghae was here instead? It wouldn’t be strange if she passed out on the spot.

“Who do you plan to gift it to?” said the female journalist after having barely calmed down.

Miyoon said that she was going to present it to a woman she knew and that she was someone in her mid-30s.

“Lately, these colors sell out pretty quickly.
You can also write something on the vase too.
You can either get a sticker or draw it yourself, but there’s a cost difference between the two.
Drawing it yourself will also need about three days for it to be ready.”

“Can I get it right away if I get a sticker?”

“Yes; as for the writing, you can either write it yourself or have me do it for you.”

“I’ll write it myself.
As for the color, I like this light blue one.
For the cactus, this one seems pretty.”

“If you’d like to get it wrapped up, you should write the note here.
It’s tedious to open the packaging, stick the sticker and close it again.”

The female journalist became calmer the more she talked.
Miyoon received a sticker and sat down at the table in the middle of the store.
As she slowly wrote, she looked at the female journalist organizing the display.
If she was filled with hostility, she would’ve shown a big reaction.
There was some remnant heat, but it didn’t look like it would explode.
She seemed to be avoiding getting involved as much as possible.

“The store’s really pretty.”

“Thank you.”

“Also, you know who I am, right? Not to boast, but I’d like to leave behind an autograph wishing for your success, but I thought it’d be pretty weird to do it if you don’t know me.”

“I know.
You’re an actress.”

“Actually, I’ve gotten old now, so I was almost dejected because people didn’t recognize me.
I’m grateful that you did.
Let me pay for it now.”

She handed the woman her card.
While she took care of the transaction, Miyoon put the final period on her comment.
She took the sticker and put it on the vase.
I hope your business is successful — it read.


After taking the credit card, she gave the female journalist the vase.
The woman accepted the vase with two hands.

“It’s for you.”


“It’s a gift for you.
Place it where you can see it.
I have good energy, so I’m sure your business will go well.”

The female journalist hesitated before eventually placing the vase in the display case next to the entrance.
She didn’t put up any resistance and just let everything flow past her.
She was probably so exhausted that revenge wasn’t even an option in her head.
Kim Dongwook was probably brandishing his sword in her place.
Since she checked that man’s objective with her two eyes, it was time to go to the next stage.
It would be quite meddlesome if the woman brought out her desire for vengeance at the bottom of her heart for survival, but she had to take that much risk at least.

“Owner,” she called out at the door.

The female journalist, who was clasping her hands and staring at her, replied ‘yes’ in a small voice.

“Should I come again later? Or should I not?”

It was a simple question, but it took dozens of seconds for the female journalist to speak,

“I hope you don’t come.”

“Alright, okay, then.
I guess it’ll be better for both of us if we don’t see each other.
It’s true that I wish you success with this business.
I believe that you’re more suited to handling flowers than holding a pen.”

The female journalist nodded heavily.
It was her expression of her intent that she did not want to face the incident that drove her life against a corner ever again.
Miyoon turned around, relieved.
This woman was completely fear struck.
If someone close to her told her that they would help her get revenge, she would likely stop that person.
It was probably natural as she had to go through all those things.
Kim Dongwook also said that he hadn’t told her anything about it while doing what he did.
From this encounter, she judged that there were no lies in what Kim Dongwook said at the restaurant.

She opened the door and left the store.
The night air was more refreshing than ever.
She even had a premonition that things would go well in the future.


Maru, who had been staying quiet during her conversation with the female journalist, followed her out.
She had also thought this during their first encounter, but this young man truly was rather smart.

“I’m not sure whether you’ll like it or not, but here.”

The thing Han Maru held out was a tall cactus.
It was something she paid close attention to when she entered the store because of its peculiar shape.
This young man’s actions were quite cute.
It was also rather interesting that he closed the distance without difficulty.

“Is it a gift?”

If you don’t have anywhere to put it, then I’ll take it back.”

“My house is big.
I have plenty of space for something like this.”

She placed the vase in the passenger seat.
Today, everything seemed to be going well without hitting any blocks.
She even received an unexpected gift from a young man.

“Do you know the owner here?”

“She used to be a journalist before.
She’s also the one who gave my first interview.
We’ve been out of touch for a long while until I was passing by this place and I happened to see her running this store.
Ever since then, I’ve been coming here every so often.”

“This country is pretty small.”

“That’s true.
I didn’t know that a journalist would become a florist.”

Maru’s eyes contained pity as he looked back at the store.
He seemed to know a little about the circumstances of the woman.

“I know her a little too.
Though, we can’t be called close.”

“I see.
She’s doing a lot better than before.
When I first came here, she was so wary towards strangers that I was worried if she could do business.”

“Looks like something happened?”

Han Maru put on a smile instead of giving a response, as though it was a difficult matter to talk about.

“I remember her being quite cheerful.”

“She was.
But right now, she seems to prefer staying quietly in that place over going around.
When I first saw her, she took interest in many things just like a journalist would, but right now, she’s satisfied with just focusing on the people that come to the store.”

Maru made an awkward expression as though he had said something he shouldn’t.
Miyoon said that it was okay.
In fact, she even felt grateful.
She was able to confirm that the female journalist had holed herself up in her own little world from a third person.
As she got in the car, she recalled the agency standing behind Maru.

“You belong to JA, right? Are you still there?”

I’m still at that company.”

“Do you perhaps know about a journalist named Kim Dongwook?”

“I do.
He used to be at our company.”

“I see.”

“What about it?”

“Nothing much.
I happen to come across someone talking about that person.
Since you said you know him, let me ask you: What kind of person is that journalist in your personal opinion?”

“A good person.”

“How about when it comes to work?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I can say for sure that he won’t look back once he’s absorbed in something.
He told me about the things he did back in his journalist days like it was some heroic story, but I could tell that those things aren’t something that an ordinary person can do with a sane mind.
He’s an incredible person.”

“Really? Then I guess the rumors are false.
Don’t worry about it.
It’s commonplace to hear bad rumors about journalists in this field.
Are you perhaps still in touch with him?”

“The thing is, I can’t get through to him these days.
I came across him a while ago, and he seemed very busy.
He seemed to be angry at something too.
Maybe it’s because of that, but he doesn’t come to this store that often recently.
He used to come here quite frequently too.”

“Are those two close?”

“I don’t know that much.”

Han Maru finished his words with a smile.
Miyoon said okay and got in her car.
She got a satisfactory result so she didn’t feel disappointed.
This was an unfunny tragedy of a ruined woman and a man lamenting for not being ruined in her stead.
She just had to dip her feet into the sad love story between the two people and bring Hong Janghae down.
Whether the two journalists lived happily ever after or committed mutual suicide, she didn’t care.

“Have a safe trip back.”

Miyoon started the car as she looked at Han Maru’s reflection through the mirror.
The vase that he gave her shook on the passenger seat.
Now that she had a second look at it, there was a sticker on it.
I hope all the things you do become successful — it was a vase that contained a quite cute wish.
It was also a sign that removed her hesitation.
She raised the volume of the radio by two levels.
The loud boom of the music was quite welcoming today.
It seemed that the heavens left her a way out, looking at how things were going well.
As taking the first step was important, it wouldn’t be impossible to deal a blow to Hong Janghae as long as she stepped past the halfway point.
She looked forward to the day Kim Dongwook contacted her again.

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