omewhere, a little bit of worry could be heard in her voice too. It was evident that no matter how much antagonistic they may seem to the onlookers, they still cared for each other in their own ways.

”Blyad! My father is such an old-timer. But no, not this time. Its an important deal for him and he can waste his time trying to set me up with some arrogant bastard just so I can bring more opportunities to spread his business in further avenues. ”

”I see. Then I wish you good luck! Who knows? Perhaps you might find someone you like. ”

Alberto hugged Natasha tightly before turning to face Sae and Adam.

”As for me, I am part of the committee for our Halloween Party!! So, I will have to participate in the meeting. Ugh! It will finish rather late in the night. I wished to ditch the party on the excuse of us partying a bit but oh well. ”

”I do not have any other classes but I need to go prepare for my part-time job. ”

Alberto frowned a little and gazed at the dark circles under Adams eyes. He wanted to say something but in the end, he simply held back and smiled, patting Adams shoulders for good measure.

”Too bad. Lets do this another time then. ”

You are really a good man, Alberto.

Adam sighed inwardly. One didn need to be a detective to see that he was utterly tired. His part-time job as well as his studies were making it so that he barely had any time for himself.

Sae smiled ambiguously on the side but Adam ignored her. He knew what she wanted to say, but he didn want to pay much attention to her.

”You won meet the girl from the library? ”

”I already told you that you are misunderstanding things here. She is just an acquaintance. ”

”Heh~! If you say so. Though looking at her following you with puppy eyes every time you two are in the same room is rather funny. I don know if you are dense or if you are doing it intentionally. ”

”Are you for real? You call me dense even though Steve never remarked on your feelings for him after nearly two decades of both of you being together? Seriously? ”

Sae covered her face in shame and embarrassment. Clearly, Adam had hit a particularly sore spot in her psyche with that topic.

”I don know how to go through that blockhead short of throwing myself at him. ”

”Hmmm… ” Natasha tilted her head, ”I might seem weird saying this, but why don you, you know, just confess? ”

”You think I didn !? On the last day of high school, I was in his room and I told him I really loved him. Do you know what the dumbass answered me? That he also liked me very much and that I didn have to worry. I was so happy! But only later did I understand that he misunderstood my confession and thought I only liked him as a friend! Fuck! How could I confess again after such an epic fail? ”

”Ouch! ”

Adam and Natasha visibly winced after hearing that detail. Indeed, confessing was something that took one all his or her courage to do.

Having to do it a second time was basically ten times harder in comparison at least.

Alberto coughed a little with an unnatural face, perhaps hiding a laugh. He obviously didn want to seem insensitive in this situation, but it was funny as all hell to him.

”Well, talking about love is great and all but I am in a hurry. See ya! ”

Looking at his watch, Adam waved his hand and began to walk away.

”Sayonara! ”

”Arrivederci! ”

”Proshchay! ”

Each of them waved goodbye to him in their own languages as they separated.

It was so cringr that it was goosebumps-inducing. However, at the same time, it was their way of showing how close they were.


Adam, now walking alone in the wide hallway of the university, could now let himself relax the tiniest bit.

He didn mind being close to those three and even liked them quite a bit, but at the end of the day, he could only really feel at ease when he was alone by himself.

This allowed him to think about his current situation and what he had to do to overcome his circumstances.

But it was then that his phone vibrated. At first, he dismissed it, but as the vibration became more frenetic he couldn help but wonder what happened.

Why is Shuri calling me like this?

He wondered if it had something to do with his internship.

[Hello. Adam, where are you now?]

”Me? Still at school. Why? ”

[Adam. I need you to calm down and listen to me.]

A foreboding feeling arose in his heart and his throat became dry.

”You know very well that telling someone to calm down only has the opposite effect, right? Please, speak clearly. ”

[… Sigh…She didn want me to tell you but. I can keep this for myself. You are not a kid anymore. Adam…Your mother collapsed during work. I am currently with her at the hospital.]

Adam felt like the sky was crashing on his head and the ground had split open.

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