Mafia’s Merging

Sixteen Going on Seventeen

2 years ago


”Yeah well go ** yourself too! ” I storm out of the door before even waiting for a reply.

”Charlie-Anne Simmons- ” I hear my father yell behind me as I stamp down the driveway.

If they think Im going to join their evil, twisted killing games then they have another thing coming. My father pushing his mafia down my throat thinking Id snap and cave is the last thing I need. Im not going to let him draw me in. He may have gotten to my older brothers but hes not going to get to me.

”I should have brought a coat though. ” I pout to myself because oh my days, its freezing!

Turning the corner I make my way down the high street hoping that a coffee shop is open. As I walk down the road I take in my environment; Oakdale is known for its community events and the number of district shopping centres they have, only because Oakdale is the newest addition to the 7 other districts.

Seeing a lit shop up ahead I pray that its a coffee shop because if Im

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