Magic Is Dying

The One Who Grew Too Foolish

”Heh. ”

Within a domain of pure darkness, shadows, and death, a grim reaper like-figure that stood at 12 feet tall chuckled arrogantly. It was draped in a black-silken robe that came with a hood that covered its face in murky shadows.

In his chest, a vibrant spinning sphere of black was slowly forming.

”That makes my 333rd Death-Core. ”

Death cackled without remorse.

”That means Im only 67 Death-Cores away from reaching the level of the Primordial God. ”

Death pulled his dark-raggardy hood back revealing the head of a pure-silver skeleton with two demonic horns that twisted like spirals.

”As long as I keep snagging souls from the cycle then I should be able to reach his level in merely a few more decades. ”

Death roared in victory.

”How? How did I not realize this genius method sooner? ”

Death had been stealing souls from the Cycle of Life and Death for half a century now. Such behavior was unorthodox and illegal but Death had hidden from the blazing rage of the Primordial God through sly excuses and lies.

Death rolled his long bony shoulders back in comfort.

”It truly is a day for celebratio-. ”

Rumbles reverberated all around the black domain.

Death found his bones rattling.

”What sort of movement from the heavens could make even my bones tremble? ”

Death had hints of uncertainty in his voice.

As the 2nd strongest in all the lands, Death then came to a despicable conclusion.

His black burrowed-out eyes released ghastly green flames.

”… Primordial God what is it that you seek? ”

His voice became hoarse and crispy. His tone changed in an instant.

Soon, the entire domain of pure inky darkness was invaded by the purest and most divine white light in all the lands.

Death cowered from said light and rose a small cylinder of darkness to stay above the white light.

Eventually, all within Deaths view was covered in a sea of white divinity. The only darkness that remained in Deaths very own domain was the small cylinder of darkness that he had raised and now stood upon warily.

Soon, a magnificent and omnipotent voice came crashing down. It was so loud and boisterous that Deaths head felt like it was cracking and boiling up.

”Death, what I seek is your head. ”

For the first time in forever, Death could feel rage coursing through the voice of the Primordial God.

Death chortled.

”For what reason do you seek such a thing? Are you perhaps in need of a bit more brainpower? ”

Death was completely unaware that the situation was far worse than he had thought upon.

The Primordial God who although wasn present was still entirely domineering roared from the heavens above.

”I do not need anything, rather the one in need of something is you Death. ”

The white domain that threatened to engulf death trembled.


Deaths figure briefly stood still.

”For what reason might I need punishment, o, mighty one? ”

Hints of sarcasm traced through Deaths voice.

The Primordial God spoke like a husk.

”For humiliating the cycle and betraying all that you were given, I will deal with you myself. ”

Death stopped acting so modest.

”Primordial God… I hope you have not forgotten that I am not like the other gods. ”

”You did not create me. ”

”And neither does your power frighten me. ”

Death moved his bony skeleton arm into a segment of empty space, when he pulled it outwards a scythe apparated from space-time. Scorching black flames burst out from it due to the apparition process.

Death rose the scythe before slamming it down with minimal but deafening force.

A shockwave of black divinity emerged empowered by each of Deaths Death cores.

Soon, a domain of black traveled outwards devouring the white and corrupting it.

The domain of death had returned swiftly and abruptly.

The Primordial God released a divine sigh. His emotions carved themselves into Deaths mind. All Death could feel was a huge pendulum of disappointment trotting back and forth.

”Your meddling has made you dangerous, not worthy or righteous. But I suppose you care about neither of those as of now. ”

Death chuckled lousily.

”You aren one to talk about being righteous. The only reason I gained this strength was to hinder your despicable actions. Only I can stand up to you and your alliance of gods. If you kill me now, then maybe your righteousness will turn to unhindered ruthlessness in mere moments. ”

”You need me, Primordial God and its about time you accept that. I am the anchor that yanks you down when you fly too close to the sun. ”

The Primordial God di

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