Married To The Prince Of Hell

Prologue ~ Lucifer\'s Visit

A little boy with golden hair was playing in a garden full of roses, he was planting new flowers and was happily giggling away at his achievement.

He was finally able to plant a flower.

”Hey there, little guy. ” A sweet, soft voice calls out; startling the little boy.

”Hi. ” The boy said, turning his little head, so he could see who was speaking.

”Whats your name? The man asked, squatting down to the boys height, so he wouldn have to strain his little neck to see him.

”Reynard! Where are you? ” A loud feminine voice called from somewhere around the garden.

”Over here, Mom! ” The little boy shouted in his sweet little voice.

”Reynard, ” The man repeated. ”What a name. ” The man said with an enigmatic smile that frightened the little boy.

”Rey …. Selena paused when she noticed a stranger in her garden. ”Who are you? ”

The stranger turned and smirked evilly, looking at her from head to toe. His face made Selena suddenly feel Eerie.

Every hair on her body suddenly stood at the sight of the stranger. Selena pulled Reynard behind her in reflex, before asking again, ”Who are you? ”

Snubbing her, the stranger walked past her before giving her a curt response, ”Im here for Ramiel! ”

”Why? What do want? ” Selena asked, holding tightly to her son and at the same time, she made a fighting stance.

The stranger looked at her stance and grinned. ”Don even try. You can fight me. ” The strange man said with a straight face.

He walked lackadaisically towards the house as if he owns it. ”Ive got unfinished business with Ramiel, and Im here to take him. ”

Ramiel opened the door to go look for Raynard and Selena, wondering what was taking them so long. He sauntered backward with a look of bewilderment at the person he found at the door.

”Lucifer? ” He gasped, bewildered.

Lucifer would never leave hell except if the mission is extremely important and his attention was urgently needed. Hence, Ramiel was stunned to see him at his doorstep.

”Ramiel, Why did you abandon your mission? ” Why did you ignore me when I called you back to hell? Why did you choose to defy me? ” Lucifer threw various questions at Reynard.

Selena rushed In with little Raynard in her arms. She was stunned to see her husband talking to the stranger.

It looked like they were acquainted.

”You know him? ” She looked from her husband to the strange man. ”Who is he, Ramiel? ” She whispered. ”What business do you have with him? ” Selena was getting some dangerous and wicked vibes from the strange man.

Ramiel didn respond, his gaze was fixed on Lucifer. ”Take Reynard inside! He ordered.

Understanding the urgency in Ramiels tone, Selena knew something was wrong. The stranger must be dangerous.

Holding tightly to her son, Selena was about to move but suddenly stopped. Astounded by how fast the stranger appeared in front of her.

”Oh No_You won be taking the boy! ”

Lucifer took Little Raynard away from Selena in a flash, frightening the little one with his speed.

”What do you want? ” Ramiel yelled.

”I want my favorite demon back! Ramiel, I want you back in hell! ”

”I won go back! ” Ramiel blatantly refused.

”Well, no problem. Then Ill take little Raynard with me. ”

”No way! Selena snarled.

”Lucifer! This is between you and me, do not involve my son. Raynard is innocent! ” Ramiel said in a low but not pleasant tone.

”Innocent? ” Lucifer said with a sneer. Then he pressed his mid-finger on Raynards forehead and smirked. ”Now he isn . ”

”What did you do to him? Selena snapped seeing Little Raynard suddenly pass out. She attacked Lucifer.

With a snap of Lucifers finger, Selena became still like a stone.

Still bewildered, Ramiels gaze fixated on Raynard. ”You killed him and awoke the beast in him? ”

Ignoring Ramiels question, Lucifer said in a demonic voice. ”You abandoned the mission for them. You forsake your brother for them. Now watch how I destroy them both! ”

”No! Please! Don hurt him! ” Ramiel pleaded. ”Ill go with you. ”

”Of course, you will. ” Lucifer turned his head menacingly. ”Still, Ill have them punished for your mistake! ”

Saying that; Selena was transformed into a stone wolf and Little Raynard suddenly started floating in the air as Lucifer roared.

”You abandoned the mission because you fell in love. Your son must never make the same mistake as you. He will now be immortal with numerous powers. He will live a long, dejected, and torturous life!

”He will never find love! ”

”Hell be undefeatable! Unbeatable! Unstoppable And… Unlovable!


*Six hundred years later…*

”Thank You so much for your help, I really appreciate your kind heart and I wish to do something for you in return. ” A woman dressed in all black said in a voice filled with gratitude.

”Its really okay, I don need anything, I only helped you for humanitys sake. ” The man turned to leave.

”Raynard, Son of Ramiel, your curse has been lifted, and soon youll find love. ”

Raynard paused and

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