Chapter 1: Ting Yun

The days in winter were short and many women, who were accustomed to doing chores, had to busy themselves during the day to complete their tedious work before the sun went down.

This was the case for Old Madame Zhen as well.
Although she was staying outside at an inn, she was always one to keep herself busy.
Hence, she sat by the window and did her needlework with the aid of the light streaming in from the window.

Coincidentally, Mrs.
Li, who happened to be staying in the next room, came over to borrow a needle and thread to mend her husband’s clothes.
She moved a chair and sat beside Old Madame Zhen.
The two engaged in idle chit-chat when she asked, “I see that Old Madam is also heading to the Imperial City.
Are you and your granddaughter going there to join the rest of your relatives?”

It was not that Mrs.
Li loved to gossip.
The main reason was that there were few people on the road in winter, and Old Madame Zhen’s group was also a bit peculiar.
The old were elderly, while the young were small, even though there were accompanying manservants, there did not seem to be a man in charge.
Hence, it was inevitable that people found it strange.
In particular, Old Madame Zhen’s little granddaughter, whose appearance was lovely and pale, looked like a painting.
It dazzled those that laid eyes on her.

Li’s husband was a businessman and she, herself, was also a little astute.
When they first met, she did not dare to ask too many questions for fear of poking people’s wounds.
But after getting along for a few days, she realized that Old Madame Zhen and her young granddaughter were both candid and open-minded people.
Thus, she finally mustered the courage to ask the question.


Little did she realize, Old Madame Zhen was itching for Mrs.
Li to ask her.
On their journey, she had been holding it in.
If it was not because her family’s girl constantly watching over her, she long wanted to brag.
So when Mrs.
Li finally asked, Old Madam Zhen could not be bothered to continue her needlework.
She shoved them back into the basket, before modesty saying, “My ancestors were all farmers, where would there be relatives in the capital? It’s because the girl’s father was finally promoted to be a governing official in the Imperial City, and had specifically sent people to bring us to there… In all honesty, as I’ve said earlier, I’ve spent my whole life in the countryside, never once stepping out of the village.
I’m actually worried that I won’t be able to get used to the environment in the Imperial City.
But the girl’s father was concerned about us and sent people over serval times previously.
In fact, I’m also worried about them staying in the Imperial City, hence, I finally decided to tag along…” 

Li could not help but be surprised.
She- she did not expect that this Old Madame Zhen actually had a son who was a government official!

Being surprised was one thing, Mrs.
Li did not forget to swiftly follow up with compliments to Old Madame Zhen, “When we first met, I’ve already noticed that Old Madam seemed to have good fortune.
It turns out to be true! Us, common folks, simply cannot compare…”

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“Coming, coming! You keep urging that the rain is gonna pour down before I manage to make it up.” 


The girl’s voice was clear and crisp.
Like the buds blooming on the branches in early spring, so tender that one could squeeze nectar out from.

Upon hearing those words, Mrs.
Li could not help but chuckle, “Your family’s girl’s character sure is a lively one.”

Old Madame Zhen refuted, “Aiyo, don’t praise her! This girl has a peculiar temperament!” Despite her words, there was a hint of joy in her tone.

The two ladies continued their conversation upstairs, while the little girl of Zhen family, Zhen Ting Yun, sat in the stable talking to a horse.
At one glance, she looked like she was thirteen or fourteen years old.
With apricot eyes, plump lips, a bit of baby fat on her cheeks, and two shallow dimples on each side.
Because she wore a rose pink padded coat today, her whole person looked as sweet and lovely as a budding bloom.

Although Zhen Ting Yun verbally assented to Old Madame Zhen’s words, her movements remained unhurried as she fed the other half of the carrot in her hand to the horse while caressing its head, “In a few more days, we’ll be reaching the Imperial City.
You must be obedient and don’t run around…” 

She continuously reiterated, “Look at how well I treat you.
I feed you apples and carrots all day long.
If your owner were to be someone else, you might not even get a handful of grass to eat.” 

And maybe, the horse understood what she said.
While it was being fed, caressed, and nagged at, it unexpectedly lowered its forehead and nudged against the little girl’s palm.

Being nudged back, Zhen Ting Yun felt a little itchy and released a giggle before she reluctantly got up to leave, “Then, Ma Lan Tou be good, I’ll come to see you again later…” 

Zhen Ting Yun turned back ever so often as she strode out of the stable.
Although it was able to rain, her pace remain unhurried and her mind was utterly tranquil.


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