[Ding! Welcome to Misty World. In this world, you are the lord of a territory. Players can recruit monsters, find or plunder resources, and develop territories.

The player must not only face countless monsters within the mist, but they must also watch out for each other. You can trust others too much if you want to survive. If you are weak, the only way is death.

Live or die.

Become a slaver person or a ruler.

It all depends on your ability.

The game begins.]

[Ding! Your territories are protected for seven days by the System.]

[Ding! You have received a beginner gift package. It has been put into your backpack.]

When Hikaru saw the electronic board appear in front of him like something out of a sci-fi movie, he was startled, but then he was highly excited.

Hikaru had read many novels and manga, so he quickly understood his situation. He passed through another world, and this world is called Misty World.

In this world, not only Hikaru but also many other people passed through.

Everyone becomes the lord of a land.

However, the entire world was occupied by the fog, and it was impossible to see what was inside it. The players must not only watch out for the monsters inside the mist to ambush but also watch out for other players.

The winner is the one who survives to the end.

Hikaru realized he was in a small room, about 10 square meters. In the room there is only one bed, the opposite is a small window about 2m2 made of glass and the door frame is made of aluminum. On the right wall, there is also a wall clock showing 8:30.

Hikaru looked outside through the window. Just like what the System said, it was foggy out. The fog was so heavy that Hikaru couldn see whether it was day or night. Even Hikaru could only see things within 1 meter. Beyond that, it was just pure white. Fortunately, there was a clock in the room. Otherwise, the concept of time in this world would be very vague.

Even though he couldn see anything, Hikaru sensed danger. Yes, his senses were warning him that there was something terrible and dangerous in that fog.

Hikaru immediately opened the system interface, and choose World Chat Box.

Player xxoo: ”Where is this place? Have I been kidnapped? ”

Player ooxx: ”Idiot! This is Misty World, haven you read the novel before? ”

Player ffss: ”Hahaha… I am the main character in this world, I will build a harem. ”

Player kkss: ”You fool above, stop being delusional. Do you know how many people in this world are like you? Thats over a billion. ”

Player xiii: ”Who has water? Im so thirsty. ”

Player kkss: ”No water. Try opening the beginners gift pack. Maybe there will be water and food inside. ”

Player iiss: ”I just opened the beginner gift pack, inside there was only 1 liter of water. There is no food in the room. ”

Player ssss: ”No food, can go out. There are too many things outside. I feel like there are a lot of eyes in the fog, staring at me. ”

Player mmm: ”If you stay in the room, you will starve to death, and if you leave the room, you will be killed by monsters. System! How to survive here? ”

A lot of players are chatting on the world chat box. Some people are lamenting, some people are happy because they have passed through another world, some people cry, some people laugh…

Hikaru turned off the world chat box because after looking through it he didn see any useful information.

Then, Hikaru chose to open the System backpack interface. Inside are 10 empty cells, each of which can be used to hold an item.

[Ding! You have opened the beginner gift pack, get: Food and drink for 3 days, random monster card x1, random skill card x1, random gift card x1, soul point x 100.]

Hikaru saw the food and water and was overjoyed that there was no need to worry about food for the next three days.

Next, Hikaru holds a random monster card in his hand and looks at it. Its also just an ordinary card like the one in the Yu-gi-oh anime. Above is an illustration, but now there is only a question mark image and no further description.

[Ding! Do you want to use random monster cards?]

”Yes! ”

As soon as Hikaru spoke, the card turned into a light that enveloped his left hand. Five seconds later, the light disappeared, and a tattoo with a strange pattern appeared on his arm.

[Ding! Congratulations on getting the Succubus Army – rarity is N.


– Army: Succubus

– Rarity: N

– Talents: Enchantment, dark magic.]

”Huh? The rarity is only N? ”

Hikaru saw the system message and despaired. He has read through the information from the System, so he knows the rarity of the Army includes: N, R, SR, SSR, UR, SUR, and SSS.

The higher the rarity of a monster, the stronger it is. In which the N rarity is the lowest, the N rarity army is usually just Skeleton or Succubus.

Why is the Succubuss rarity N? Thats because the Succubus only can charm men, not the ability to fight. In fact, Succubus can also use magic compared to other monsters, which is not worth mentioning.

However, the only consolation for Hikaru is that the Succubus are all female and very beautiful. For every man, owning a Succubus is an impossible dream.

But now its different. In Misty World, an army without fighting strength is no other than a chick facing powerful hawks. Could it be that summoning a Succubus and then having sex with them to satisfy his lust before being killed by other players or monsters?

Suddenly, an information board appeared in front of Hikaru.

Lord: Hikaru

Level: 0

Durability: 100/100

Monsters: 0/5

Leveling up the territory requires: Wood x100, Stone x100, So

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