Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 3: [God Will] - Talent

”Its just SSS… Wait! SSS??? ”

Hikaru was suddenly startled. He rubbed his eyes and then looked at the bulletin board three times to ensure he didn see it wrong.

”S..S…SSS? Is it really SSS skill? ”

Hikaru couldn believe his eyes, and it was like a dream. Even though Hikaru didn know what effect this SSS-level skill had, just being SSS would certainly not be a useless skill.

What SSS meant, Hikaru knew very well. Like monster rarity, skill rarity divides into several ranks from N to SSS. Among them, the SSS level is the highest and the rarest.

The spawn rate of skills or monsters rarity SSS is minimal, so small that it is almost zero.

Hikaru hurriedly opened the skill information panel and looked at it.

Skill: Maximum Evolution (only)

Describe: The M.E skill is a skill that can break the rules of this world. It can help monsters break through rarity with just soul points or necessary materials.

*Note: This is a unique skill. No other player possesses this skill.

”S… System, can the rarity of monsters increase? ”

[Ding! Monster rarity is unchangeable. However, the SSS skill can break the rules of Misty World to raise the monsters rarity.]

Seeing the reply from the System, Hikaru was so thrilled that he couldn believe this was real.

”Kyaaa! ”

The overjoyed Hikaru immediately hugged Saraya tightly, causing her to squeal in surprise. Although Saraya didn understand why her master was thrilled, she didn rule it out. On the contrary, that Saraya took the initiative to hug Hikaru.

But Hikaru quickly realized something was wrong, so he immediately let go of Saraya. In his heart, he thought he was so lucky. If Hikaru hugged Saraya a little longer, he was afraid that something else would happen…

Saraya was a little disgruntled at losing the feeling of being hugged by her master. Saraya pouted, her face displeased as if she was deliberately showing it to Hikaru.

Hikaru feels that being around Saraya is very dangerous. If he can control himself, hes afraid that…

Hikaru sighed, then used M.E skill on Saraya.

[Ding! Evolving Saraya from N to R requires 50 soul points. Do you agree or not?]

Hikaru saw the System announcement and was overjoyed. He didn expect that evolving from rarity N to R only needed 50 soul points. After summoning Saraya, Hikaru has 90 soul points left, enough to evolve Saraya.

”Saraya, do you want to become stronger? ”

Hearing Hikarus question, Saraya nodded and replied, ”Of course, yes. If Im useful to my master, Ill do anything. ”

Hikaru was thrilled to hear Sarayas answer. In his previous life, when Hikaru was living on Earth, he had never seen a girl as good as Saraya.

Hikaru: ”I have a skill that can help you evolve. However, I don know what evolution will take, so you must prepare yourself. ”

Saraya shook her head and said: ”I will do anything to be useful to master. ”

Hikaru smiled and used the M.E skill on Saraya.

[Ding! Evolving is beginning.]

A light enveloped Saraya and then… disappeared.

[Ding! Successful evolution.]

Hikaru: ”… ”

Saraya: ”… ”

All were silent.

Hikaru kept thinking that evolution would be extremely painful or something terrible would happen.

Hikaru: ”Saraya, how are you feeling? ”

Saraya thought for a moment and then replied: ”I feel very well. It seems that the magic power in my body has increased considerably. Now, I can use some simple magic skills. ”

Seemingly to prove her words to Hikaru, Saraya immediately held out her hand, a ball of lightning the size of a tennis ball hovering in her hand.

”WOW! ”

Hikaru saw the scene in front of him with great satisfaction. He felt that even though he couldn fight other players, being able to defend himself was already good.

Hikaru opened Sarayas attribute table, and he noticed that Sarayas stats had increased significantly.

Name: Saraya

Race: Succubus

Level: 10

Rate: R

Agility: 52

Strength: 45

Intelligence: 80


– Enchantment: Can enchant both men and women but does not affect the summoner.

– Magic: Can use basic magic skills. The Succubus can learn other magic skills through the monster skill card.

[Ding! To evolve from R to SR requires 500 soul points and Lightning Elemental Stone x 5.]

”Its true that the rarity difference means the stats are also very different. The M.E skill even raised Sarayas level to level 10. The rarity difference being this far, Im afraid its even worse for those who possess SR level or higher monsters. ”

Despite many worries, this joy made Hikaru feel that there was hope in this crazy world.

”System, what is Sarayas maximum level? ”

[Ding! Currently, your territory is only level 0, so the maximum level of the monster you have summoned can only be level 10. It is necessary to upgrade the territory to level a monster higher.]

Hikaru nodded. He felt that what the System said was also expected.

Suddenly, Hikaru saw that Saraya seemed even more attractive than before. The more he looked at Saraya, the more Hikaru felt that a fire was heating him.

Hikaru took a deep breath, sat on the bed, and closed his eyes. Saraya saw that and didn bother him. She seemed aware that letting go now would harm Hikaru, so she sat on the floor, silently looking at Hikaru.

[Ding! Would you like to use a random gift card?]

”Random Gift Card? I forgot its existence. Okay, use a random talent card. ”

Hikaru patted his head. Because he got an SSS level skill, he was overjoyed. Thats why Hikaru forgot he had a random talent card. However, Hikaru didn have high hopes for the talent he was about to receive. Anyway, having SSS-level skills and low-level talent was fine.

[Ding! Congratulations on receiving the gift of God Will.]

Name: God Will

Rarely: ???

Describe: Give the best guidance and advice to the Master


With only a brief description, Hikaru didn understand what this Talent did. While thinking about researching his natural talent, Hikaru suddenly heard a sound coming from outside.

”Knock knock knock… ”

Suddenly, there was a sound like something hitting the window. Hikaru was about to see it, but Saraya immediately covered his eyes.

”Master! Do not look! ”

Hikaru didn struggle either because he knew something was up. He asked, ”Whats the matter, Saraya? ”

”Outside is a One-eyed Crow. If you look at it, you will surely be hypnotized by it. The hypnotized person will go to its nest and become food for the young birds. ”

Hikaru shivered with fear. He secretly felt lucky to have Saraya remind him. If not, he would have been hypnotized by that crow and become food in its nest.

Hikaru: ”Is there a way to banishment it away? ”

Hikaru asked. He didn want to close his eyes forever.

Saraya: ”Master! Wait a second. ”

A second later, Hikaru heard an electric i-ti sound. Then there was an explosion. He knew that it was a thunderclap. However, this sound was much smaller, not resounding over an area like the thunder he had heard back on Earth.

[Ding! You successfully killed a One-eye Crow, gaining 1 soul point.]

Even though he couldn see it, Hikaru could still read the systems messages. Seeing the System announcement, Hikaru knew the crow was dead.

”Done! ”

Saraya said as she let go of her hand. Hikaru slowly opened her eyes, seeing nothing in the window. Its like nothing ever happened.

[Ding! You have received the information of the One-eye Crow.]

[Ding! After killing the monster, you will receive that monsters information.]

Name: One-eye Crow

Describe: It is a crow that lives in groups and has an extremely high memory capacity. It can hypnotize living beings that have lower Intelligence scores than it. The intelligence score of this crow is about 10.

Not only was there a description, but there was also a picture of the One-eye Crow inside. It still takes the form of a crow. However, it has no eyes. It has a large eye in the center of its chest, and many blood vessels connect that eye to the crows body. The mouth of the One-eye Crow is not like ordinary crows. It has many sharp fangs.

Hikaru checked his Intelligence score, and it was only 5. Fortunately, Saraya was protecting him. Otherwise, he would immediately be hypnotized by that crow.

”Thank you, Saraya. ”

Saraya laughed. She replied: ”My duty is to protect you. My Master. ”

”Knock…Knock…Knock…Knock…Knock…Knock… ”

Before Hikaru and Saraya could celebrate, countless knocks rang out. Saraya didn have time to explain, so she could only use her body to push Hikaru down onto the bed. The seductive aroma entered Hikarus nose. He also felt two soft masses of flesh pressed against his face.

However, Hikaru was not in the mood for enjoyment. The tapping sound like a drill made Hikaru realize what was happening.

Hikaru: ”Saraya, are there a lot of One-eye Crows? ”

Saraya nodded and replied: ”Yes, Master. There are a lot of them, and they
e trying to get into this room. ”

Hikaru feels lucky that the System protected the players for 7 days. If it weren for the Systems protection, Im afraid the crows out there would quickly destroy the room and make him their meal.

Hikaru: ”Can you defeat them? ”

Saraya was a bit silent, which did not make Hikaru feel despair. Anyway, now he is protected by the System for 7 days. As long as he doesn leave his room and doesn let those crows hypnotize him, he can still survive.

Saraya: ”Maybe. ”

Hikaru: ”Really? ”

Hikaru heard Sarayas reply, and he felt a bit surprised.

”However… ” Saraya faltered a little.

Saraya: ”However, to defeat all of these crows, I would run out of Mana and lose consciousness for a long time. ”

Hikaru heard that Saraya was not feeling well. Although this room can protect you for 7 days, what about after 7 days? Until then, who will defend him if Saraya doesn wake up?

”Wait! Thats right. Theres no need to exterminate them all at once. ” Hikaru suddenly had another idea to defeat the crows, and he asked: ”Hows your Mana recovery? ”

Saraya honestly replied: ”If I use half of my Mana, it only takes 8 hours to recover like normal, but if I absorb souls, I can instantly restore half of my lost Mana. ”

Hikaru: ”So if you expend half of your Mana, how many crows can you kill? The more precise, the better. ”

Saraya looked out the window, thought for 3 minutes, and then replied: ”There are a lot of crows outside right now, so even if you use the skill without orientation, you can kill a lot. Expected around… 30. ”

”Great! ” Hikaru smiled confidently.

”Give me a towel or a piece of cloth. ”

Saraya was a bit confused but still did, as Hikaru said. Hikaru covered his eyes with the cloth Saraya had given him, then ordered: ”Saraya, use your skill to kill the crows, but you don have to destroy them all. It only takes half of Mana to stop. ”

”Yes! Master. ”

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