Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 3: [God Will] - Talent

Although the number of crows outside was significant, they could not enter the room. In other words, the crows outside are the soul points waiting for you to harvest.]

Hikaru agrees with Rika. Although there were many crows outside, they couldn enter the room, and Saraya was able to use her skill to destroy them.

As long as she doesn leave the room, Saraya will destroy all those crows soon.

”Master! ”

Saraya suddenly called out to Hikaru. She said: ”The crows are getting smarter. They know how to gather together so they can share the electricity I use to attack. If the crows continue like this, we will waste a lot of time. ”

Hikaru couldn think of any method at the moment, so he could only say to Saraya: ”Okay, take a break. I will think of a solution. ”

Saraya smiled obediently, sitting on the floor. Hikaru also had no intention of calling her to bed. After all, Saraya is also a Succubus. If the distance between Hikaru and Saraya is too close, he is afraid that he will not be able to control himself.

[Review on world chat channel.]

”The world chat channel? ”

Rika suddenly reminded. Hikaru immediately opened the system interface, then went to the world chat channel section.

Player xxx: ”Someone gives me a bottle of water, please. ”

Player xyz: ”Nothing is free. A bottle of water costs 50 soul points. ”

Player acb: ”What the hell? Are you a thief? ”

Player xyz: ”Yes, I am a thief. ”

Player ooo: ”Buy! I buy! ”

Player oio: ”Hungry! Please, I want to buy a pizza. No, just one piece is fine. ”

Player ppp: ”Everyone, can someone come out of the room? I can leave the room, and an Orc over 2m tall is watching over my door. ”

Player uiu: ”I opened the beginner gift pack and got the job as Mage, but the System didn give me the skill. Now, I can only sit in my room and watch the monsters keep watch. After 7 days, I will die. If any player is strong, please save me. ”

Player kiki: ”Hahaha, I can summon monsters. Now, I just need to let the monsters go to work, and Ill be safe. ”

Hikaru looked through the messages in the world chat channel and realized three things. Firstly, not every player who opens a beginner gift pack will have food. Hikaru was fortunate to receive three days worth of food and water. According to Hikarus speculation, food will become increasingly scarce, and the value of food will increase.

Second, not all players have the ability to summon monsters. Some players have other occupations such as magician, swordsman, gladiator… etc.

Third, everyone is surrounded by monsters around the room, unable to go out. After 7 days, players must deal with the monsters themselves.

Besides, on the System, there is a trading function between players. As long as both parties agree, everything can be traded.

Hikaru thought for a moment and then manipulated the System. Then a message appeared on the world chat channel.

Lord Hikaru: ”A 200ml bottle of mineral water costs 100 soul points. 1 bread costs 100 soul points. It can be traded for other items. Do not receive spam messages. ”

With just such a message, the entire world chat channel was boiling like an erupting volcano.

Player xxx: ”F*ck you!!! Black Trader! Monster! ”

Player aaa: ”Bastard Hikaru. You are eviler than the devil. ”

Player yyy: ”Why? We are all human. In critical times like these, we need to unite, and share is the right thing to do. ”

Player ooo: ”Thats right! If you have food, you have to share it with everyone. When people are short of food, and you sell it at a high price, are you no different from a bandit? ”

Hikaru saw the messages cursing him. However, he sneered and didn look.



Share with everyone.

Sorry. In this Misty World, only the strong can survive. Any pity or weakness will be destroyed.

Those who are constantly shouting these things are liars. They rely on pity and try to provoke others to share the food. Those bastards are no different from hungry vultures.

Hikaru saw that the private message section was constantly showing messages from strangers. There are messages cursing him, begging him, and asking him to buy at a low price.

Of course, Hikaru is not a God, nor can he survive on love and benevolence.

Hikaru ignores all the bullshit messages or curses because he only focuses on the person who wants to trade. Hikaru also didn worry that no one would buy it. Anyway, food is extremely scarce right now and will become more scarce.

Hikaru didn see anyone who wanted to cooperate, so he turned off the chat box, then continued to help Saraya recover Mana.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Misty World. In a room similar to Hikarus, a beautiful girl was sitting on the bed looking at the chat box.

The girls name is Hana. She is also one of the players in Misty World. However, Hana is luckier than the others because she possesses a Talent that allows her to exchange her soul points for random cards.

Like the other players, Hana came to this world without food or water. Hana also cannot turn the cards she created into food and drink.

Besides, Hana cannot use these cards because of their draconic requirements.

However, after seeing Hikarus message in the world chat, Hana came up with the idea that she would use the cards she had created to exchange food and water.

Hana took a deep breath, deciding to send a message to Hikaru.

[Sorry, I don have a lot of soul points, but can I use random cards to exchange?]

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