Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 5: UR Treasure Chest

”Random card? ”

Hikaru was lying on the bed and checking the messages sent by the others. Suddenly, Hanas message made him highly interested. Hikaru immediately replied to Hanas message.

Hikaru: How many random cards do you have? What are the types?

Hana: I have 4 cards. I don know what kind because only when you use it will you know what it is.

Seeing Hanas answer, Hikarus brows furrowed because he felt slightly confused.

[Its a random card generated from her Talent.]

”Rika? Is there a Talent that allows random card generation? ”

[Have! The talent of the girl named Hana is her card-making Talent. However, she cannot use the cards she created because the requirements are very harsh.]

”Very harsh? Then how can I use those cards? ”

[Not necessarily! The conditions required to use those bodies mainly required soul points, but currently, he had a lot of soul points. The outer flock of crows is also the soul point.]

Hikaru realized what Rika was talking about. He thought for a long time before replying to Hanas message.

Hikaru: How can I know if those random cards are helpful to me or not? In addition, if those cards are good or easy to use, then Im sure you wouldn trade them for food.

Hana: …

Hana was silent for a while. About 5 minutes later, Hana replied to Hikarus message.

Hana: You decide the price. I will exchange it if I feel its appropriate.

Hikaru smiled. At this point, Hikaru knew Hana had no reason to object. In negotiation, the most important thing is the opponents weakness. Sometimes the opponent doesn have that weakness, but as long as your reason is convincing enough, they will realize its their weakness.

Hikaru: 200ml water and 1 bread for 1 card.

Hana: So cheap!

Hikaru: Goodbye.

Hikaru didn give Hana any time to convince him, and he immediately turned off her chat box. He also does not believe that Hana will not trade with him because food and water are incredibly scarce. In addition, Hikarus ultimate goal wasn just four cards.

Hana saw that Hikaru didn respond much and just said goodbye and disappeared. She was also unable to convince Hikaru to increase the transaction value.

Hana thought for a while, then sent a message to Hikaru, secretly hoping that Hikaru would accept the offer.

Hana: If you increase the price of 500ml water and 2 loaves of bread, I will accept the deal. Plus, I think we should work together.

Seeing Hanas response, Hikaru was in no hurry to answer. He just smiled and continued to watch the messages sent from other players.

”Master! I recovered all of my Mana. ” Saraya said while smiling. She sat on the edge of the bed, trying to get closer to Hikaru like a puppy trying to please her master.

Hikaru pats her head. Now that his Intelligence status has increased, Saraya no longer enchants Hikaru. Hikarus arm moved down, touching Sarayas face.

Saraya did not shy away. On the contrary, she enjoyed the feeling very much. Saraya felt her body heat up, and her breathing quickened.

”M-Master… ”

Saraya looked at Hikaru with fascination, her hands reaching up to grasp Hikarus.

Hikaru: ”Are you like this with anyone? ”

Hikaru said while smiling. Saraya was startled and hastily explained.

Saraya: ”N-no. Master, Saraya is only interested in you. Saraya is telling the truth. I still… ”

Hikaru: ”And? ”

Saraya: ”I-Im still a virgin. If Master doesn believe me… ”

Before Saraya finished her sentence, she took off her cloth. The cloth fell to reveal bare breasts like two white mountains, two pink spots like two cherry blossoms, making them even more attractive.

Hikaru almost got a nosebleed. He quickly turned his face away.

Hikaru: ”Saraya, quickly put on your cloth. ”

Hikaru admits that he is not a good person. When Saraya took off her cloth, Hikaru wanted to rush at her. But he was still sane enough to know the consequences of making love to Saraya. Because of that, Hikaru closed his eyes and turned his face away to avoid being affected by Sarayas enchantment.

However, Saraya doesn seem to let go of him. Saraya hugged Hikaru from behind, and her breasts pressed tightly against his back. Hikaru felt the warmth and softness from his back, making his heart beat faster, his breathing quick.

Hikaru: ”S-Saraya. Stop it. ”

Saraya: ”Master! You don like Saraya? ”

Hikaru tried to steady his breath and said with difficulty: ”Saraya, you are Succubus, and I am human. Right now, I am fragile. If I do that to you, I will lose all of my life energy and die. ”

Saraya was startled. She realized she had just made a huge mistake, so she rushed and stepped back, quickly putting on her shirt.

”S-sorry. Master. ” Saraya shyly apologized to Hikaru.

Hikaru took a deep breath, smiled, and said, ”Its okay. I don hate Saraya. On the contrary, I like Saraya. Of course, Id love to do it with you too, but I can now. ”

Sarayas face turned red when she heard Hikarus words. She nodded and replied, ”Yes! Saraya will wait for Master. ”

Hikaru heard Sarayas answer as well, feeling relieved. Although he was a little disappointed, he did not want to die. For the sake of immediate happiness, to die, to give up a long way ahead is the work of a fool.

It had been more than 10 minutes, and Hikarus heart was still pounding like a drum inside his chest.

Hikaru claims that he is not a God, so he still has the same lust as other ordinary men. Hikaru is not like the main male character in the harem anime that people usually watch.

The main male characters in harem series or anime are almost all shy and weak people, letting women actively pursue them. Even a girl climbed into bed, and those male leads were scared and didn dare to touch these girls.

Hikaru is not that type of person. If his Intelligence were high, then Hikaru would have eaten Saraya from the moment they met.

Hikaru took a deep breath, trying to calm down. However, it was difficult for Hikaru to calm down because Saraya sat next to him. No, to be more precise, they were sitting next to each other on the same bed.

[Ding! General System Announcement: Now that the supply box has appeared, players can leave the room and proceed to find the supply box.]

A message suddenly appeared that made the whole world boil. The chat frame constantly has new messages appearing. Most of them said they didn dare leave the room because there were monsters outside.

[Master! There is a treasure chest about 100 meters away from us. This treasure chest has a rarity of SSR, but it only lasts for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the treasure chest will disappear.]

”SSR? Really? ”

[100% sure]

Hikaru fell into confusion. Outside, there is a treasure chest with SSR-level rarity and a swarm of One-eye Crow waiting for him.

[If master runs into the fog, the crows will take a long time to find you. You have enough time to find the treasure chest.]

Hikaru heard Rikas addition, and he no longer hesitated.

” Desperate. ”

Hikaru quickly made a decision. He didn have time to explain to Saraya, so he told her: ”Protect me. We will go out. ”

”Rika, show me the way. ”

[Yes, Master.]

Hikaru and Saraya rushed outside. The crows saw the two and rushed to attack.

”Thunder! ”

Saraya shouted, hands outstretched. A beam of electricity shot out from ten fingertips towards the crows.

”Boom! ”

”Boom! ”

”Boom! ”

”Boom! ”

Explosions rang out continuously, but Sarayas sparks could only destroy a few crows. Hikaru also didn have time to pay attention to the systems message.

Just as Sarayas lightning still paralyzed the crows, Hikaru grabbed her hand and pulled her inside the fog.

The fog was only about two meters from the room. However, after Hikaru and Saraya plunged into the mist, the crows seemed to see them no longer.

Hikaru sighed. He felt a little safer.

”Kreck!! ”

The crows howled. Hikaru heard the sound, immediately startled. He knew it wasn safe now, and the crows would soon find him and Saraya.

[Master, go straight for 20 steps, then go left 170 steps to arrive. Hurry up.]

”Saraya, follow me. ”

Hikaru did not have time to explain to Saraya, nor did he want to reveal Rikas secret to Saraya. Anyway, skills like Rika are too crazy, beyond understanding, and Rika is also the only secret to Hikarus existence in this world.

If one day Saraya betrays, at least Saraya still doesn know about Rikas existence. Although Hikaru knew that the chances of Saraya betraying were meager, even zero, no one knew what the future would hold.

Hikaru followed Rikas instructions, and along the way, he did not encounter anything strange or monsters. Perhaps Rika had drawn the safest path for him, which made Hikaru trust Rika even more.

”Treasure chest! ”

Hikaru was overjoyed when he saw a chest the size of a large suitcase, yellow, emitting a soft light, and lying on the ground.

[Hurry up! Master! Quickly touch it. After touching the treasure chest, it will be automatically put into your System backpack.]

Hikaru was startled, but he immediately rushed to touch the chest. As soon as his finger touched the chest, it disappeared. Then, a message from the System appeared in front of him.

[Ding! Congratulations on capturing the SSR Treasure Chest.]

[Ding! Because you were the first to obtain the SSR Treasure Chest, the Treasure Chest was promoted to UR.]

[Ding! Since you are the first to possess a UR-class Treasure Chest, the System will notify all other players.]

[Ding! Lord Hikaru was the first to possess a UR Treasure Chest.]

[Ding! Lord Hikaru was the first to possess a UR Treasure Chest.]

[Ding! Lord Hikaru was the first to possess a UR Treasure Chest.]

Before Hikaru realized what was happening, the System informed all the players in this world 3 times.

[Master! Don mind the Systems message. Hurry back to the room.]

Rikas voice pulled Hikaru back to reality.

”GRAO!!! ”

Suddenly, a roar rang out. That roar was so loud that Hikaru had to cover his ears. The fog also caused ripples because of that roar.

Hikaru felt worried. He thought the roar must have come from a mighty monster for such a terrible roar.

Hikaru looked over at Saraya, finding that she was so scared that she sat on the ground holding her head. Her face showed fear, and her whole body trembled. Looking at Sarayas expression, Hikaru knew he was in trouble, terrible trouble.

[Hurry up. The monster guarding the Treasure Chest is about to return. You must return to the room before the monster finds you.]

”Wh-Which direction should we go now? ”

[Go left.]

Hikaru immediately pulled Saraya, still drowning in fear, and ran away. Saraya didn have time to wake up, so she fell to the ground after running three steps.

”GRAO! ”

The roar sounded again.

Hikaru heard a roar very close to him. He even saw a giant shadow more than a hundred meters tall looming in the mist.

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