I kept my mouth open as I slowly looked at the knights outside.
However, I was the only one who was surprised.
—Am I really the only one who was surprised? Why are they all so calm?


“I told you to protect her with a shield, so why are you just standing there doing nothing?”


As if coming back from a light walk and loosened his shoulders, my dad made a frightening remark to Axion. 


“When Enoch Rubinstein raised his sword, the fight would have been over in a few seconds.
What a waste of mana.”


“This punk really.” 


My dad frowned and grabbed Axion by the collar as he rode on his horse.




My dad soon let out a sharp sigh, put the sword back in Axion’s sheath, and got into the carriage. 


“D, d, dad….” 


“Princess, don’t look at something like that.”


I could almost see the monster wolves’ corpses through the window of the moving carriage, but luckily my dad closed my eyes and pulled the curtains. 


I swallowed my saliva and slowly grabbed my dad’s hand and lowered it.


‘W, what did I see? I think he’s more amazing than I think? James Brown, who hid his power….’


Dad had a look of insignificance as if catching 30 monsters at once was like chasing a flying bug. 


‘I see.
That’s why you’re the main character.’


The power of the world’s strongest person can only be seen in texts, but the difference was enormous when I actually saw it.
It was only when I saw my dad’s performance with my own eyes that I realized it—an aristocrat born of a prestigious family that has produced only the highest-ranking people with power. 


The only sword master in the empire. 


A silver wolf on the battlefield, a soldier of one hundred victory—.
The main character’s true potential has been described 5,000 times as ‘existence outside the standard’!


“Princess, my daughter, what’s wrong with your expression? Were you very scared?”


“N, no.
I was a bit surprised….”


“It’s okay, about Daddy, you know.
Come here.” 


I swallowed my saliva again in my dad’s arms, who held me tightly and caressed my back as if it were a treasure. 


‘Isn’t this a sharp rise in status?’


My heart beat faster when I finally saw my dad’s hidden power.
Because I became the daughter of the world’s strongest person overnight—.


* * *


Rise in status overnight!


It’s soft.”


For the first time in my life, I felt the texture of the finest clothes I’ve ever worn.


This is the Warp Gate Room in the southern El Pasha temple.


 As soon as we arrived, I changed into a white priest’s robe with a cape that baby priests wear. 


‘Because I can’t wear common clothes to the Capital.’


Again, this is a terrible way to look at the world because, in reality, the commoners are treated like slaves. 


The priests at the temple gave me a priestly outfit before I left because there are so many nobles in the Capital. 


“Baby, baby.”




The orange-haired Paladin uncle, Philip, called me.


“How old are you?”


“Why are you asking such a stupid question? Sir Enoch has been gone for seven years, so she is now seven years old.”


“No, I’m asking because she’s too small to be seven.”


Uncle Philip and Uncle Ben quarreled.


While I waited for my dad in the gate room, I got to know these two uncles quite a bit. 


“It’s true, I’m seven years old.” 


“By any chance, did Sir Enoch starve you?”




I shook my head. 


“Have you ever been scolded? You’re afraid of your Dad, right?” 


“How does it feel when your Dad is mad? Have you ever been hit?”


The two of them were very interested in me, but somehow they all had similar questions.
Like am I afraid of my Dad, have I been scolded and more—.


“When did I get scolded by Dad?”


I managed to say it after searching through the memories of being scolded that I couldn’t think of.


“When I hid broccoli underneath egg, and when I was caught brushing my teeth after eating chocolate secretly….” 


“Wow, she’s still a kid.
Is that possible? As expected, he scary.”


“Of course.
There’s no way if Enoch Rubinstein, even if she were his child, will let it go?” 


“…He only says don’t do it to me.” 


Philip and Ben’s eyes widened at my comment.


“Is that all?” 


“Is he not going to hit you?” 


“Yes, I’m not scared of my dad.
I’ve never been beaten or scolded.”


They both looked at me in disbelief.


“But uncles, is my dad that scary?”


When I asked, Philip and Ben shuddered as if they remembered my dad from seven years ago. 


“You know, Sir Enoch….” 


Philip, who was squatting, swallowed his saliva and whispered in my ear. 


“…He tears the bear with his bare hands.”




“Have you ever seen a bear?”


I shook my head.


Ben was confused when he saw me shaking my head and thinking.


“Never? Actually, Xenon is a perfect place to live in hiding… However, it’s pretty dangerous.
There are a lot of mountains and wild animals… It’s been famous for a long time.”


“Huh? No, it’s not.
Our village is not dangerous at all.
It’s a great place to live in—” 


As I was talking, I suddenly remembered what Uncle Joe had said. 


“Haha! James and his daughter are such a blessing, blessing! You don’t know how much better it’s been since you two came here! In winter, the bears gave me a headache, but after James came, the seeds dried in time, so somehow I couldn’t even see my nose…” 


N, no way.
Did Dad tear it up beforehand?


I swallowed my saliva with a pretty reasonable doubt.


“Anyway, I’m really scared of your dad.
He tear the bear with his bare hands and beat the demonic beast.”


“That’s right.  Even from five thousand steps away, the demonic beasts recognize your father and go wild.
He’s not the silver wolf on the battlefield for nothing.”


As I listened to Philip and Ben, I thought about my dad fighting on the battlefield.


I’ve read it dozens of times in the text, but it’s even more terrifying in reality—.


“How cold is he, how cold.
It was a tough boss to get along with.”


“Still, wasn;t he close to the commander?” 


The two of them glanced back at each other.


A little further away, Axion was watching the Warp Gate.


“Sir Enoch, he tried to kill the commander earlier, right?”


If I did something wrong, I’m sure I would have been killed.”


The two kept whispering.


“Even so, there is such a thing as a friendship, isn’t it too much?”


“Hey, can you see anything in that situation? He’s threatening him with his daughter.” 


“It’s because he really surprised.” 


Ben swallowed his saliva and looked at me.


“Even though she’s a daughter, does it make sense for ‘that’ Enoch Rubinstein to lose his temper like this?” 


“Well, honestly, I didn’t expect that we’d be able to find Sir Enoch and take him away like this, right? So!”


Phillip grabbed my hand.


“Thank you so much.
If we had returned empty-handed, it would have been really bad.”


“That’s right.
Either we died there by Sir Enoch’s hand, or we came back without any results and died in His Majesty the Emperor.”




I felt my shoulders go up for some reason.


“If you’ve seen Sir Enoch in the past, I’m sure you’ll understand why we’re doing this?”


A time when no woman dared to command that Enoch Rubinstein—”


Just as the uncles’ stories were about to start again.


There was a sign of the gate room door opening.
It seems that my Dad had arrived.


Ben and Philip, who were sitting in front of me, quickly turned around and got up. 


And when I was happy to run to my dad—.


‘Oh my.’


I was surprised. 


My Dad, no, I mean Enoch Rubinstein, I finally meet the ‘main character.’


“Wow, ah.”


His strong body was wrapped in sacred silver armor.
As well as a blue cloak that fell over one shoulder and was the symbol of a knight.
It’s a great match for his silver hair and blue eyes—.


‘L, look at the pose?’


It was the appearance of the Paladin itself! 


The momentum felt from the sharp eyes and tightly closed lips was so great that I even heard hallucinations.
It feels like a magnificent BGM that properly mixes the urgency of the battlefield with the sacredness of the Paladin is automatically playing in my ears—.


‘Even if I hadn’t read the book, I would know that he is the main character.’


Maybe I wasn’t fooled for 7 years, but I just didn’t notice it.






It was awkward when my dad walked up to me, so I swallowed my saliva and took a step back.


Dad couldn’t take his eyes off me for some reason and looked down at me—.
Then he put his hands in my armpits, lifted me into the air, and said.






This is crazy.
You were an angel…It turned out that our princess was actually an angel.”




I looked down at my priestly outfit and realized immediately.


That my dad’s silly comments will start.


“D, Dad, wait a minute.”


Please don’t!


Before I could stop him, my dad put me on his arm, made a fuss, and looked behind me. 


“Little angel, where are your wings? Huh? Where did you hide it?”




“Oh my.
Lilith, princess.
my treasure.
You are my angel.”


Dad muttered something that sounded like he was crying, and then he turned his eyes down and stuck out his lips.


“My daughter is so pretty, but Dad always makes you wear rags every day—.
Daddy is sorry.
I was wrong.”


“No, it’s not rags….”


Dad rubbed my cheek hard with his forehead. 


At that time, everyone’s eyes were on us. 


‘Ah, I’m doomed.’


Everyone’s face was astonished as if they couldn’t believe what they saw.
Their mouth was wide open, and their pupils were shaking helplessly.


‘The scary, quiet, and cold image of a silver wolf on the battlefield—’


Caught by my father who kissed me as if he was going to suck my cheeks, I could not resist and stretched helplessly.


“S, stop—” 


Even Axion, who had barely said anything, could be seen with his mouth wide open in the distance.


He shook his head and muttered while turning his eyes away as if he hadn’t seen anything.


“That’s a bit harsh…”

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