intention and paid no attention to her.

However, one day, he noticed that Therese checked out only classic romance books.

Moreover, she never paid attention to the expensive first editions of Jean Rod's books, but only borrowed ordinary books.

He wondered if she might really be a book lover, and began to pay attention to her; he started to follow her with his eyes all the time.

However, at that point, Daniel was not aware that he had taken a liking to Therese.

He just thought, How often do I see her in the library?

But women were sharper when it came to the subtleties of emotion.

Immediately, the harassment began from the maids who wanted to become Daniel's wife.

Finally, a book not as expensive as Jean-Rod's first edition was destroyed, and Therese was framed as the culprit.

“But then my husband told me that I was definitely not the culprit.
He said that someone who loves books so much would never be so careless with them.”

“So that's how you fell in love with him.”

When Mariabelle was moved, Therese giggled and said, “No.
At that time, I only thought that it was good that the master was a good person.”

Therese, who was proud of her shiny black hair but not particularly beautiful, had never dreamed that Daniel would realize his love for her at that time.

And Daniel doesn't have the personality to aggressively approach someone he cared about.

He immediately had the harassing maid quit, but he didn't know how to approach Therese.

In the meantime, he tried to arrange new romance novels in the library because he thought Therese would enjoy them.

He also made sure to put a rose, which changed color from white to pink, on the desk where Therese always read her books.

The language of the rose meant 'first love.'

It was Daniel's best confession, but Therese was completely unaware of it.

On the day of the flower festival, Daniel proposed to Therese with a basket full of roses.

“At first, I didn't know what it meant.
If it were a proposal, wouldn't it be a red rose flower? I wondered what the meaning of this white and pink rose was.”

Therese laughed softly and looked at the roses which were blooming in the garden as if reminiscing about that time.

There were also red and purple roses blooming in the corner of the rose garden, but Therese still preferred the rose of her memory the best.

She said, “My husband at that time, you know, he was so red in the face and sweating so much that I really laughed…
I thought he looked lovely.”

“Adorable?” Mariabelle asked, feeling that a word like 'adorable' doesn't suit a man.

“Don't ask me why I think that.
I don't know, either.
But, I am sure I fell in love with him at that moment.”

Saying this, Therese became shy like a young girl.

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