“Sakiya-kun, where is my room?”


Down in the living room, Yumika asked me.


“Let’s go now.”


I climbed the stairs again and headed back upstairs.
There were four rooms on the second floor; for me, Kana, mother, and father.


However, my father was often away from home on business trips, and when he returned, he slept in my mother’s room with her, so my father’s room became a storage room.


That now became Yumika-san’s room.


“This is my room, and next to it is Yumika’-sans room.
And Next to that is Kana’s room.”


“Thank you very much for the explanation.”


She sounded grateful, but there was no gratitude in her expression.

That’s one of the characteristics of unsociable people, but it’s also a little scary.


I’m probably just like Yumika-san, so maybe that’s why classmates were afraid of me and kept their distance.
On the other hand, thanks to teacher Yumika-san, I understood my weak points.


“All your luggage is in the room.” 


“I’m sorry for all the trouble.” 


I entered the room with Yumika-san.
Bed, furniture, etc, were properly arranged.


“I heard it used to be a storage room, but it’s so clean.”


“I’ve been cleaning for the last two days.”


“You didn’t have to go that far.” 


“一Once I start cleaning, I don’t stop until it’s perfectly clean.
I told you I’m a germaphobe.”


At first I was inclined to clean up to some extent since I was going to welcome them, but before I knew it, I had cleaned the room up perfectly.


“I’ve arranged the furniture as I see fit, and if there’s anything you don’t like about the position, let me know and I’ll move it.”


“No, I’m not complaining.
…… It looks just like my room before I moved in.”


Another similarity.
My eyes met Yumika’s for a moment, but she quickly looked away. 


“Want me to help unpack?”


“I’ll do it slowly from now on, so don’t worry.
Thank you for your concern.”


Yumika was tired and wanted to be alone, so I quickly left the room.


The thought of Yumika-san spending every day next to my room from now on makes me kind of nervous.



Kon kon~


A knocking sound can be heard coming from the door of the room.

Kana and mother basically never knocked, which means that it was Yumika-san. 


“What’s wrong?” 


I opened the door, but ended up in an unexpected situation. 


“I just got out of the bath, so… mother told me to inform Sakiya.”


Yumika-san, right after taking a bath. 


She had changed into a single loose shirt as loungewear, and her b*****s were kind of visible.
Honestly, my eyesight shifted to her cleavage, and instantly my heart started to beat so fast.
What an unbelievably destructive force.


“Oh, thank you for informing me.”




Yumika-san turned her back to me just as she was about to enter her room.
I noticed something on her back. 


“Is that….Mythril’s live concert t-shirt?” 


From the front, I didn’t notice it because the pattern was distorted due to her b*****s being too big, but when I saw the live concert’s schedule written on her back, I knew it was a live T-shirt from my favorite band, Mythril. 


“How do you know?”


“Because I have the same one.”


“……eeh, you’re lying?”


Yumika showed a surprised expression.
I didn’t realize that we even like the same bands, I’m starting to get a little scared. 


She grew up in a completely different environment, but her personality and favorite music were the same.
So this was what an identical twin is like. 


“That’s kind of scary.” 


After saying that, Yumika went into her room.


Mithril is a band that has been active for a long time, but very few people in my generation like them.
Everybody is listening to popular music.
Even so, if it’s the same, then this must already be on the level of horror, like Yumika-san said.


I decided to change to the nightgown I had prepared.
Even though it’s not the same kind of clothes, it’s still embarrassing to wear the same band t-shirt. 


I can’t believe we even shared the same values of using live t-shirts as sleepwear…….


For some reason, I was more happy than embarrassed.
I hadn’t met too many people who like the same things as me…….


 After that, I quietly took a bath, but I still couldn’t calm down.


I wanted to slap myself for thinking about how a naked Yumika-san had been in here not too long ago, or something creepy like that.


“Yumika-san, you’re so cute…….”


I let out my thoughts in the bathroom, talking to myself, where no one could hear me.  


Even if we weren’t twins, anyone would be nervous if they suddenly found themselves living with a pretty, cute girl.


Not to mention that both Yumika and I are in 2nd year of high school.
The time when couples and love flourish. 


It was a little too stimulating for me, and I was not in the right frame of mind. 


I wonder if my twin, Yumika-san, feels the same way―

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