After I finished showing the way to the staff room to Yumika, I entered the classroom to find a male student from another class, whose name I did not know, sitting at my desk.


“What is it?”


“This, is my seat.”


“Aaa, right.”


Clicking his tongue, the man from the other classes got up from my desk and moved a short distance away.


This was the first time I’d interacted with a student, but I realized in an instant that he hated me.
I’m sure he thought I gave off a bad feeling.


There might have been a future where he wouldn’t have hated me if I’d been more affable, but it was something I couldn’t do, so I had no choice but to accept this outcome.


I wiped the desk with a clean rag.


Everyone uses desks without worrying about them, but they’re pretty dirty.
They’re filthy if you don’t wipe them off properly.


“Oh, the clean freak is here.”


As soon as Kinoshita-san, who sits next to me, took her seat, she saw my cleaning activities and retorted.


“It doesn’t matter if you’re a germaphobe or not, your desk will get dirty.”


“Clean my desk, too~”


“Guess I have no choice.”


Since there was no reason to refuse, I decided to clean Kinoshita-san’s desk while I was at it.


Since Kinoshita-san and I were in the same class last year, we could have a normal conversation.
She is one of the few students present at this school who will talk to me.


But, it’s not that I am special; Kinoshita-san is basically a student with good communication skills who talks to everyone.


“Thanks, Fujigaya.” Kinoshita-san said with a bashful smile.


Her hair was dyed, and her ears were pierced.
She looked like a gal, but people around her seemed to think she’s cute.


She’s involved with me now because she was sitting next to me, but she would not have if we were seated apart…….


You mustn’t be conceited now.


“Today marks the start of the second semester, but before we get started, I would like to introduce a new transfer student who will become part of our class!”


The homeroom teacher, Hisano, began homeroom with the announcement that a new student will be joining Class 2-8.


Classmates became flustered when they heard that there was a transfer student.
The addition of a new student was a rare event, so I understood the excitement.


For a moment I was surprised that Yumika would transfer to the same class, but on second thought, it was no surprise.


High school class assignments are assigned to second-years based on what electives they choose from humanities and sciences.


This class is a liberal arts student who chose geography as an elective.
It’s not a coincidence or miracle that twins with similar personalities would have the same choice of subjects.


It means we were most likely to be in the same class in the first place.


“I hope a handsome transfer student comes!”


“I wish it’s a pretty girl.”


Classmates were making assumptions about the transfer student on their own.


“Calm down, If she’s transferring school this time of the year, there’s probably some negative reason or family situation why she’s transferring high schools and can’t go to her previous school.
It doesn’t have to do anything with being a handsome boy or a beautiful girl.”


(Tl/N: they don’t know it’s a girl cause the teacher didn’t specifically refer her as ‘her’)


“That’s right.
You’ll only be disappointed if you get your hopes up.”


Right, we are in the second year of high school.
It wasn’t as if I didn’t understand the world enough to dream about a transfer student without thinking like an elementary schooler.


However, Yumika is a beautiful girl.
She moved here for family reasons.
She’s an existence far beyond the expectations of her classmates, an irregular transfer student.


Yumika opened the door with a rattle and stood on the teaching platform.


She was imposing and showed no signs of shyness or nervousness.


“I’m Yumika Nagasawa.
I came from Gifu Prefecture.
Nice to meet you.”


Yumika calmly completed her greeting.
There was nothing wrong with her greeting, but it was just not very friendly.
If she doesn’t smile more, she’ll give off a cold image.


Classmates applauded loudly after hearing Yumika’s greeting.
Then, you could hear the joy from the boys.
Her appearance made up for her unfriendliness.


When you were a transfer student from far away, it would be obvious that you don’t have a boyfriend, and could be assumed that you don’t have any friends in the city.


For the boys, there was the possibility that anyone could become her boyfriend, and so a battle to approach would begin.


It was also easy to create an excuse of showing her around as a way to hang out with her.


For the next week, no, for a month, people will be buzzing around Yumika.
It was the transfer student bubble.


Homeroom ended and the free time before first period classes began.


I’m seated by the window on the far left, and Yumika was on the far right by the hallway.
I’ll be watching with my own eyes from afar as Yumika becomes more popular.


“Nagasawa-san, tell me your line~!” (TL/N: my favorite part begins)


“Nagasawa-san, do you do any club activities?”


Yumika was immediately surrounded by her classmates.
As if she was a vacuum cleaner, she sucked the dust in the name of classmates to her.


“I don’t have a line.
I don’t do club activities.”


When Yumika responded in a cold tone, the classmates’ faces turned pale.


By the way, she was lying because she exchanged lines with everyone in the family yesterday.


“I don’t like it rowdy.
Could you leave me alone?”


Yumika spoke her mind once, and for all.


This was bad.
They’ll hate her if she said that, I can’t watch.


“What’s with her, so unfriendly!”


“Just because you’re pretty, don’t get carried away, okay?”


The girls who were watching from afar, already started gossipping.
I’m at the point where I’d like to apply her for the Guinness World Records for the fastest person ever to be talked about behind their back.


“My name is Tomohi Fukuo, nice to meet you, Nagasawa-san.”


Fukuo, the most popular boy in the class, approached Yumika.
He told everyone around him that he recently broke up with his girlfriend, so he seemed to be in high spirits to get Yumika.


Fukuo-kun is a refreshingly good-looking man and a popular guy because he is interesting to talk to.
Yumika must not be too disappointed.


“Didn’t you hear what I just said? I’d like you to leave me alone.”


It’s a problem if people suddenly start approaching you, wouldn’t it? I understand that feeling.”


Fukuo-kun naturally put his hand on Yumika’s shoulder and smiled at her.
I would be angry if a stranger did that to me.


“Don’t touch me!”


Yumika brushed away Fukuo-kun’s hand with an intimidating tone of voice.
The air in the classroom froze at that sound.


The classmates who had gathered around Yumika moved away from her like a receding wave.


“Nee一 this girl”


“Surely you weren’t bullied at your old school?”


Classmates looked at Yumika with disdain.
It may seem self-inflicted, but that is probably Yumika’s true nature.


It’d just be a pain if she spent her time trying to smooth things over on the surface and got swarmed around by the people around her, so it’d probably be easier for her to live honestly and live however she wanted.


And, I’m the same way.


Still, don’t you think it’s too quick for them to hate her? I was gradually disliked, but Yumika isolated herself from day one……


Well, that’s probably the difference between men and women.
If I were a girl because of my personality, I could imagine them hating me even more.


“That girl’s interesting.
I don’t hate her.”


Kinoshita-san, who had been playing with her smartphone at her desk the whole time, smiled at me.


It seemed that Yumika’s honest appearance didn’t just give birth to enemies―

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