d like she disagreed, “Why not?”

She said as she pinched his chubby face with her hands, “Look how fair and fat you are.

“Even though you don’t look quite well, you’re still a little fat sheep.
Creepy men’s favorite is little fat sheep like you.”


Mu Ruishu slapped her hand away with his little hand and gritted his small teeth, “Bad woman, I’m not a fat sheep!”

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This bad woman is too detestable.
My uncle is such a good man.
Why would he want this bad woman to be my aunt?

Bad woman, evil bad woman!

Lu Zijia retracted her evil hand and nodded smoothly, approving what he said, “Alright, alright, you’re not a little fat sheep.
Then, what about a little fat pig?”

Mu Ruishu, “!!!”

The two bodyguards behind Mu Ruishu, “…”

“I don’t care.
Anyway, you can’t go stone gambling, or, or…” Mu Ruishu said fiercely, but he was stuck halfway.
He didn’t want to be too embarrassed.

Lu Zijia showed a teasing look, “Or? Or what? You’ll cry in front of me?”

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The threat of a kid was nothing more than crying or saying “I’m angry.”

After that, they would be fine when someone comforted him.

Mu Ruishu became furious after being embarrassed by her and he refuted loudly, “I’m a man.
I don’t cry!

“You bad woman, don’t slander me!”

Lu Zijia sized up his little boy’s body up and down with doubts in her eyes, “You want to be a man with this little body? Are you sure?”

However, this kid could even say the word “slander.” She must say that he truly matured quite early!

However, children in big families generally matured earlier, so it wasn’t quite surprising.

The two bodyguards behind him couldn’t help but sympathize with Mu Ruishu a little when they saw him enraged.

This titular Madame was truly capable.
She was capable of killing people out of anger!

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