uan looked at her in shock, “Four more Blessing Talismans? Are you serious?”

Wasn’t this woman extremely stingy? Why would she suddenly give him four more Blessing Talismans?

Did she really want to compensate for the extra time he waited? But why did he think that this wasn’t quite the reason?

Song Zixuan, who didn’t think Lu Zijia would be so generous, became gradually more vigilant when he gazed at her.

“Four Blessing Talismans for free?”

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes, “Of course not.
Same as the Exorcizing Talismans, the Blessing Talismans also cost 100,000 yuan each.
First come, first serve.
If someone else buys it, you’ll have to cry.”

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She promised Pagoda she would work hard and become a good master who made money actively.

How could she give out the talismans, which she drew with so much effort and could be sold at a price of 100,000 yuan?

That was prodigal behavior.
She was a good master.
She didn’t want to be a prodigal master.

Song Zixuan: “…”

He knew it.
How would this extremely stingy woman generously give him four more talismans just because he waited a bit longer? It turned out this was waiting for him!

Having a friend who was extremely stingy, Song Zixuan felt that his mind was so tired!

“So, do you want to buy them? 100,000 yuan is already cheap.
I’m sure you can’t lose anything and won’t be fooled.”

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100,000 yuan couldn’t even be considered a dime for local rich kids like Song Zixuan.

Ah, she indeed charged a conscience price!

Seeing Lu Zijia pretend like she was a good person, Song Zixuan thought, “Apart from being extremely stingy, this woman was also a shameless narcissist!”

There was probably not another stingy and narcissistic master like Lu Zijia on the entire Earth.

Even though Song Zixuan was extremely speechless because of Lu Zijia, he still bought them all with one million.

After all, it was true that Lu Zijia was capable.

It was pretty good to have Blessing Talismans to nip it in the bud.

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