eyes glittered slightly and there was a look of mixed emotions on his face, but he chose to save his father in the end, like his mother did.

Since the members of the Lu family had made their choices, there was no reason for Lu Zijia to not make money.

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Lu Zijia didn’t talk nonsense.
She directly told them about Zhao Wentian’s situation.
“There’s dark energy and resentment in Mr.

“If normal people stay with him for a long time, they’ll more or less be affected by the dark energy and resentment, just like what happened to you just now.
All kinds of negative emotions will be magnified several times.

“Even someone with a good temper will become impatient and easily irritated because of the influence of the dark energy and resentment.
Even worse, the person may do something that can’t be undone,” Lu Zijia said as she glanced over Liang Yuhua and Zhao Ziteng, finally looking at Zhao Kexin.

“Miss Zhao is well-protected by her family members.
Her mind is pure and she hasn’t been affected much.”

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, the purpils of Liang Yuhua and Zhao Ziteng couldn’t help but shrink, and they were extremely shocked in their minds.

Apparently, they were seriously stunned by what Lu Zijia said.

However, before they recovered from the shock, Lu Zijia continued, “Apart from the dark energy and the resentment in Mr.
Zhao, another reason why he went unconscious is that one of the spirits among his three souls and seven spirits is missing.

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“I only figured out briefly that the source of the problem is in Mr.
Zhao’s hometown.
As for the specific source, I’ll have to go see it myself to find out.”

Before waiting for the members of the Zhao family to react, Lu Zijia directly walked to the hospital bed after saying this and smacked Zhao Wentian’s forehead, extracting the marking on his body quickly.

The marking on Zhao Wentian’s body should be imprinted by the person or evil spirit that took one of his spirits among the three souls and seven spirits.

The members of the Zhao family were quite startled when they saw what Lu Zijia did and they tried to stop her subconsciously.

However, before they stopped her in time, they surprisingly saw a plume of black fog being held in Lu Zijia’s hand easily.

Seeing a plume of black fog that seemed to be alive, the people here were all terrified.
They even thought they were dreaming.
Otherwise, why would they see such a horrifying, fantastical scene?

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