rong internal energy and he had been practicing the ancient martial arts for a long while.

But she, on the other hand, had just inserted some energy into her body and could not beat Mu Yunhao at all.

Seeing Lu Zijia falling into silence, Mu Yunhao added as if being a gentleman, “Don’t worry, Second Lady, the Second Master of Mu doesn’t mean you any harm.”

“Otherwise, you would not have walked out of the suite safe and sound.”

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What he said was apparently showing that he knew pretty well what happened between her and Mu Tianyan at the hotel the other day.

“What does Mu Tianyan want from me?”

Lu Zijia had thought that she would not have anything more to do with Mu Tianyan, yet Mu Tianyan sent someone to get her.
That was totally confusing for her!

“I have no right to ask what the Second Master wants.”

Mu Yunhao shook his head and skipped the question.
But soon he suddenly put forward a question of indication, “But you should still remember what you promised him, don’t you?”

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and soon went through the conversation she had with the Second Master of Mu.

Lu Zijia soon showed a look of understanding after a moment, “Mu Tianyan expects me to cure his legs?”

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Mu Yunhao smiled in silence.
He was telling her to make a guess, since he was not supposed to tell her too much information.

Lu Zijia stayed silent for a while and decided to follow Mu Yunhao.

After all, Mu Tianyan saved her life and she owed him one favor.
If she was able to cure him, she would have paid him back.

At that time, they would owe each other nothing.

But the most important thing was that even if she rejected the proposal, Mu Yunhao would still have other methods to bring her to the Mu Family.

Since that was the case, why not just follow him of her own accord like an elegant lady.

“Hang on for five minutes,” Lu Zijia said and turned back into the villa.

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